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Submitted by: Jannatul Fatema Orni (Roll:89), Gazi Md.

Junaied Hossain (Roll:92),

Faiyaz Hossain (Roll:94), Nakibul Hoq (Roll: 100)
Subject: Md Zakir Hossain; MBA Program Office, IBA(DU)
Training Goals: For our chosen candidate, the nature of the job and the associated
responsibilities are such that the training goals cannot be generalized and stated as
a whole. The goals are separately specified below.

Getting him used to computers and the use of Microsoft Excel

Increasing his communication abilities
Making him well-versed about the culture of IBA.
Increasing his ability to supervise other lower class employees through
cooperation and participative administration

Training Needs Assessment: The goals stated above stem from the following
needs of the roles expected from the job-holder.

A person in this position is required to be familiar with computer operations.

He has to be well-acquainted with the use of MS Excel and several of the
functions involved such as SUM and IF in order to perform roles like providing
and storing grades supplying attendance sheets.
The person is the face of the admissions department when prospective MBA
students come to IBA or telephone the admissions office to inquire about the
courses and admission information. Thus his communication skills must be
top-notch and he must be impressive to outsiders inquiring about IBA.
Since he is responsible for communicating with the prospective customers, it
is imperative that he can share in some of the insights of the culture in
existence at IBA. He must be made aware of the stories, rituals and the
overall style of education in this educational institute.
Since looking after the maintenance and administrative functions of the MBA
Program Office and possessing the managerial authority of two people are
parts of the job, the person must be a good manager as well. He must know
how to get work done efficiently with high employee satisfaction through
active cooperation.

Training Methods: For a case like this, a one-to-one training strategy will be
perfect. Since there arent any employees in the institute with the same roles and
qualifications, group training is not possible. Coaching has to be done for the
candidate personally by a trainer to make sure that the training is done
appropriately. To increase the persons managerial skills it is important to provide
him with a simulated environment that emulates a real-life scenario as closely as
Training Evaluation: In order to evaluate the training mechanism it is important to
provide the candidate with a simulated environment that emulates real-life

scenarios as closely as possible. Formal exams and interviews on Excel and verbal
communication abilities can be taken, and managerial authority can be evaluated
periodically every week for six months to make sure the candidate is at his best in
terms of efficiency and supervision. .