My list of books 2 Alesia Holiday-Blonds have more fellons Alex Flinn-Beastly Alex Flinn-A kiss in time

Alex Flinn-Diva Alexandra Potter-Calling Romeo Alisa Kwitney-Does she or Doesn't she Alisa Kwitney-Flirting in cars Alisa Kwitney-On the couch Alison Pace-If Andy Warhol had a girlfriend Allison Rushby-Hating valentine's day Anna Maxted-Getting over it Anna Maxted-Being commited Arthur Golden-Memoirs of a geisha Cara Lockwood-Dixieland sushi Cara Lockwood-I do but i don't Cara Lockwood-In one year and out the other Carole Matthews-With or without you Cecily Von Ziegesar-Gossip girl Claire Cook-Life's a beach Daniela Brodsky-Velvet rose diaries Diana Holquist-Make me a match Dixie Cash-I gave you my heart, but you sold it online Dixie Cash-Since you are leaving anyway Dixie Cash-My heart may be broken but my hair still look good Eileen Cook-Unpredictable Elizabeth Bevarly-Express male Elizabeth Bevarly-Fast and loose Elizabeth Bevarly-Her man friday Elizabeth Bevarly-How to trap a tycoon Elizabeth Bevarly-Just like a man Elizabeth Bevarly-My man pendleton Elizabeth Bevarly-You've got male Elizabeth Buchan-Revenge of the middle aged woman Elizabeth Noble-The reading group Elizabeth Young-A promising man (and about time too) Elizabeth Young-Asking for trouble Elizabeth Young-Making mischief Elizabeth Young-The girl's best friend Emily Giffin-Something borrowed Emily Giffin-Something blue Emily Giffin-Baby proof Emma McLaughlin-The nanny diaries Erin McCarty-Bad boys online Erin McCarty-Heiress for hire Erin McCarty-The pregnancy test Eugenie Seiger Olson-Babe in toy land Eugenie Seiger Olson-The pajama game Greg Behrendt-He's just not that into you Heather Estay-It's never too late to get a life Heather Estay-It's never too late to look hot Heather Estay-It's never too late to be a bride's maid Helen Fielding-Bridget Jone's diary Helen Fielding-The edge of reason Holly Black-Modern tale of faerie 1-Tithe Holly Black-Modern tale of faerie 2-Valiant Holly Black-Modern tale of faerie 3-Ironside Holly Shumas-Five things i can't live without Ian McEwan-On Chesil beach

Irene Peterson-Kisses to go Isabel Wolff-Rescuing Rose Isabel Wolff-The trial of Tiffany Trott Janes Graves-Tall tales and wedding veils Jane Green-Jemima J Jane Green-Mr. Maybe Jane Heller-An ex to grind Janet Evanovich-Elsie Hawkins-Smitten Janet Evanovich-Elsie Hawkins-The rocky road to romance Janet Evanovich-Stephanie Plum 1-One for the money Janet Evanovich-Stephanie Plum 2-Two for the dough Janet Evanovich-Stephanie Plum 3-Three to get deadly Janet Evanovich-Stephanie Plum 4-Four to score Janet Evanovich-Stephanie Plum 5-High five Janet Evanovich-Stephanie Plum 6-Hot six Janet Evanovich-Stephanie Plum 7-Seven up Janet Evanovich-Stephanie Plum 8-Hard eight Janet Evanovich-Stephanie Plum 8.5-Visions of sugar plum Janet Evanovich-Stephanie Plum 9-To the nines Janet Evanovich-Stephanie Plum 10-Ten big ones Janet Evanovich-Stephanie Plum 11-Eleven on top Janet Evanovich-Stephanie Plum 12-Twelve sharp Janet Evanovich-Stephanie Plum 12.5-Plum lovin' Janet Evanovich-Stephanie Plum 13.5-Plum lucky Janet Evanovich-Stephanie Plum 15-Last peep Janet Evanovich-Metro series 1-Metro girl Jennifer Crusie-Stolen moments Jennifer Crusie-Sizzle Jennifer Crusie-Man hunting Jennifer Crusie-Getting rid of Bradley Jennifer Crusie-strange bed persons Jennifer Crusie-What the lady wants Jennifer Crusie-Charlie all night Jennifer Crusie-Anyone but you Jennifer Crusie-The Cinderella deal Jennifer Crusie-Trust me on this Jennifer Crusie-Tell me lies Jennifer Crusie-Crazy for you Jennifer Crusie-Welcome to temptations Jennifer Crusie-Fast women Jennifer Crusie-Faking it Jennifer Crusie-Bet me Jennifer Crusie-Don't look down Jennifer Greene-Blame it on cupid Jennifer Greene-Blame it on Paris Jennifer O'Connell-Bachelorette Jennifer Sturman-The hunt Jennifer Sturman-The Jinx Jennifer Sturman-The Key Jennifer Sturman-The pact Jennifer Weiner-Good in bed Jennifer Weiner-In her shoes Jennifer Weiner-Little earthquakes Jill Smolinski-The next thing on my list Judy Baer-Sleeping beauty Julia London-Beauty queenk Julia London-Miss fortunes Julie Kenner-Nobody does it better Julie Kenner-Aphrodite's kiss Julie Kenner-Aphrodite's passion

Julie Kenner-Nobody but you Julie Kenner-Aphrodite's secret Julie Kenner-The spy who loves me Julie Kenner-Aphrodite's flame Julie Kenner-The givenchy code Julie Kenner-The manolo matrix Julie Kenner-The prada paradox Kasey Michaels-Can't take my eyes off of you Kristin Harmel-The art of french kissing Kylie Adams-First Kiss Kyra Davis-Passion, betrayal and killer highlights Kyra Davis-Sex, murder and a double latte Lani Diane Rich-Crazy in love Lani Diane Rich-Ex and the single girl Lani Diane Rich-Time off for good behavior Laura Caldwell-The night i got lucky Laura Durham-Better off wed Lauren Baratz-Logsted-How Nancy Drew saved my life Lauren Weisberger-Everyone worth knowing Lauren Weisberger-The devil wears Prada Laurie Graff-Looking for Mr Goodfrog Laurie Graff-Scenes from a holiday Laurie Gwen Shapiro-The matzo ball heiress Leslie Kelly-She drives me crazy Lisa Jewell-One Hit Wonder Lisa Jewell-Ralph's party Liza Palmer-Conversations with the fat girl Lori Foster-Annie get guy & messing with Max Louise Bagshaw-Career girls Louise Bagshaw-The movie Louise Bagshaw-Tall poppies Louise Bagshaw-Venus envy Louise Bagshaw-Kept woman Louise Bagshaw-The devil you know Lynda Curnyn-Engaging men Lynda Curnyn-Faking it Lynda-Curnyn-Killer summer Marian Keyes-Last chance saloon Marian Keyes-The other side of the story Marian Keyes-Anybody out there Marian Keyes-Further under the duvet Marian Keyes-Sushi for beginners Meg Cabot-A little scandal Meg Cabot-Educating Caroline Meg Cabot-Nicola and the viscount Meg Cabot-Victoria and the rogue Meg Cabot-Teen idole Meg Cabot-How to be popular Meg Cabot-Pants on fire Meg Cabot-Jinx Meg Cabot-She went all the way Meg Cabot-1-800-where-r-you 1-When lightning strikes Meg Cabot-1-800-where-r-you 2-Code name Cassandra Meg Cabot-1-800-where-r-you 3-Safe house Meg Cabot-1-800-where-r-you 4-Sanctuary Meg Cabot-1-800-where-r-you 5-Missing you Meg Cabot-All american girl 1-All american girl Meg Cabot-All american girl 2-Ready or not Meg Cabot-Avalon high 1-Avalon high Meg Cabot-Boy 1-The boy next door

Meg Cabot-Boy 2-Boy meets girls Meg Cabot-Boy 3-Every boys got one Meg Cabot-Heather Wells 1-Size 12 is not fat Meg Cabot-Heather Wells 2-Size 14 is not fat either Meg Cabot-Heather Wells 3-Big boned Meg Cabot-Mediator 1-Shadowland Meg Cabot-Mediator 2-Night Key Meg Cabot-Mediator 3-Reunion Meg Cabot-Mediator 4-Darkest hour Meg Cabot-Mediator 5-Haunted Meg Cabot-Mediator 6-Twilight Meg Cabot-Queen of babble 1-Queen of babble Meg Cabot-Queen of babble 2-Queen of babble in the city Meg Cabot-Queen of babble 3-Queen of babble gets hitched Megan McCafferty-Sloppy firts Megan McCafferty-Secong helpings Megan McCafferty-Charmed thirds Megan McCafferty-Fourth commings Melissa Bank-A girl's guide to hunting and fishing Melissa Nathan-Pride, prejudice & jasmin field Melissa Nathan-The waitress Melissa Senate-Love you to death Melissa Senate-See Jane date Melissa Senate-The break up club Michelle Cunah-32AA Michelle Cunah-Confessions of a serial dater Rachel Gibson-Simply irresistible Rachel Gibson-Truly madly yours Rachel Gibson-It must be love Rachel Gibson-True confessions Rachel Gibson-Lola Carlyle reveals all Rachel Gibson-See jane score Rachel Gibson-The problem with Valentine's day Rachel Gibson-Sex, lies and online dating Rachel Gibson-I'm in no mood for love Rachel Gibson-Tangled up in you Rachel Gibson-Not another bad date Rachel Johnson-Nothing hell Sarah Dessen-Along for the ride Sarah Dessen-Lock and key Sarah Dessen-Just listen Sarah Dessen-That summer Sarah Dessen-The truth about forever Sarah Mason-Playing James Sarah Mason-The party season Poonam Sharma-Girl most likely to Sherley Jump-The devil served Sophie Kinsella-Shopaholic 1-Confessions of a shopaholic Sophie Kinsella-Shopaholic 2-Shopaholic takes manhattan Sophie Kinsella-Shopaholic 3-Shopaholic ties the knot Sophie Kinsella-Shopaholic 4-Shopaholic and sister Sophie Kinsella-Shopaholic 5-Shopaholic and baby Sophie Kinsella-Remember me Sophie Kinsella-Can you keep a secret Sophie Kinsella-The undomestic goddess Theresa Alan-The girl's global guide to guys Valerie Frankel-The girlfriend curse Valerie Frankel-The not so perfect man Wendy French-Going coastal Wendy Holden-Pastures nouveaux

Wendy Holden-Simply divine Wendy Wax-Hostile makeover Wendy Wax-Leave it to the cleavage Withney Gaskell-True love (and other lies) Yan Martel-Life of pi Yvone Collins and Sandy Rideout-All i want to do is to direct Zoey Dean-How to teach filthy rich girls

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