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Lesson Plan: Good Angel/Bad Angel: Which choice will Lewis make?

# of Days

Prior Knowledge

Have read the first 4 chapters of If I Ever Get Out of Here

Lesson Objective(s)

SWBAT use textual evidence to analyze and make inferences

for the protagonist

Lesson Assessment

Formative assess their participation and contribution in the

debate; collect their debate prep work (which includes textual
evidence) and an exit slip


CCSS.ELA.RL.9-10.3: Analyze how complex characters (e.g.,

those with multiple or conflicting motivations) develop over the
course of a text, interact with other characters, and advance the
plot or develop the theme.

Materials Needed

Individual copies of the novel

Debate prompt on a Powerpoint/handouts of the directions


Learning Task



Students will prepare quotes for

one side of the argument prompt
They will work in groups of 4 to
comprise their arguments and
quotes and will stay on opposing
sides. There will be 2 opposing

T articulates the directions. (Theres an

assumption that the students have already
read the necessary passages for HW)
Students work in groups to fill out an
argument sheet. They are also directed to
consider the counter-argument and come
up with a plan to counter. Also, the
directions are handed out in paper and
displayed on the powerpoint

Will Lewis stay in city school or

will he return to his reservation?
(Include quotes and
interpretations from the book
(chap. 1-5) to help you argument)
Consider the influence Lewis
relationships; who will have the
most influence on him to convince
him one way or another;
Meanwhile, one student meets
with the teacher to become

T explains the role of the Lewis student.

He/she is directed to move back and forth
between the groups when one argument
seems stronger. T instructs S to be


Students participate in a good

angel/bad angel exercise.
One side is trying to convince
Lewis to stay in the public school
while the other is telling him to go
back to the school on the
reservation; Students are
prompted to use Lewis
relationships and which
characters would influence him
the most.

T mediates the debate

Good angel/bad angel debate

Alternate turns to offer each group
of 4 a chance to present their
argument. They will use quotes
and interprations for evidence to
persuade the Lewis character
Once each group has presented,
the debate is open to alternating
between sides. The student in the
center (Lewis) moves according
to the strength of their arguments

Debrief: Lewis student shares out

his feelings from being in the
center. He offers which side was
stronger and gives reason why.

T gives the platform to Lewis student. Tell

the rest of the students to return to their


Exit slip writing: After the debate,

which decision do you think Lewis
will make? Feel free to include
any quotes/interpretations/
reasonings you made from your
group or hear aloud. Please
include 2 quotes. Also, consider
how his relationships influenced
his choice to go to the public
school or the reservation school

T hands out the exit cards so students can

answer the prompt which is posted on the