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To provide quality educational alternatives that empowers people around the world to becoming more effective problem solvers for themselves, dynamic communicators and excellent leaders for those they serve.

Empowering Basics Technologies

Great Things Await You!  Be Undeniable  Walk In Your Inheritance Of Greatness

When your confidence has fallen and you can’t get your students inspired . . . Send them to me. ~Carter

Mission Statement
PAR Technology: (system, n.); Problems you have + the Actions you take to resolve [or not] = the Results you get.

The Guest Teacher
LaRon A. Carter is the founder of Empowering Basics University and K12Live on Twitter. Carter has been a MEA sponsored professional development facilitator and is a skilled problem solving strategist with 20 years experience. LaRon says, “I’m the guy you call when your confidence has fallen and you can’t get your students inspired.” Carter began developing his own problem solving strategies growing up on the streets of Indianapolis, Indiana, then going on to receive extensive leadership training as a peacekeeper and cultural diversity specialist as an United States Marine. He credits those military experiences, solid family values, and faith in God for balancing his classroom management style and competent speaking skills. Carter is a seasoned guest teacher and veteran K – 12 certified teacher for students with emotional impairment challenges. He has taken his Empowering Basics program to hundreds of classrooms of numerous school districts, teaching confident problem solving skills to thousands of students and staff since 1991. Carter is the author of Stop Crying in the Restroom [it ain’t that deep]: A Guide to Your Best Year Teaching With SMART K12 Goal Setting Methods and lives in Lansing Michigan.

“If you have any doubt in you're ability man with “I have never seen a young to walk in unwavering faith more gifts in this area.” today ~ Dr. T. Shhh, be still and Garrott Benjamin Jr. listen. You've Headmaster, Respect Academy already won.” ~LA “He goes above and beyond his job description.” "Look for doors, expect them to be Judy Plocharczyk open, and believe youMaster Teacher have what it takes to get to the other side of ones that are locked." ~LA “. . . a dedicated young man who believes in high standards in all facets of his assigned responsibilities.” Overcome the disease of doubt, Nathaniel Jones fear, rudeness and Assistant Superintendent Allisonville Public Schools unkind people by connecting yourself to big thinkers and walking into big ideas. “He understands the central concepts, tools of ~LA inquiry, and structure.” Be bold and Lovie M. Bradley aggressive to Retied Chief Administrator understand your ability to form never before thoughts and images. Then release pen and paper to your dreams. – LA

We define Empowering Basics University (EBU) as a communications, coaching and confidence building group that specializes in effectively meeting the problem solving training needs of our clients. Our company is a place individual’s and organizations seek out to aid them in solving big and small problems. In our organization, we value characteristics like honesty, integrity, excellence, and faith in all that we do. Our work environment is a place that generates positive energy and outstanding results. Training sessions take our participants to new levels of focus and understanding how to solve their problems with more confidence and less stress. Each student learns in a fun filled hands-on activity, which empowers him or her to explore the environment with a different purpose. For our co-workers, EBU is a place where they get a chance to live their dreams. Our speakers tell us that working with EBU is a service of delivering good news, hope and healing in a hurting world. Experience PAR Technology for your self. Your expectations will never be the same.

Embrace each day with immoveable assurance, knowing that no matter what you are dealing with, it’s going “to be” exactly what you expect it to be. LaRon Carter “America’s Guest Teacher”

Build Confidence for Solving Tough Problems

LaRonCarter.com bemyguestteacher@gmail.com @laroncarter and @K12Live on Twitter 206.350.2650

MWMedia Branding Made Whole Media is a digital audio-visual production service company meeting the needs of small business Internet social media presence, assisting in the production of anything educational on the Internet and in print copy.

MWMedia Vision Statement We help small businesses and individuals press through the crowd and make worldwide visualaudio presence that stands out without all the headaches of trying to figure it out on their own.

MWMedia Goal The goal of Made Whole Media is to provide basic desktop publishing solutions that are quickly delivered with high-end details for excellence.

“Be boldly aggressive about understanding your ability to form never before thoughts and images. Then release pen and paper to your dreams, where your faith makes you whole.”
– Carter, The Guest Teacher Empowering Basics University

MWMedia Services Social Media Strategic Set-up for Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook  Wordpress Blogs  eBook Publishing  Audio Books  One Sheet Layout and Copy  Internet and Trade Show Banner Design  Viral Video Production and Distribution Training  Avatars  Social Media Page Backgrounds  Business Cards  Letterhead  CD and Jacket Designs  Personalized Powerpoints

Sweat Less Graphics, Made Whole Media

LaRonCarter.com bemyguestteacher@gmail.com @laroncarter and @K12Live on Twitter 206.350.2650

Asphalt Check Blog Vision Asphalt Check Blog will be the hub of LaRon Carter Enterprise communications and global marketing distribution for EBU’s PAR Technology K12 brand.

Asphalt Check Blog Goal

“If you have any doubt in you're ability to walk in unwavering faith today ~ Shhh, be still and listen. You've already won.”
– Carter, The Guest Teacher Empowering Basics University

The goal of Asphalt Check is to provide:  Tips for K12 teachers managing difficult classrooms  Real life classroom management applications  A forum for open discussion regarding reform  Encourage technology uses in the classroom  Connectivity between K12 educational professionals

Stop Crying in the Restroom.com eBook Goal SCR: A Guide to Your Best Year Teaching With Smart K12 Goal Setting Methods was created directly from the blog pages of a category I call K12 Education: Stressed Out Series and its sub volume called Confident Teaching. The book was originally published in nine weekly volumes for telling a story of how to experience your best year teaching challenging K12 students using Peter F. Drucker’s SMART leadership business goal setting model [Specific, Measurable, Action Based, Realistic, Time Oriented] and EBU’s PAR Technology methods loaded with links to valuable resources for making it happen. The eBook has evolved into a vehicle for showcasing EBU’s curriculum and MWMedia service’s ability to produce high quality online electronic products.

“The problems you have, plus the actions you take, equal the results you get.”

LaRonCarter.com bemyguestteacher@gmail.com @laroncarter and @K12Live on Twitter 206.350.2650

Street Teacher Vision
Streetteacher: ST, (storyteller, n.); 1. one who enlightens the road’s course to knowledge and understanding so that their students are able to get wisdom for themselves. 2. a Roads Scholar of ancient teachings.

To engage students around the world in critical thought processes for changing the way they approach solving problems both big and small.

"Prepare for your chance to shine, look for doors of opportunity, expect them to open, and believe you have what it takes for getting to the other side of the ones that are locked."
– Carter, The Guest Teacher Empowering Basics University

Street Teacher Goal To perfect a method for engaging students intellectually through stories told by individuals who have been through enough life challenging experiences to have reflected, regrouped, restored, and regained a sense of their true self, so that students begin developing problem solving skills that help them win big in life.

Street Teacher Radio STR is a weekly Blogtalkradio show formatted to reach high school students in the exact spot where they stand on the asphalt of life. Directed from the laboratories of EBU, each week we bring you some of the best inspirational lessons from personalities, educators, and extraordinary business people featured on the show from STR.

Stability Audio & Book Publishing ST with the assistance of MWMedia publishes text and audio books of each semester’s cast of Street Teacher storytelling lessons.

Street Teacher Excellent Communicator Program ST in collaboration with EBU has developed a High School literacy model that assist students in understanding how to effectively communicate their thoughts and ideas into compelling written and verbal stories. In daily podcasts educators are able to playback inspirational stories, from seasoned life coaches that kick start curriculum mapped journal writing activities.

Reinforced support for handling life’s little curves.

LaRonCarter.com bemyguestteacher@gmail.com @laroncarter and @K12Live on Twitter 206.350.2650

K12Live Teachers Using Twitter & Facebook Group
http://twitter.com/K12Live and http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=60922873675&ref=ts#/group.php?gid=60922873675

K12Live Vision K12Live on Twitter is a social media experiment in building successful networking platforms to bridge connection between talented education personnel, support staff, vendors, and teacher preparation institutions focused on delivering best practices in 21st century K12 learning environments and education reform.

K12Live Vision Statement Our best practice for K12Live is to identify, investigate, and examine best practices of K12 education and then provide the K12 Internet community linked information of other interconnected education communities through spotlighting some of the brightest people in K12 education, their affiliations, and methods for delivering outstanding services for the 21st century learner. K12Live Goal The goal of K12Live is to provide global network learning opportunities through the use of Internet and it’s various social media platforms (i.e. Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Ning, Wiki, Blogtalkradio, Justin.tv etc.).

K12Live Model The K12Live model is practiced by Internet campaign creators of Follow Friday on Twitter and Hurricane of Gratitude on Facebook. These community models are specifically, but not exclusively, used to highlight very important people and to celebrate or be thankful to them for doing something meaningful in service of others without the interference of directly promoting a business related cause.

“It is in the spirit of pedagogy that we study how such a profession as teaching manifests illumination of the genius in every mind.”
– Carter, The Guest Teacher Empowering Basics University

The Chosen Method of Social Media Practices The idea behind such a model is to pursue genuine elevation of others. Ultimately leading to the connection of interest groups and inspiring a natural curiosity and wonderment for the source of information, how it came to exist, and the possibilities of were it could lead when trust and credibility are established.

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