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Updates and bug fixes in PVTsim

from 19.0 to 20.0

New Options/Models

Wax Open Structure dll.

Interface to STARS simulator from CMG.

Import of compositional files from Eclipse Comp

Updates and Bug Fixes


Minor adjustment (+ 0.07%) of Gas Constant in cal/mol K.

Improved numerical robustness of procedure for converting water cut to water mol%.

Improved viscosity results for pure glycols and for water-glycol and water-methanol mixtures

Temperature limit below which for viscosity of aqueous components and mixtures assumed to be constant
lowered from 243.15 K to 223.15 K.

Help updated with info relevant for users of Office 2010.

Fluid Management

Enhancement of options for recombining two fluids to specified saturation point.

Bug corrected in Clean for Mud module. GC compositions input in weight% were handled incorrectly.

PVT & Regression

Characterized Regression option extended to optionally update Peneloux volume shift parameters to comply
with component liquid densities (always done with Plus Regression).

Fix to properly catch missing saturation point in CME, CVD, DL and Viscosity experiment simulations

Plus fluid regression logic enhanced to ensure optimum density results when Peneloux volume corrections
selected as regression parameters. Cpen parameter added to output.

Flash & Unit Operations

Logic changed to have subsequent flash specifications executed after one with aqueous phase
supersaturated with salt.

Option added for specifying upper limit for water dew point line in phase envelope option.

UV Flash calculations might fail for T < 125 K due to an inappropriate lower T-limit.

Flow Assurance

Wax temperature calculation could hang in rare cases.

Error corrected in code for regressing to viscosity data for wax inhibited systems.

Improved numerical robustness of asphaltene PC-SAFT option.

Bug corrected in Hydrate module for calculation of the water-gas surface tension.

Open Structure

Memory leak in SetCalculationError of Hydrate Open Structure dll closed.

Interface Options
Eclipse Black Oil

Water compressibility output in PVCO and PVDO/PVDG tables erroneously calculated at standard
conditions. Corrected to be calculated at the saturation pressure at reservoir temperature.

Extended with combinations of PVTO/PVTDG and PVDO/PVTG.

Enhanced procedure for correcting for non-monotony.

Updated for handle Split-factor of 1 for all components except for one component (which component will
form a pure phase).

Vip Black Oil

Extended with BOGTAB keyword.

Metric Pressures in VIP Black Oil changed to be kPa instead of bar.


Updated for handle Split-factor of 1 for all components except for one component (which component will
for a pure phase).

OLGA (table based)

A new keyword STDLIQDENSITY added to OLGA two phase table for fluids containing water. OLGA
can read this from versions 6.2 and 5.3.4. Only Key format table.

Improved numerical robustness of OLGA interface option for fluids with low concentration of water.

Refined phase identification check in OLGA interface.


OLGA Wax interface extended with Wax Viscosity Correction Factors.


Error corrected in Field Unit output.