Spring 2015 Volume 34 Number 1

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Christian Camp & Conference Center
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The Wilds Christian Association, Inc. is an
independent, nondenominational, nonprofit,
501(c)(3) organization created for the purpose
of operating Christian camps and conference
centers. We are fundamental in our beliefs,
Bible-centered in our philosophy, and
evangelistic in our outreach.
The Wilds Christian Association, Inc. presently
operates a Christian camp and conference
center in the Blue Ridge Mountains of western
North Carolina that is open year-round. The
camp has a carefully selected and trained staff
and averages over 20,000 campers per year. In
2009 The Wilds of New England began ministry
at our campsite in Deering, New Hampshire. In
this peaceful, rural setting we experienced good
growth in attendance at our summer camps as
well as in our limited fall schedule programs.
We anticipate a continuing steady growth and
expansion of the ministry at this New England

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by Ken Collier

President • The Wilds
Brevard, North Carolina

In addition to providing a God-honoring music
publication service as an integral part of our
ministry, The Wilds Christian Association, Inc.
has also established the CampsAbroad program
to assist others in the formation and operation
of Christian camp ministries around the world.
The Wilds Christian Association, Inc. publishes
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The Wilds Christian Association, Inc
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E-mail: newsletter@wilds.org
Visit our website at www.wilds.org or visit
The Wilds Online Store at www.wilds.org/store.
Editor: Ken Collier
Graphic Designer: Craig Stouffer
Publications Coordinator: Vickie Ebner
Spring 2015 • Volume 34 • Number 1
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North Carolina Campsite:
The Wilds
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Phone: (828) 884-7811
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New England Campsite:
The Wilds of New England
1181 Deering Center Road
Deering, NH 03244-6529
Phone: (603) 529-0001
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2 newsletter spring 2015

I am Ken, your Maître D’ for this event.

I started out as a dishwasher for this establishment, and it was
the best decision of my life! Perhaps you’ve visited one of our

venues before, perhaps not, but we want this to be a pleasurable
experience in every way. At The Wilds family of fine, campy
establishments, we have cooked up a rich feast of fun and firstrate camp experiences for over 45 years! Now, you know we’re not
talking food specifically in this NewsLetter (though our real chefs
are beyond amazing), but about what’s cooking around the camp
in preparation for the most amazing summer camp weeks on the

planet! Allow me to explain the specially prepared seven course

camp experience meal we want to serve you today, which will focus
on this summer’s weeks of camp at The Wilds in North Carolina and

The Wilds of New England! Allow us to begin this “delectable” walkthrough with our first formal course called The Amuse. The other

courses will follow in order, written by our highly regarded “chefs.”

This is Ken, your Maître D’ once more.

While your chefs are preparing the courses, I have the

privilege of presenting your formal amuse today. We have
prepared several offerings that will, hopefully, incite the

taste buds to know where to find more and more specific
information about The Wilds camps! You are now sampling
our first offering of information today—this NewsLetter (not
to be taken internally). Who in your family or your church

youth group needs to be served at The Wilds this year? At
both The Wilds in North Carolina and The Wilds of New
England in New Hampshire, we specialize in a full summer of
action and fun for teens (13-18 years of age) and juniors
(9-12 years of age.) Might we suggest you please take a visit
to The Wilds website at www.wilds.org or
www.thewildsofnewengland.org to see the full menu of
camps and other great information that will help you get to

at camp. We have videos available at no charge to help you
get to know our programs and help introduce the various

camps to friends you know might be interested. There are
brochures for each program we would be

know the campsites better? We have

happy to send you. For those of you in the

a very active presence on Facebook
(facebook.com/wilds—we love to be
“liked”), Instagram (instagram.com/
wildscamp) and Twitter
To help you get an

• • • • • • • • • •

• • • • • • • • • •

1st Course:

The Amuse

southern region of the country, The Wilds
sponsors an all-day camp experience
for teens called Farm Fest. It is staged

additional taste of
The Wilds Camps,
we prepare a full
range of side dishes
to inform you of
campsite events.
For one thing,
staff members

are periodically
available to come
to your church to
present the full

on a farm (where else?) in the
Greenville, South Carolina,
area during the fall of each
year. This year’s

At certain restaurants, before the meal
begins, diners are presented with a
complimentary hors d’oeuvre called an
“amuse” which is typically very flavorful
and intended to “amuse” or stimulate
the palate. These are usually offered as
a gift from the chef and are intended to
get the diner excited about the meal by
offering a bit of insight as to what the
chef is capable of.

spread of all that is
going on at The Wilds
campsites. You may contact

Farm Fest will be
October 10, 2015, and
we are privileged to
have Rand Hummel,
the executive chef
(uh, director) at The
Wilds of New England,
speaking to the teens.
Bring the youth group!
Rand has been a friend
of teenagers throughout
his entire ministry. His
friends from The Wilds in
North Carolina will be “cooking

Chef John Bott through info@wilds.org for staff availability.

up” the music and Funtime comedy for this all day camp

For the last 3 years, we’ve featured our own Ministry Team,

taste-a-thon! For all of these informational items, you’ll find

all the adventurous weeks and weekends one might enjoy

has left you slightly hungry to enjoy your next course.

which traveled the southeast and beyond giving samples of

contact information in this NewsLetter. We hope The Amuse

www.wilds.org 3

• • • • • • • • • •

• • • • • • • • • •

2nd Course:

The Appetizer
Appetizers, also called starters, are
the first course of a meal and are
served in small portions because
more courses usually follow. Because
they are smaller in size, appetizers
are usually heightened in flavor and,
like “the amuse,” are intended to
get your palate and internal organs
(“ugh”-editorial comment) stimulated
in preparation for the remainder of
the meal.

The Wilds first offered camp weeks in the summer of 1969.
As a foundation point, we have always had a highly qualified
staff made up of the most amazing young adults who are
known for having a desire to be “growing Christians.” Aside
from two truly beautiful campsites, we know the young
adults of the summer staff “make” up the backbone of the
camp week for each camper. Recruitment and placement
of the summer is a huge priority throughout the entire
year as we contract and train 144 counselors and 142
operational staff at the North Carolina campsite alone. Add
another 22 counselors and 26 operational staff members
in New England, and it’s easy to see what an immense
task gathering the staff is. They come from a dozen or so
Christian colleges and another dozen secular colleges. Each

As an appetizer before we feast on the summer offerings yet
to come, let’s go a little bit behind the scenes at
The Wilds, beginning with the makeup of the staff. There is
a lot of experience that goes into the mix for a summer week
at The Wilds and The Wilds of New England. There are many
experienced hands in the maintenance area, the office, the
health service, the kitchens and Dining Halls, the stores and
shops, the program, and the administration. Many of the
present full-time staff members were themselves summer
staff members and, in a number of cases, campers. The
camp directors, Matt Herbster in North Carolina and Rand
Hummel in New England, have gained much experience and
added many new, creative concepts to the camp through
the years.

staff member is recommended by their school and their
local church as well as former staff members who know the
pressures that are present with a summer week.
There is an amazing opportunity to get acquainted with
one of the dedicated young adults that comprise the staff
through our Summer Partner Program. One summer staff
member is paired with a summer partner from anywhere

in the country. Many times the summer partner knows the
summer staff member personally, but in many cases, they
are paired later. The summer partner furnishes prayer
support for his partner and donates up to $600, helping to
defray the cost of the summer staff member’s life-changing
summer at camp. In exchange, the summer staff member
writes his partner sharing the inside blessings and pressures
of a wide-open week of camp. Both partners are blessed
with this partnership. If you would like to get this very
personal look at camp, if you know one of the young adults
on staff this summer, if you were a staff member yourself,
or if you would like to gain a new ministry friend, please
write or call Mrs. Robin McAdams in the Taylors office. She
will give you all the information needed to be a part of the
Summer Partner Program. The summer staff is one of the
most important ingredients to the summer at The Wilds

and The Wilds of New England. Ah, I see the third course is
coming your way. You will be served by “Chef” Susan Burke,
otherwise known as the Office Manager in Taylors, South
4 newsletter Spring 2015

The salad course is sometimes served in addition to an
appetizer—sometimes it is the appetizer and sometimes
it is served at the end of the meal following the
entree, before the dessert. Salads are light enough
to satisfy, but not fill up a diner before they get to
the rest of their meal. When served at the end of a
meal, a salad aids in digestion and cleanses the
palate before dessert is served. It is traditional
in many European cultures to eat the salad
following, rather than preceding, the
are not
options, but

ultimately good for
• • • • • • • • • •

you. They include medical

• • • • • • • • • •

information and legal guardian

3rd Course:

The Salad

information for our campers 18
and under. Once you have made
your choices and paid your deposit, you
will receive a confirmation receipt via

“Yes, you may have your potato, but you
must eat your salad first.” Children know
that the path to any “fun” eating must go
through the salad. It’s good that so many

spring, summer, and fall at both of our
locations, we want to focus your attention
today on some options that are mainly for

kids love it nowadays. The path to get a

summer camp.

child to camp at The Wilds, should go

Youth Pastors: You can keep track of

through one of our most amazing tools—

your entire group online. You can check

Online Registration. It doesn’t matter

at any time to see which of

what camp you are planning to attend,

your teens have registered.

you will need to make sure to try out

You also have the option to

this light and satisfying course, Online

personally register the teens

Registrations, or OLR for short. There are

or have the parents register

many options to choose from, whether

them. Of course, our “chefs”

it’s Teen or Junior Boot Camp, Marriage

are continually keeping track

Conferences, Sr. Adult Retreats, or Family

of the “orders” and making

Camps. We’ve got it all. Just make your

sure the “toppings” are

choice and we’ll help serve it right up!

correct. They will also send

OLR is designed to allow you to, well,

you a listing twice before you

register for camp online! We have some
lovely “chefs” who are always ready and
willing to serve you and help you get
registered. OLR allows you to create a
login and password and register for the

While we have many camps during the

come to camp so you have

e-mails delivered directly to you. We
encourage you to contact our “chefs” at
any time if you have questions regarding
camp. And when you send your children
to camp again next year, simply choose
your child’s name from your profile,
update their grade, and complete the
registration online.
At times, it’s possible that a camper gets
“carrots” instead of the “bacon” they
ordered. In this case, we encourage you
to call or e-mail us with the problem
and someone will help you resolve the
problem as crisply as a cool, fresh salad.
While our system is not perfect, it does
help us keep track of the information
needed for you (or your child) to come
to camp. We are always updating our
system to help make it better and easier
for you.
One of our favorite parts of this course
is the “dressing.” Are you wondering
what that is? That’s easy—it’s YOU! We
love meeting you in person! Mondays at

by Susan Burke

Office Manager • The Wilds
Taylors, South Carolina

a complete copy of who has
registered for your group, how much has
been paid, and how much is owed. This is
a great tool to help you enjoy a hassle-

camp are busy days in the summer, but
it is definitely the highlight of our week
for all of us in the office. We love seeing

camp of your choice. You can choose

free registration day at camp.

your “toppings”—accommodations and

Parents: You can register your kids as

are you ready to order your special OLR

roommates—so that we can help make

individuals if they are not coming with a

salad, served up with a smile? We’ll see

your time with us more enjoyable. Some

youth group and get your confirmation

you soon!

old friends and meeting new ones! Now,

www.wilds.org 5

• • • • • • • • • •

• • • • • • • • • •

4th Course:

Soup to Nuts
That’s right. Usually this course calls for anything
from a light, clear broth to a hearty puree. The
type of soup being offered is often determined
by what is to follow in the meal. However, at
The Wilds Restaurant, this course is “Soup to
Nuts” which is an Americana expression meaning
“from the beginning to the end.” It became a
byword for a meal that included everything from
the beginning soup to the nuts on the dessert.
Chef Joe, Program Director in North Carolina, is
a “soup to nuts” guy, and he wants to tell you
“what’s new, what’s improved, and what will be
spicy” if you come to The Wilds or The Wilds of
New England this summer!

been working with the Snack
Shop in North Carolina as well as her
full-time job as a mother and full-time teacher to
2 of their children. The Stodolas have 4 children:
Kristy (currently studying Music Education with
an emphasis in strings at Bob Jones University),
Drew (hoping to be a walk-on with the Boston
Celtics and join the Boston Symphony with the
classical guitar ), David (aspiring Lego® engineer),
and Daniel (looking to use his love for animals as
a part-time zookeeper in the Granite State Zoo). I
may be a little “off” on the particulars, but this is a
delightful family ready to throw themselves into the
ministry of TWNE!
The North Carolina location has seen a highly

We are excited to see how God has blessed in both of our
locations this past year! Both campsites are adding and
improving camper activities and onsite facilities. At The Wilds
of New England the Zipline, New England style, is welcoming
riders for its second
summer of imparting
the highest of thrills
to all campers. This is
one incredible ride!
We are excited, also, to
announce several new
cabins as well as new
furnace systems for

by Joe Fant

Program Director • The Wilds
Brevard, North Carolina

those cabins to keep
the cold out and the
warmth in. Yes, even in
Speaking of warm and

welcoming, TWNE is also thrilled to announce the arrival of
the new Assistant Director, Steve Stodola and his family. Steve
was the Director of The Wilds of the Rockies for 6 years and has
been ministering as the assistant to the director at The Wilds
of North Carolina for the past 11 years. His wife, Rhonae, has

6 newsletter spring 2015

anticipated new Freetime activity finally completed. The 3rd
Falls Zipline will be fully operational this summer! This zipline
has 2 sections with a combined length of 1,400 feet. The zipline
gives the rider an awesome view of both the 3rd Falls and
the Jocassee River Gorge. If you can't quite stomach the 250’
height over Toxaway Creek, no worries! We have also built a
2 story observation deck overlooking the waterfall and both
ziplines so you can participate in the action from a distance and
still get a beautiful view of this not frequently seen waterfall.
We are also excited about some changes in the schedule for
this summer. Back in the schedule for Thursday nights is our
late night pizza party and activities including a hole-in-one
competition on our miniature golf course, night rides on the
Land Trolley, basketball under the lights, a 2nd ride on the
Giant Swing for all seniors in high school, and a host of other
Most importantly we are excited to announce a new 6 week
God & I Time Study through Matthew 5. This outlines a recipe
for developing whole-hearted devotion to our Savior. As
always we will have new and fresh faces on our counseling and
contracted staff ready to spend time loving God and loving
campers. Come see us this summer to take part and see how
God is blessing! When it comes to adventure in camping,
The Wilds serves up “soup to nuts”!

main course,

• • • • • • • • • •

often referred to as
the entree, is the savory
culmination of the meal that all

• • • • • • • • • •

5th Course:

The Main Course

of the other courses have built up
to. The main course usually consists
of the largest portion of the meal

and in many cases features some
type of protein. Sometimes a meal is
divided into multiple entrees such

Appetizers and all of the other preliminaries to the meal are

as a fish and a meat course,
but generally there is only
one main course.

introduced to get you excited about the main course. Desserts are
the “ahh!” with a good cup of coffee after a wonderful meal, sweetly
filling in whatever room is left. The main course, though, is the
main event, the sustainer—especially if you are a meat-and-potato
kind of person. Even if you go to the fanciest eating establishment
in town, you will be offered some kind of “meat and ‘tater”—be it
a porterhouse steak and baked potato, an herb-crusted salmon
and rice, a honey-baked ham and scalloped potatoes, a chicken
parmesan and angel-hair pasta, or a double-bacon-burger and fries—
all are made to put a smile on your face and inches on your waist.
The camp week itself, in a way, is at least a 7 course meal. There
are so many aspects of camp to enjoy from unusual activities, new
friends, zany counselors, ice cream sundaes, fear-inducing ziplines,
beautiful hikes, salted caramel lattes, crazy team cheers, Funtime
skits, and good looking preachers (ahem!) just to name a few.

Personal God & I Time: This is a highlight of every

day where we have the opportunity to tune out the rest of the world
and focus on our relationship with our wonderful Lord and what He
wants us to learn from His precious Word.

God & I Time Follow-up: After an in-depth study

of a portion of Matthew 5 in chapel, and then personally meditating
on the same text with the help of a God & I Time booklet, campers
and counselors then get together to discuss what they learned and
which truths meant the most to their hearts.

Christian Life Seminar: The Bible has answers to

every question in life. Campers spend an hour almost every day
getting practical Bible counsel on the issues that they face in life, at
school, and at home.

Evening Services: The entire day seems to point to this

by Rand Hummel

Director • The Wilds of New England
Deering, New Hampshire

But, if we had to choose one thing that would most compare to the
main course of a rich, culinary spread—it would obviously have to
be our dedicated time in the Word of God. Check out this menu
of “dedicated time in the Word of God” which is a part of every
camping day at The Wilds campsites:

Camper Prayer Meetings: What a joy to hear dozens

of teens voluntarily praying for their friends before breakfast as the
day begins.

time. Soul-stirring music prepares our hearts for a strong challenge
from God’s holy Word. Men who are gifted to communicate the
gospel message open up the Scriptures in a way that lives are
convicted, challenged, comforted, and changed. It is amazing to
see God working through His living Word.

Cabin Devotions: Five minutes to reflect on everything
that God has taught that day seems hardly enough. What a joy

(and new experience for many) to go to sleep thinking about the
goodness of God and thanking Him for a wonderful day in His
Dedicated time in the Word of God. This is the sustaining main
course that we all love and look forward to at camp. It took me 500

Morning Chapel: This summer we will all take a close look

words to say what David said in 9...

of the responsibility and joy of being part of God’s kingdom.

What can you say, except that a week at one of The Wilds campsites

at a portion of our Lord’s “Sermon on the Mount” and be reminded

“O taste and see that the Lord is good!” Psalm 34:8a
is a full course meal of dedicated time in the Word of God!

www.wilds.org 7

• • • • • • • • • •

• • • • • • • • • •

6th Course:

The Cheese

trivia—you never know what
might be asked that would give
you the opportunity to walk
away with a free drink to

by Willie Partin

Program Manager • The Wilds
Brevard, North Carolina

On every good menu you must have
an assortment of flavors to tantalize
the taste buds. Well, at The Wilds

If a cheese course is being served, it
Cool Beans.
is usually done after the entree and
Almost 1,000 miles away at
before, or in lieu of, dessert. The cheese
The Wilds
of New England
course can be as simple as one piece of
another plot unfolds. The
cheese on its own or as elaborate as
year is 1932. Two rival coffee
a sampling of numerous cheeses
producers decide to call a
and various accompaniments
for the night and sit down
such as bread, fruit,
for a cup of coffee together. This
and nuts.

and The Wilds of New England, we have

a tradition known as Funtime. It is generally a
series of skits, funny songs, audience participation, and the
absolute cheesiest jokes imaginable. It lasts about 45 minutes
one evening, as this is about all people can take (because of
laughing, of course)! We’ve got 57 flavors of what can only be
called the Cheese Course—cheesy fun, that is. If you’re feelin’
“bleu” you will enjoy our Funtime this summer.
In North Carolina, we’ve cooked up an adventure that will be
sure to make you laugh in “queso” you are in need of one.
The Funtime theme is Seafaring Adventure. It’s nautical, but
nice. Two Wilds brothers (Willie Partin and Matt Herbster) find
a treasure map, hire a crew, and set sail to find an amazing

makes the waiters and the owner of

the shop nervous which causes classic,
comic fumbling that will keep you in stiches. The
fully costumed, “rich, bold” production is “expresso” for
you campers! Afterwards, you can go to the Sweet Shoppe
for a “Kona” ice cream—“mocha,” no doubt! Wow! “Edam”
up! So “gouda”! The theme for the week is Coffee Wars! Dr.
Duncan McDonut and Daddy Starbucks® schedule the grand
openings of their brand new coffee shops for the very same
day. A coffee war is declared. Each entrepreneur unleashes
his own strategy to capture the taste buds of Boston's
connoisseurs. You will experience a creative, simulated
caffeine high that you will never forget.

treasure. Along the way a sinister pirate (Joe Fant) gets wind
of the plan and sails in with the “bries.” He steals the map,
incites a mutiny, and attempts to take over the ship. However
the Captain and the “1st Matt” capture the pirate and lead
him to court. (Don’t worry though because he is innocent until
“provolone” guilty). The punishment is handed down, and the
“queso” is closed. The day is saved—cue the "con feta”!
North Carolina’s theme for the week is the Battle for the High
Seas! Three teams—the Emerald Coast Galleons, the Sapphire
Bay Schooners and the Scarlet Cove Clippers—all battling
for supremacy on the high seas. These teams battle it out
around some crazy but competitive group games. Battleship
and All Hands on Deck are just two of the games that you will
enjoy this summer. Of course it’s not camp without some zany
cabin names that keep right in line with our theme. Will you
be in the cabin S.S. Peg Leg or S.S. Scallywag? You will be
awakened on Friday morning with the melodic voices of the
Matt and Willie show. Be sure to brush up on your seafaring
8 newsletter spring 2015

So don’t “brie” late to sign up. Make sure you get your
parent’s “parmesan” (okay, that wasn’t too “Swiss”) and sign
up today for either camp. We know this will be the “gratest”
week of your summer—cheesiness included!

So, what is your favorite dessert? Growing up in Kansas City, we would often visit Tippins, a local
establishment, for our desserts. Tippins had an extensive menu, but it was especially known for
its pies. They had more pies on their dessert menu than any restaurant. Although there must
have been 50 different kinds of pies you could order, my order was the same every single time…
blueberry pie à la mode! It never got old. While I haven’t had a Tippins' pie in years, I still enjoy
my desserts. Snicker doodle, oatmeal raisin, and ginger snap cookies; fruit pies (including
strawberry rhubarb); and any kind of ice cream (other than chocolate) are all favorites.
So, what in the world does dessert have to do with camp? The dessert is the anticipated
finale to a wonderful meal, bringing the meal to a delicious conclusion. As a child, dessert
was often the only reason I wanted to eat the meal! Dessert is the finishing touch.
For those of us in camp work, the finishing touch to everything we do is to see or
hear of a changed life. The mission statement of The Wilds concludes this

way: "so lives can be changed to the glory of God." All that is done
is the final
at camp is done so campers’ lives will be changed. Watching God
course and often the one
change a life during a week of camp makes everything
people most look forward to. The
come together! I love walking around outside the
dessert course always features
Activity Center in the evening at the conclusion
something sweet and is designed

of a service. What a wonderful and fitting end to a
to round out a meal and satisfy the
day to witness scores of campers being counseled
craving for sweetness that many
from the Truth of God’s Word. I love walking around
people have after eating savory
the campsite seeing counselors spending time one-tofoods.
one with a camper in order to share with them the Truth that
will change them.
On Saturday morning, after all the campers have left, our staff works hard
• • • • • • • • • •

• • • • • • • • • •

7th Course:


to clean the campsite. Around 11:15, we gather in the Fireplace Room of
the Lodge for our staff meeting. There are many announcements about
the weekend and the upcoming week of camp, but staff meeting always
concludes with opportunity for testimonies from our staff. Several worn out
op staff members or counselors will make their way to the front. Their voice
is usually hoarse from cheering, and their eyes are obviously sleepy from
the long week, but their countenance beams with joy as they share with everyone

the thrill of watching God change a life…a life rescued, a relationship healed, sin confessed,
commitments made, hope restored. Often these testimonies bring tears to the eyes of all of
us, and we praise God for the privilege of
being used in a small way so that lives can
be changed for His glory. What a beautiful
conclusion to the week of camp! Mmmmm,
Please pray for the ministry of The Wilds as
we seek to give the "Truth of God with the
love of God so lives can be changed to the
glory of God."

by Matt Herbster

Director • The Wilds
Brevard, North Carolina

www.wilds.org 9

by John Bott

Program Marketing Director
The Wilds
Brevard, North Carolina

are available through our online store

trusting God, and forgiveness, and these


books are been a convenient blessing to

I have enlisted some help from a few
youth pastor friends who for many years
have served as personal trainers for
scores of young people, helping them
grow in their walk with the Lord. Here
are the top resources they have found
most helpful:

6 Week Bible Studies
by Rand Hummel

reference for discussion, memorization,
and/or counsel. —Youth Pastor, North

The Wilds
Counseling Resources
[counseling CD’s]
These have been a big help to us as
we counsel teens and adults. Some
of the topics covered to help church
leaders guide young people when
they get home include: Bitterness &
Anger; Covetousness; Eating Disorders;
Immorality; Self-Injury; etc. —Youth
Pastor, North Carolina

• • • • • • • • • •

The Emergency Pack

• • • • • • • • • •

After Meal

Exercise Program

We memorize these verses as a youth
Each summer I purchase several copies
of the 6 Week Bible studies that were
used that week and bring them back to

When should one exercise after a

meal? According to mayoclinic.org and
livestrong.com, it depends on the size
of the meal! Both of these experts agree
that if you eat a large meal, you should
wait at least 3 hours before working out.
If you have a smaller-sized meal, you
can work out 2 to 3 hours after eating.
Shows how much I know…I always heard
the wait time was only 30 minutes after
a meal!

When should one exercise and grow
in their faith after eating up all of the

spiritual nourishment from a week of
camp? Unlike physical food, one should
begin this process while eating the
meal! Yes, I am referring to stopping by
The Wilds or The Wilds of New
England’s General Stores before
leaving camp to pick up your exercise
equipment. That equipment includes
the outstanding resources found in
those stores. If a trip to one of the camps
is not possible, many of the resources
10 newsletter spring 2015

make available to the teens. I like that
because we sometimes will continue the
study and finish the book together. Last

group. —Youth Pastor, North Carolina
Your Reactions Are Showing
I use this in preparation for our New York
Mission Trip. —Youth Pastor, Ohio

Tee Shirt

summer, one of my teens had the idea
to start a Bible study. Starting the week
after camp, every Monday evening from
6:30-7:30 the teens met at our house
and we worked through the Bible study
book together. It was a tremendous time
together. —Youth Pastor, North Carolina
Upon further review I asked General
Store Manager, Ellen, which of Rand’s 6
week Bible studies are at the top of the
list and best-sellers in the summer. They
included: 1 Peter, Joseph, 2 Timothy,
Colossians, Philippians, Daniel, Romans
12, James, Titus, and Jonah.

The Rand Hummel

Rand Hummel’s trilogy (Fear Not, Lest
Ye Fall, and Turn Away Wrath) have
been constant resources to my teens
through the years. I find that many teens
are faced with decisions about purity,

My teens REALLY enjoy their team shirts.
When they wear them to school and
a friend asks them about The Wilds, it
opens a door to conversation and has
ultimately led my teens inviting friends to
camp. —Youth Pastor, North Carolina
Other helpful resources that benefit
young people:
* The Girl in the Mirror
by Michelle Grover

* The Man You

* Is Your Fruit Sweet or

or physical ability.

Could Be by Paul

Sour? by Karen Finn

However, if you desire to go forward in


your Christian life, remember what Paul
said to Timothy: exercise thyself unto
godliness. Another writer says, There is
no such thing as drifting into godliness.
* The Purity Principle
by Randy Alcorn

Whether it is physical exercise like
playing basketball or running on a

* A Young Woman’s

treadmill, or spiritual exercise, like

Guide to Making

reading/studying the Bible, prayer, or

Right Choices by

meditation, hard work is required! So,

Elizabeth George

why don’t you allow us to help you in

Want to feel better, have more energy,

* Discover Your

your pursuit of godliness by stopping

and perhaps even live longer? The

Destiny by Cary

by the General Store before you leave

health benefits of regular exercise and


physical activity are hard to ignore. And
the benefits of exercise are yours for the
taking, regardless of your age, gender,

• • • • • • • • • •

camp or visit our website
(www.wilds.org/store) and take
advantage of one of these great

• • • • • • • • • •

Off Course:

The Other Menu
Of course, we
prepare for our
summer camps very
carefully, but we’re
also cookin’ up a few
4-course meals for fall, winter, and spring. Sometimes
our summer campers ask us, “So, what do you all do the
rest of the year? Just get ready for next summer?” It is an
honest enough question, but it does bring a smile to our
faces when we think that another 10,000 or so campers
enjoy the campsite in those non-summer months! Running
week and weekend camps (often 2 or 3 at a time), we have
people constantly coming and going out the winding
roads that lead to The Wilds. Here is a sample of what
we are making preparations for, even while we are busy
cookin’ up a big summer feast.
If you like our summer cooking, come try our “nonsummer” menu. We think you will find something tasty,
fresh, and healthy. Visit our recently redone website at

- FALL -

Sportsman’s Retreat


Music Conference

- SPRING Ladies’ Retreats

Senior Class Trips

- FALL & SPRING Christian School Retreats
Deacons/Elders Retreats
Men’s Retreats

Father/Son Campouts

Senior Adult Conferences
Family Camps

- FALL, WINTER, & SPRING Marriage Conferences


www.wilds.org 11

a c id



by Dick Reid

Vice President • The Wilds
Taylors, South Carolina

At both The Wilds and The Wilds
of New England we know that all of
• • • • • • • • • •

our youth campers are at a

• • • • • • • • • •

great place (beautiful



campsites) with great
friends (and new friends they
have met at camp), eating great
food (not typical “camp food”), while enjoying
great conversation (and doing cabin cheers), and

Maybe you, like me, have been out to
dinner and experienced the following:

having a great time (fun with a clear conscience).
We also know that it’s parents and church staff

Great Place (highly recommended)

members who remain holding the bill for the

Great Atmosphere (even the flies wear tuxes)

week. That bill is the product of some very
deliberate and difficult decisions that were

Great Friends (so good to be together)

made a long while ago. If camp is a “yes,”

Great Food (they were right about it!)

that means that other good things of

Great Conversation (need to “catch up” more often)

necessity became a “no” so there could
be a camp experience. That may give

Great Time (magical)

way to a brief moment of heartburn!

Then the bill comes to you.

Great Amount (hope my face doesn’t betray me)

Though a cost is involved, camp is not

Great Heartburn! (don’t feel so well all of a sudden)
Where are the Tums®?

Can you spare a Prilosec®?

How about a Pepto-Bismol®?

an expense. Camp is an investment! We
know this is true! It is an investment that
very often provides eternal, life-changing
results to young people! Thanks to each of
you who are sacrificially “investing” by providing
what it takes to get young people under the sound

of God’s Word. We are doing everything we can
to keep the prices as reasonable as we can. You are
doing everything you can to get the young people to an
environment like no other, and we hope you don’t suffer

indigestion in the process. If you have an “appetite” to do even a little
more, each summer we have young people who have a desire to come
to The Wilds and The Wilds of New England, but are financially unable
to do so. If you would love to help one or more of these campers get to a
place of Truth and love, we would delight to hear from you and give you
further information as to how to help. This experience settles more than
the stomach. It has the potential to settle the heart’s needs. We TRUST
you will be a part. For more information on how you can help, contact
me at our Corporate Office in Taylors, South Carolina.
12 newsletter spring 2015


Needs Corner

Items received:

2 Air Hoses • Bunn Airport Coffee Brewer • Cool Beans Equipment
Entry Mat • 2 Fall Protection Hardware Sets
5 Fall Protection Harnesses • 1 Fall Protection Rope
Office Chair • 1 Pulse Oximeter



Battery Lantern (48) - $5 each
Bow Wrench Deck Tool - $75
Carpet/Floor Blower (2) - $100 each
Chainsaw Chaps - $70
Commercial Vacuum Cleaner - $265
DeWalt 18-volt WRP Battery (4) - $65 each
Helmet for Working at Heights (2) - $60 each
Infra-red Thermometer (2) - $90 each
Kestrel Portable Wind Meter - $100
Leather Gloves (10 pairs) - $20/pair
Lifeguard Rescue Tube (4) - $50 each
Lightning Detector - $260 Mulch Fork (3) - $100 each
Pump-up Sprayer (3) - $30 Each
Rafting Boots (20 pairs) - $30/pair
Tree Rope Storage Bag (4) - $25 each
Tree Throw Rope (2) - $25 each

Items received:

2 Safety Fence Tops • 2 Shovels


12 Gauge Extension Cord (4) - $25 each
Chainsaw Blade (4) - $30 each
Microphone (5) - $175 each Office Chair - $250
Office Copier - $289 12" Saw Blade (2) - $45 each

The Resurrection of Jesus Christ changed everything!
Truly, the Resurrection is the cornerstone of the
gospel message. God wants His children to live like
who they are: ones who are “risen with Christ” and “are
alive from the dead.” This CD features vocal ensembles
and includes several vocal solos and duets.

I want to help
A or


Enclosed is a gift toward the cost of the indicated need.
City________________________ State _____ Zip__________

Mail to: The Wilds • PO Box 509 • Taylors, SC 29687-0009

www.wilds.org 13

2014-2015 Participants



Front Row: David Shrader-Tullahoma,
TN; Caleb Fordham-Daleville, AL;
Kris Wilder-Grayson, KY; Tom BurnsClayton, NC; Jacob Fafard-Agawam,
MA; Bethany Woodfin-Wetumpka, AL;
Katelyn Hucks-Smoaks, SC; Candace
Montgomery-Springfield, GA; Brooke
Montgomery-Springfield, GA; Ashley
Hunt-Simpsonville, SC

C.A.M.P. - Camp Apprenticeship and Ministry Practicum. C.A.M.P. is designed

Back Row: Jordan Corriveau-Dayton,

to give young adults who are college age or recent college graduates the true

OH; Jessie Moore-Six Mile, SC; Ethan

camp experience. The C.A.M.P. program gives a broad ministry experience

Ellison-Jacksonville, NC; Jason Clark-

that will be helpful in future occupations. Through the unique benefits of

Decatur, AL; Nicky Stoey-Waterfall,

camping, these individuals develop their interpersonal skills, leadership

PA; Leslie Haynes-Oxford, AL; Rachel

qualities, and philosophy of Biblical ministry. Our intent is to equip them to

Smitley-Greer, SC; Joanne Rieger-Grand

become more grounded in the Bible and versatile in ministry.

Rapids, MI; Rachael Pierce-Apex, NC

where are they

Meagan Stowe (’02,’03,’04,’05,’06,’
08,’09,’10,’11,’12,’13,’14) and Timothy
Snyder, 12/27/14.



Jon (’03) and Sarah [Biddle] Abbott
(’01,’02,’03), Olivia Jane, 11/16/14.

[Cannon] Fleming (’08,’09,’10,’11,’12)

Joel and Megan [McAdams] Albright
(’01,’02,’03,’04), Sadie Morgan,

Daniel (’09,’10,’11,’12) and Kristi

were married on 7/19/14. They live

in Virginia, where Kristi is a pediatric
nurse and Daniel works in the loan
servicing department of a credit
union. They are both actively involved
in their church.

Emilie Horton (’14) and Ryan Crist
(’12,’13,’14), 12/20/14.
Katrina Reed (’10,’12-’14) and Nate
Krug (’08,’09,’10,’11,’13-’14), 9/26/14.
Jennifer Luttrell (’08-’14) and Daniel
Lambert, 10/25/14.

14 newsletter spring 2015

Brett (’03,’04,’05,’06,’07-’08) and
Elisabeth [Mohler] Castelloe
(’03,’04,’05,’06-’07), Gabriel Stephen,
Kevin (’07,’08-’10) and Sarah
[Thompson] Gillenwater
(’05,’06,’07,’08,’09), Evelyn Mae,
Brandon (’08,’11-’14) and
Jessica [Brooks] Hamilton
(’06,’07,’08,’09,’10,’11,’12), Alaina
Michelle, 2/5/15.
Ransom and Hannah [Thompson]
Love (’10,’11), Camden James,

Gary and Marissa [Bear] Michel
(’01,’02), Ella May, 8/21/14.
Andy (’06) and Nikita [Railing]

Sutton (’07), Peter Caleb, 12/5/14.

Former Staff,

help keep us updated on your career
marriage, and children! Send
announcements to:

The Wilds,
Where Are They Now?
PO Box 509
Taylors, SC 29687-0009
or e-mail formerstaff@wilds.org.


Memorial gifts received as of March 15, 2015





Given by: Mr. & Mrs. William Shifflett
Given by: Mrs. Trudy Fremont


Contracted Staff:
Front Row: Holly Brodwater-Jane Lew,
WV-female intern supervisor; Elizabeth

Given by: Mr. & Mrs. Ken Ball


Given by: Mr. & Mrs. Ken Jensen

Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Mills

Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Pashby

The Alan Robinson Family

Carrick-Kingsport, TN-kitchen staff


Back Row: Titus Hopper-Valley Center,


KS-construction; Chip Channel-


Winchester, VA-landscape; Jai JohnstonJacksonville, NC-videographer/media

Given by: Mr. & Mrs. J.Edgar Gamble
Given by: Mr. & Mrs. Doug Gorsline
Given by: Mr. & Mrs. Paul West


Given by: Mr. & Mrs. John Byers


Given by: Mrs. Brenda Pittman


Given by: Mr. & Mrs. Doug Gorsline

Given by: Mr. Carl Boone

Staff News:


TJ & Michelle Adams are happy to
announce the arrival of their son.

Thomas Jeffrey (Trey) Adams, III was
born on February 17, 2015, at 1:21 pm.
He was 7 pounds 10 ounces and 20 ½
inches long.
Shawn & Susanna Alexander are

happy to announce the arrival of their
daughter, Piper Rachelle. She was
born on February 10, 2015, weighed
7 pounds 10 ounces, and was 20 ½
inches long.
Andy & Carrie Anglea are happy to

announce the arrival of their son, Mark
Elliott. He was born on December 31,
2014, weighed 7 pounds 5 ounces,
and was 20 ½ inches long.

Given by: Mr. & Mrs. Phil Adams
Mr. & Mrs. Monty DuPuy

Mr. & Mrs. Eric Elstro • Mrs. Trudy Fremont
Mr. & Mrs. Don Gorsline
Mr. & Mrs. Doug Gorsline • Tiffany McGee
Mary Eleanor, Emile, Patricia Roth

Mr. & Mrs. William Sponseller

Mr. & Mrs. Paul Wickensimer

Mr. & Mrs. Gary Williams

Willson, Jones, Carter, & Baxley, P.A.,
Greenville, SC


Given by: Mr. Tim Smith


Given by: Mr. & Mrs. Rick Stoner

Given by: Mr. & Mrs. Donald Berkey

Bob Jones University, Greenville, SC

Mr. & Mrs. Brad Buck • Shirley Capon

Pastor & Mrs. Kelly Clemens

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Dye

Mr. & Mrs. Terry Huff • Mr. & Mrs. Larry Grabill

Mr. & Mrs. Donald Harbaugh

Cpt. & Mrs. Joe Henderson

Mr. & Mrs. Steven Kurtz • Mr. & Mrs. Cal Mair

Suzanne Miller • Eva Nygaard

Mr. & Mrs. Darrel Posegate • Mr. Paul Schmucker

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Sellman

Mr. & Mrs. Ed Stoddard

Mr. & Mrs. Rick Stoner • Mrs. Lorraine Strohbehn

Mr. & Mrs. Bill Thorsen • Mr. & Mrs. Rick Weed


Given by: Mr. Brinkley Roberson • Mr. & Mrs. Ward Terrill


Given by: Mr. Michael Wilkie


Given by: Mr. & Mrs. Doug Gorsline


Given by: Mr. & Mrs. Ted Adams • Mr. & Mrs. Frank Blest

The Conway, Granger, & Ziegelhofer Families

Mr. Richard Kellam • Mr. & Mrs. Robert Steffan


Given by: Mr. & Mrs. William Shifflett

Given by: Mr. & Mrs. Ed Conrad


Given by: Mrs. Sarah McCall

Given by: Pastor & Mrs. Dave Hine • Beth Trotter

Honor a loved one or friend with a Living Memorial gift to The Wilds.

In Memory Of:

Please send card to:


Given by:

City_____________________________________________State_______ Zip_______________
The Wilds Living Memorials • PO Box 509 • Taylors, SC 29687-0009

www.wilds.org 15


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PO Box 509
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Address Service Requested

Available Weeks for Teens and Juniors
June 1-6, June 8-13, August 3-8
For more information call (864) 331-3286
or e-mail tw.summer.camps@wilds.org.
You can also register online
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