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Jakob Tischer

Wagner Str. 44c . 80802 Munich . Germany

Telephone: +49-89-631275 . E-mail:

Training Objective_____________________________________________________________________
A six-week elective attachment in Accident and Emergency or in Surgery to develop my skills in these fields in an
Australian hospital environment and to gain further insight into medical practice in other countries.

Key skills and experience_________________________________________________________

4 months medical vocational training in Anesthesiology and General Medicine (hospital and general practice)

Broad-based clinical training in all major medical fields

Hospital experience in Accident and Emergency and in Oncology

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Education ___________________________________________________________________________
10/2001 - present

Medical School, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universitt, Munich, Germany

10/2001 - 07/2003: Pre-clinical phase of medical studies leading to first part of state

10/2003 - present: Clinical phase of medical studies leading to second part of state

medical exams. (Grade: 2.0, approximately equivalent to a "B".)

medical exams. Expected graduation: March 2008.


2003: Started PhD, experimental research in Anesthesiology.

Abitur (final school exams, equivalent to A-levels)

Average grade: 1.7 (equivalent to an overall "A" grade at A-level)

Medical Vocational Training _____________________________________________________________

08/2005 - 09/2005

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Elective attachment in Anesthesiology

Hammersmith Hospital, London, England-UK

08/2004 - 09/2004

Assisted in a large team of anesthetists in Surgery, Emergency and Intensive Care.

Helped prepare drugs for the operating theatre.

Co-monitored patients during operation and carried out reanimation.

Learned when and how to administer different kinds of anesthetics.

Experience in post-surgery pain management.

Elective attachment at a General Practice

Allgemeinpraxis Dr. med. Ulrich Wildauer, Bobingen, Germany

Closely cooperated with general practitioner in treating patients; took on independent

treatment of patients.

Carried out first diagnosis, physical examinations and took histories.

Experience in ultrasound examinations.

Assisted with house visits.

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-207/2002 08/2002

Nursing experience at Augsburg General District Hospital, Germany

Klinikum Augsburg, Augsburg, Germany

08/2000 05/2001

Mandatory nursing experience (prerequisite for medical school in Germany)

Familiarization with hospital systems and patient care

Worked primarily in Accident and Emergency and in the Department for Oncology

Military replacement service, St. Ulrich's Care Center for Mentally and Physically
Handicapped Children, Augsburg, Germany

Tended to the day-to-day needs of mentally and physically handicapped children with a
broad variety of medical histories (washing, feeding, physical exercise, play)

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nursing experience is an
obligatory part of your medical
studies as this is not the case in
English-speaking countries.
Kommentar: Jakob puts his
miltary replacement service
(Zivildienst) under "Medical
vocational training" as it was
recognised as part of his
mandatory nursing experience.

Liaised with clinics providing specialist treatment for handicapped children

Further skills_________________________________________________________________________
Language skills

Native speaker of German; excellent command of English; basic Italian

Computer Skills

Proficient in Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint)

Interests and Activities ________________________________________________________________

Active in the student union (contributed articles to newsletters and website, organized welcome sessions for firstsemester students etc.)
Travel (backpacked in India and South-East Asia)
Scuba diving

References __________________________________________________________________________
Prof. Dr. Bernd Sutor

Dr. med. Peter Jones

Studienberatung Medizin

Specialist Registrar Anesthesiology

Physiologisches Institut der LMU

Hammersmith Hospital

Pettenkoferstr. 12

Du Cane Road

80336 Munich

London W12 OHS



Tel.: +49-89-5996-234

Tel.: +44-20-8383-354


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done an elective in an Englishspeaking country, ask a doctor
or consultant from your elective
to act as referee.