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NAICS: 541611, 541511, 541690

Information Technology Strategy & Implementation


For public sector program offices and IT organizations, A3P Strategies provides cutting-edge, costeffective solutions to its clients most challenging problems. Unlike other traditional government
contractors, A3P Strategies focuses on delivering value quickly, efficiently, and impartially. We
leverage industry best practices with over 20 years of combined experience in procurement
strategy, product management, financial systems management, enterprise architecture, and
performance analytics to provide our clients with the necessary tools and information needed to
successfully accomplish their goals while carefully managing their budgets. With experience in
the private, public, and non-profit sectors, A3P Strategies can bring a diverse set of solutions to its
clients most pressing needs.


Procurement Strategy
! Requirements Analysis
! Budget Evaluation
! Cost Analysis
! Contract Vehicle Selection
! FITARA Compliance

Product Management
! Enterprise Architecture
! Technical Strategy and Solutions
! Product Roadmap
! Agile/Scrum Coaching
! User Experience Design

Performance Analytics
! Project-Level Analytics
! Digital Analytics
! Infrastructure Monitoring
! Executive Dashboards
! Exhibit 53/300 Reporting
! DATA Act Compliance



Founders have experience working in public, private, and non-profit sector and understand
their clients needs from the other side.
A3P Strategies makes unbiased recommendations without conflicts-of-interest or alliances.
Scrum-Certified staff includes Certified Scrum Product Owners, Certified Scrum Masters, and
AIPMM Certified Product Managers.
Digital Marketing staff is certified with the Google Analytics Individual Qualification.
Several past clients have won awards recognizing their work examples include AFCEA,
ACT-IAC, US Department of Commerce Bronze Medal Award, and Enterprise Architecture
Conference and Expo.

A3P Strategies w 1400 K ey Boulevard, Suite 100 w Arlington, Virginia 22209 w 571.281.7182


US Small Business Administration

General Services Administration
Department of Commerce
Department of Energy
National Aeronautics and Space
Internal Revenue Service


Architect of the Capital

Administrative Office of the US Courts
Loudoun County Economic Development
Abu Dhabi Department of Economic


Client: General Services Administration
A3P Strategies designed a process to develop a product roadmap for a major digital presence for
the Federal Governments small business and exporter constituencies, which entailed input from
stakeholders across Federal Agencies. Feedback and data were utilized from digital analytics,
online customer survey, and focus group sessions. A3P Strategies developed the product
roadmap, iterated upon its creation, and developed key performance indicators to ensure its
effectiveness throughout its implementation. The product roadmap was implemented through Agile
methodology over an 18-months leading to a focused, yet flexible delivery of web applications for
the public through the classic web and onto mobile platforms. The project resulted in awardwinning, best in-class content for small businesses and exporters to grow and succeed.!

Client: Department of Energy
A3P Strategies engaged a program office with a deep need to consolidate its dependence on
several different service providers for web application development. A3P Strategies developed a
three-step process to document its current solution, innovate the ideal end-state, and develop a
Product Backlog of its desired features. A3P Strategies started an interview process to document
the current solution with stakeholders across the program - including current customers, services
providers, and government staff. During a two-day offsite, stakeholders were invited to create a
vision and an initial Product Backlog. The Product Backlog was refined iteratively with the Product
Owner through Scrum Methodology to ensure that it was accurate and able to be communicated to
the rest of the team. The effort saved time and effort through consolidation of its current providers
and moving to a streamlined process for continuous improvement of the platform.
Client: Department of Commerce
The client was invited by the Office of Management and Budget and the White House Office of
Science and Technology Policy to develop an audit based on the Digital Services Playbook. The
Playbook details thirteen plays to improve digital services in the Federal Government consistent
with private-sector practices at cutting-edge technology firms. A3P Strategies delivered a 75+
page report to detail its adherence to the Digital Services Playbook through documentation of its
compliance. A3P Strategies developed recommendations for improvement. The documents were
delivered to high-level stakeholders, and they were impressed with its clarity and completeness, as
it was a first-of-its-kind report developed against the recently released Digital Services Playbook.!!

A3P!Strategies ! 1400!Key!Boulevard,!Suite!100 ! Arlington,!Virginia!22209 ! 571.281.7182