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Measure the narrow face taper in a slab caster mold reliably

using the ST120 from Sequence Technologies. Accurate
taper is an important parameter in the production process,
typically obtained by mechanical means, which can be unsafe
and error prone. Sequence Technologies has solved this by
developing a rugged, battery powered electronic instrument
suitable for the steel industry.

Measurement Principle
The ST120 uses an inclinometer to accurately measure the taper. Sensor
output voltage is proportional to the narrow face slope (taper). The gauge
calculates the actual scaled distance that the top of the narrow face is set
back from the bottom narrow face.

The ST120 is a portable, battery powered gauge

used to measure narrow face mold taper with
precise accuracy (0.001in). Improper taper can
often lead to product defects and increased
mechanical wear of the mold narrow faces. The unique design
of the ST120 ensures it is self-aligning and remains in contact
against the narrow face to take consistent readings.

LCD Digital Display

Large display readout
18v Lithium Ion rechargeable battery
Simple to use and calibrate

The gauge uses an LCD display for viewing taper with easy to
read digits for the operator in English or Metric units. To
access configuration and calibration setups, simply plug in a
standard PC keyboard into the back of the unit. A display
Menu appears on the screen which is used to access the
setup, diagnostics and calibration menus.
The latest design of the ST120 incorporates and a
breakthrough in gauge power and performance. A Lithium Ion
18v battery is used to supply power to the gauge. These Offthe-shelf batteries and chargers can be found at local
hardware stores which eliminate the need for expensive
repairs. The batteries have an auto shut-off feature protecting
them against failure and can be fully charged in 25 minutes.


Quick and precise mold taper measurement

Accuracy of 0.001 inches (0.03mm)
Lightweight (18lbs), self-aligning design

Digital interface for viewing taper and calibration

NEW battery design uses Ridgid 18v Lithium Ion
Simple calibration method using standard PC keyboard

18v Rechargeable Battery & Charger

Auto shut-off feature
Battery life indicator lights
Fully charged in 25 minutes
Available at most hardware stores
Charger has power saving mode


Reduce time required for taper measurement

Ensure optimum quality of cast product
Reduce mechanical wear and breakout potential

Mold Taper Gauge