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Contemporary Burmese Art:


Oracle tree, min aung ni

The Lion, Win PE
Min Aung Ni was born in Yangon, Burma (Myanmar). He
studied under Art Master U Mya Aye, Art Master U Lun Gywe,
U Thein Han and graduated from the Institute of Economics,
Yangon. From 1982 to 2004, Min Aung Ni participated in group bagyimin@ art exhibitions in Burma. In 2005, his works were exhibited at Renaissance Center for the Arts in Florida, U.S.


was born in 1961,
Burma. His works
have shown at
variety of exhibitions
in Burma at the
Gangaw Village

Fishing village, ko myoe

Win Pe is a native of Mandalay, Burma Gallery (1979-85),
(Myanmar). At his father’s insistence, he learned Wild Art Exhibition
to paint and play music before beginning school. (1982-86); and in
He continued his formal studies in Mandalay. Thailand during the
Win Pe served as the Principal of the State School Burma Art Exhibition
of Fine Arts, Music, and Dancing until the early (1989-1991). Whilst
1970s. Later, he became a film director and wrote in Thailand, Min KO MYOE, a native of Moulmein, Burma, is a fine artist and
screenplays and short stories. In 1994, Win Pe Kyaw Khine worked a graphic designer. He studied art from his father U Kyaw
travelled to the U.S., where he was a fellow at the as a Illustrator and Tint and was inspired by many other artists. He has worked
Bawa thit pin, min kyaw khine

University of Iowa’s International Writers Program Assistant Editor for as an artist/designer in Burma, Thailand and in the U.S. He
before going on to a career as a freelance artist the New Era Journal, has created commercial posters, oil paintings, portraits, and
and writer living in New York City. Now residing in a publication on landscape paintings. Ko Myoe has also designed editorial pages
Maryland, he is a full-time painter and writer who Burma. He currently and supervised publications of Burmese political journals. In
is preparing an audio-visual archive of Burmese lives and works 1996, he graduated from Parsons School of Design in New
scholars, politicians, and artists for Open Society as an artist in York. Ko Myoe currently works as a Graphic Fashions Designer
Institute’s Burma Project. Washington, D.C. in the Fashion Industry in New York.
Ideas and Ideals

Fisherman (inle lake), Maung Kyi Myint
Maung Maung Aung is a Burmese political
cartoonist whose work has appeared in weekly
and monthly journals and magazines in Burma
since 1970. In addition, he has held solo
exhibitions of his cartoons in 1977 and other
art in 1989. Between 1998 and 2001, Maung
Maung Aung worked in Burma as a graphic artist,
designing illustrations for book covers, magazines, Maung Kyi Myint was born in 1967,
movie posters and advertisements. He came to the Yangon, Burma (Myanmar) and came to
U.S. in 2001, and lives in Brooklyn, New York. the United States in 1989. He joined the
International Freelance Photographer
Organization (IFPO) in 1995 and got his
Diploma in Photography at the International
Correspondence Schools (ICS) in 1998. In
2000, he graduated from the New York
Institute of Photography (NYIP). Maung Kyi
Myint currently works as a freelance wedding

joyous, Maung Maung Aung

time, chaw ei thein Chaw Ei Thein has exhibited and lectured extensively throughout

Asia. She is an artist of many mediums using painting, performance
Myo Thein Htun is a fine artist and a and installation for her expressions. In collaboration with artist Richard
graphic designer. He studied fine arts for Streitmatter Tran, she presented her installation ‘September Sweetness’ at
pan pan hlet par, myo thein htun

8 years under the master artist U Thein the 2008 Singapore Bienniale. Chaw Ei Thein has performed in arts festivals
Han since he was 12 year old. Myo Thein in Thailand, Taiwan, China, Japan and Canada; she was a speaker at the
studied computer art from Khin Nyein Asia House Gallery in London on contemporary art production in Burma. In
Kywe (Artist Saw Nan) and the art of addition to holding a law degree and teaching art to children and mental
cartoons with Win Tun. He is currently health patients, she is the founder and curator of the Sunflower Art Gallery,
working as a graphic designer/artist in Rangoon, Burma. She was recently awarded a 2009-2010 Fellowship by
the fashion industry in New York. the Asian Cultural Council (ACC).
Contemporary Burmese Art:


Aung Kyaw Moe was Kyaing Lin Naing studied drawing and water color
born in Pyinmana,Burma under art master U Tha Nyint (Myan Aung), U Thein
(Myanmar). He started Han, U Lun Ngwe,U Thoung Han and U Aung Kyaw
painting as a child. He Moe. His works have been shown at various group
taught art at the Rangoon exhibitions in Burma, Korea (1987), and in Singapore
University, Burma. In (1992).
1991 he came to the
U.S. and participated in

Burmese water festival, aung kyaw moe

a Washington Square
art exhibition in 1992.
Following on from this
exhibition, Aung Kyaw
Moe participated in the

at the gate, kyaing lin naing

Duo Burmese art exhibition
at the UN in 1996, and
a Burmese group show
sponsored by Open
Society Institute in 1997.
His paintings were shown
at Invitational Asian Artists
exhibition sponsored by the Atlantic City Art Center
in 2000; he won the first
prize for Show Me Your
Shoes art competition
PAW THAME studied modern art sponsored by the Atlantic
from 1964 to 1970 with Burmese City Art Center in 2003.
old masters including U Khin Aung Kyaw Moe now
Maung (Bank), U Aung Khin and works as a full time artist in
U Win Pe. From 1967 to 1998, the Greater New York area.
he has exhibited his works in
more than 40 group and solo

Untitled, min thant

shows in Burma, the Philippines,
Thailand, China, Hawaii, West
Germany, Switzerland and
the U.S. He has been an art
teacher and is the founder of the
New arrival casket, paw thame

Language of Vision Art Institute, Min Thant (Gregory Tong) was born
Period Art Studio and Peacock in Burma (Myanmar), and grew up in
Art Gallery in Burma. Paw Thame Mandalay and New York. He studied
has discussed his views on art sociology and photography and received his
in America and Burma with the BFA in photography from Parsons School
Voice of American and BBC. He of Design - New School University. He
now resides in the U.S. currently lives and works in New York.
Ideas and Ideals

Happy world, than htay maung

aungmoewin@ Win Tun is a political cartoonist

who left Burma in 1990 because of
harassment and censorship by the
Than Htay Maung was born in Burmese military junta. Relocating
Pathein, Irrawaddy Division of Burma. to Thailand, he began publishing
He studied at the State School of Fine his cartoons in the Bangkok Post
Art, Yangon from 1980 to 1983. Than under the pen-name “Mr. Burma.”
Htay Maung entered into the illustration Under the same name, he has
and painting world of literature published magazines, journals, and
magazines in 1981 creating illustrations books about democracy, human
and cover paintings in various magazines rights and politics; all for clandestine
and journals. He has exhibited in 30 distribution in his homeland. Win
group shows as well two solo shows in Tun came to New York as a refugee
Homage to homeland, aung moe win

July 2002 and July 2003. In 2005, he in 1995, where he has since worked

ahmay (mother), win tun

began performance art and completed as a professional artist and graphic
10 performance art group shows in designer. Since 2005, he has
Burma. Between 2006 to 2008, he worked as a volunteer art director
worked as a Layout Designer at Moe and animator for the Democratic
Journal. He currently lives in Pittsburgh, Voice of Burma (DVB) TV, based in
Pennsylvania (USA) with his family and Norway. Win Tun now distributes
continues to produce installation arts his political cartoons in Burma via his
and paintings. web page,

Aung Moe Win is an fine artist and

a graphic designer. He worked as
the desktop publisher of Burma’s top
newspaper, the Myanmar Times, from TUN MYAING was born in Yangon,
2001 to 2004. In 2004, he moved to Burma (Myanmar). He received his
Thailand and worked as a graphic designer MFA in 2006 from the New York

Hallway study 03, tun myaing

for the Irrawaddy, the leading publication Academy of Art and BFA from the
on Burma. Aung Moe has also worked Fashion Institute of Technology, in
with a variety of media organizations and 2003. He works as an illustrator and
NGOs addressing issues on Burma. He assistant artist. Tun Myaing’s works
moved to the U.S. in 2006 and lives in have been shown in New York City,
New York. He is studying computer art at Long Island City and New Jersey. He
the School of Visual Arts. lives and works in Queens, New York.

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