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Annual Report 2014

2304 12th Avenue North, Birmingham, AL 35234-3111 | 205-326-6821 | | | @GreaterBhmMin

“The very fact that the Church has opened itself to a new kind of
mission is a great sign of hope. Mobilizing the Church's energy and
power on behalf of the community is power. I can see bridges being
built. I can see resources and needs connecting with each other. The
point is that Greater Birmingham Ministries is a new model for
ministry: going out to the people in need in the community, enabling
people who need each other to touch and work together on human
problems, helping people to realize that all of us belong to each
- George Quiggle, GBM Co-Founder, 1969


hese words from George
Quiggle still guide the work
of Greater Birmingham
Ministries today. The "Greater" in
“Greater Birmingham Ministries”
refers to our geographical space,
the metropolitan Birmingham
area. But forty-five years of
connecting people, communities
and faiths to one another, in
service and solidarity, in this
place suggests that our name
could easily be "Better
Birmingham Ministries". We want
to take the occasion of concluding
our 45th year to thank the donors
and supporters who have allowed
GBM to pass this milestone in
making Greater Birmingham a
better Birmingham.

Among achievements in service to
the needy and in pursuit of justice
for all, GBM has incubated many
local organizations and affiliates
of national institutions including:
• Alabama Arise
• Meals on Wheels
• The Crisis Center
• Pathways Shelter
• Old Firehouse Shelter
• Alabama Faith Council
• Action Changes Things
• MLK Jr. Unity Breakfast
• Birmingham Bus Riders
• Birmingham Center for

Affordable Housing
• Direct Services Network
• Community Food Bank of
Central Alabama
• Bethel Ensley Action Tasks
• Alabama Organizing Project

These organizations that improve
the quality of life in Birmingham
would not be possible without your
donations. You make the choice to
join us in vision for a better, more
connected, more compassionate
and more just Birmingham through
all the ways you support the vision
and work of GBM.
The Board of Directors, staff and
volunteers of GBM believe
Birmingham is better because of
Greater Birmingham Ministries. We
believe the City is better because of
the accumulated millions of hours
of volunteer time, millions of
dollars of financial support, and the
inestimable value of your faith,
hope, vision and creativity and we
thank you.

- Scott Douglas, Executive Director

I can’t imagine Birmingham without Greater Birmingham Ministries.
- Rabbi Jonathan Miller, Temple Emanu-El

Following is a list those who shared
some of their love of community
and commitment to a better
Birmingham through financial
contributions to Greater
Birmingham Ministries. We also
thank all of those not listed who
volunteered their time and energy
at GBM or made donations of food,
clothing, other items or provided
in-kind services.
Individuals and Families
Abdul-Latif, Hussein
Abraham, Noval
Adams, Amy
Adams, Jr., Cathy and
Alexander, John
Allington, Elizabeth
Ambrose, Alexis
Andrews, Gail
Andrews, Michelle
Arnold, Judith
Arnold, Stephanie
Aronov, Freddi
Austin, Carmen
Avant, Katherine
Ayers, Cornelius
Baker, Dot
Barber, William
Barnett, Joni R.
Barrocas, Simmy
Barrow, Susan
Bartow, Ruth and Gene
Bass, Velma
Batiste, Dorothea
Battle, Laveeda
Battle, Whitlynn
Beaird, Patricia And
Beaumont, Kathy
Beck, Mr. and Mrs. Rolla
Bekrakis, J. or Mrs. John
Belser, Jr., Warren
Bensalem, Imad
Berliner, Dick
Binder, Carol
Bishop, David M.
Black, Joseph
Black, Leslie H.
Blackerby, Jr., William
Blackerby, William
Blair, Marie and Duncan
Blake, Mary
Blatter, Karen
Blokh, Alexander
Bouler III, Nicholas
Bourn, Cheryl
Bowling, Mary Ellen
Bowman, Brenda
Bowsher, Alice
Bradley, Rebecca
Brasher, Louise &
Breman, Kaydee Erdreich
Bridgers, Judith
Brock, Mena
Brooke, Jr., Dixon
Brooke, Nelson
Brown, Esther
Brown, Fred
Brown, Geraldine
Brown, Nancy
Brown, Paula
Brown, Penny
Bryant, Kirsten
Brymer, J.E.
Burdette, Bruce &
Burks, Pamela
Burnett, Jean
Burton, Valerie
Campbell, Phillip
Carney, Jack
Carpenter, Ann Piper
Cashio, Yvette
Chapin, Daniel
Chastain, Ben

2 |

Chatham, Ashlee and
Cheney, Lydia
Churchman, Suzane
Clark, Charles Tyler
Clark, Greta
Clark, Jr., Oliver
Clark, Mabel
Clark, Sara Dominick
Clemmensen, Frances
Clifford, Janice
Cloe, Judith
Coggin, George
Cole, Scott
Coleman Evans, Merika
Coleman, Sumter
Coleman, Sondra
Collins, Judy
Collins, Robert
Collins, Susan
Colvin, Susan
Cooley, Lisa
Coombs, Joan and David
Cooper, Debra and Belton
Cooper, Hope and Leon
Copeland, Betty
Copeland, Paula
Corts, Marla
Cotton, Janice and Jim
Crawford, Carolyn and
Crawford, Myra
Critchfield, Patricia
Crowder, Carla
Culpepper, Starr
Cunningham, Ruth Gayle
Dalto, Guy
Damsky, Martin
Dauphin, O. M.
Davenport, Susan
Davis, Dorothy
Davis, Dr. Natalie
Davis, Rod
Davis, Roderick
Davis, William
Dawson, Jr., William
Dean, Carol
Dean, Mary
Dean, Sharon
Debro, Tanya
Dennard, Gloria
Digiorgio, Therese
Dillard, Eva
Doak, Carolyn
Dobbins, Billie
Donaldson, Claire And
Dorman-Hickson, Nancy
Douglas, Lynn
Douglas, Marva
Douglas, Scott
Douglass, Shelley
Dowdell, Newstell
Downing, Annye
Downs, Elizabeth
Drake, Eileen
Dreher, Patricia
Duffey, Christina
Duke, Coleen
Dunavant, Nancy
Duncan, Wilma
Dunmyer, Jr., Raymond
Dyck, Robert and
Dykes, Lillian
Ehrhardt, David & Jan

Ekberg, Nancy
El-Amin, Sr., Karim
Elliott, Emily and Paul
Ellis, Jane
Elmore, Joe
English, Keith
Epsman, Melba
Epsman, Mervyn
Epting, Barbara
Evans, Katherine
Eversole, Joseph
Ficken, Roland
Fields, Gloria
Finkel, Grace
Finney, Pattie
Fintel, Marion and Murray
Flowers, Juanzetta
Forbes, Jr., Kenneth
Forbes, Mary Frances
Forde, Ann Guenther
Forrister, Kimble
Fort, Willie
Foster, Carolyn
Foster, Stephen
Foster, W.D.
Fountain, Brandon
Freeman, Linda
Freeman, Ned
Friedman, Bob
Fritz, Suzanne
Froehlich, Shirley
Fugate, Sharon
Furst, Peter
Gaede, Jr., A. H. and
Gallimore, Sonia
Gartland, Lanier
Garvin, William
Gary, James
Garza, Ronald
Gauntt, David
Gespass, David
Glasgow, Richard
Glaze, Barbara
Glover, Greg
Goldstein, Richard and
Goldstone, Barbara
Goss, Troy
Graffe, Bette
Grey, Arlan
Grey, Dorotheda
Griffin, Ann
Grimes, James
Grove, Nancy
Grunfeld, Sherrie
Guindon, Virginia
Gwin, Grace
Hale, Wanda
Hambrick, Dollie
Hamilton, Terry
Hamlin, Christopher
Hand, Judith H.
Hand-Truitt, Judith
Hanson, Janice
Hanson, Kristin
Hanson, Kristin
Harbin, Marsha
Hardy, Doris
Hardy, Tina
Harper, Mike
Harper, Oliver
Harrington, Sister Joan
Harris, Willie Mae
Haskell, Susan Nabers
Haskell, Wyatt
Hatch, Jessica
Hay, Ellen
Hayden, Lovie Jean
Hayes, Charles
Hayford, Carolyn
Hayne, Arlene
Hazel, Charles
Head, Dale Kyle
Hearin, June
Heifner, Catherine
Helman, Hannah
Hempstead, Richard
Henderson, Jane
Higginbotham, Michael
Higgs, Beth
Higgs, Sr., Lawton and
Hill, Kimberly
Hill, Lida
Hill, Nettie
Hilton, Holly And Reed
Hinds, Jane M.
Hoffman, Joel
Holdefer, Helen
Hoogstra, Jill
Horn, Peter

Howard, Lee
Howard, Mrs. D. C.
Hudlow, Kelley
Humphreys, Fisher
Hunt, Steve
Hurley, Ed and Gayle
Hutchison, Jeanne
Hyde, Gregory
Isom, Chervis
Jackson, Ashley
Jackson, James
Jackson, Mattie
Jackson, Willis
Jaffe, Richard and Linda
James, Jothany W.
January, Ron
Jeffries, Charles
Joffrion, Felix and
Johnson, Annie
Johnson, Jean and Orson
Johnson, Merwyn
Johnson, Stan
Johnson, Valerie
Jones, III, William
Jones, Mary
Jones, Mary and Leonard
Jones, Robert
Jones, Thomas
Kahn, Sharon
Kapp, Karen
Keffer, Joe
Keller, Martha
Kennedy, Christine
Kennedy, Randall
Kiehl, Darryl
Killingsworth, Cheryl
Kimble, Janet
King, William
Kinnaird, Charles
Kluz, Theodore
Kolber, Robin
Kracke, Robert
Krell, James and Sheri
Kulovitz, Patti
Lacy, Virginia
Lamaster, Kimberly
Lanning, Joyce
LaRussa, Anne
Laurent, Rebecca
Lawler, Sandra and
Laws, Deborah
Lewis, Vicki
Lightfoot, Roberta Cox
Likis, Betty and George
Lo, Nancy
Lobracco, Karen
Loeb, Betty
Loper, Helene
Lord, Ms. Miriam
Lott, Trey
Lowery, James
Luketic, Davor
Lyon, Martha Dee
Mackin, Betsy
MacNab, Rowena
Maddox, Walter
Maetz, Michael
Manzella, Albert
Marcus, Dale
Markus, Marsha
Marshall, Emma Gean
Martin, Lois
Martin, Loretta
Martin, Suzanne
Mathews, Donna
Max, Laurie
May, Cindy
McAlister, Susan
McCallum, Charles
McCallum, Debra
McCallum, Teresa
McCauley, Barbara
McCrory, Constance
McDaid, Henry
McDaniel, Lee
McIntyre, Paula
McKinstry, Carolyn
McLaurin, Patrice
McMullen, Kathy
McPherson, Carolyn
McPherson, Gloria
McPhillips, Julian
McSwain, Martha
McWhorter, Stephen
Menefee, LaShon
Merchant, William
Mersmann, Karolyn
Miles, Montaye
Miller, Jane
Miller, Jonathan

GBM - Serving People | Building Community | Pursuing Justice

Miller, Linda
Miller, Margaret
Miller, Jonathan
Mills, Paul
Miyagawa, Haruyo
Monaghan, Margaret
Montgomery, Robert and
Moody, Thomas
Moore, Michael
Moore, John
Moore, Kimberley
Moorer, Carole
Moran, Teresa
Morgan, Jr., Hugh
Morgan, Mary
Morris, Velda
Mortenson, Julia .
Mosley, Maralyn
Moyer, Lisa
Moyo, Zandile
Nall, Sara
Naramore, Prentiss
Nathews, Emma
Neville, John
Niles, Ann
Norman, Carnella
Norris, Jerald
Northrop, Jr., John
Nunn, Annetta
Odrezin, Gregory
Oliver, Sr. Mary Robert
O'Neil, Frank
Ormond, Maureen
Owens, Kevin
Padawer, Jeff
Page, Lawrence
Pankey, Dollie Howell
Parnell, Mia Ransom
Pates, Vernadean
Patterson, Ellen
Patterson, Virginia
Pattillo, Zelma
Patton, Martha
Peerson, Mary
Penfield, Elise
Penfield, Emily
Perdue, Jr., Allen
Perry, David
Perry, H. David
Perry, Maria and Vincent
Perry, Chris
Pfau, Julia
Pham, Milee
Phillips, Pamela
Pickering, Amelia
Pleasant, Patricia
Pollock, Agnes
Ponder, Peggy
Pool, James
Pool, Jayne
Powers, Melinda
Price, Julie
Price, Sarah
Prince, Judy
Putnam, Susan
Quiggle, George
Rains, Susan
Rand, Paul
Randal, Fred
Rappaport, Elizabeth
Ratliff, III, William
Read, Lisa A.
Remmert, James
Rich, John Stanley
Richard, Eileen
Richmond, Nancy
Roberson, Gloria
Robertson, Adam
Robertson, Johnnie

Robinson, Kathryn
Robinson, Willie
Rock, Jonathan
Rogers, III, Charles
Rose, Jr., W. Alfred
Rosenfeld, Lynn
Rosenfeld, Mark
Ross-Davis, Kelly
Rumore, Jr., Sam
Rushing, Emily Jones
Rushton, Mrs. Allen
Sales, Nancy
Sanders, Janice
Sankey, Philip
Sansom, Dennis
Santiago, Miguel
Schaeffer, Stephen
Schaffer, Harriet
Schrohenloher, Sandy
Schulz, Carol
Scott, Albertina
Seidenfaden, Sr., George
Seiler, Robert
Self, Kathleen
Self, Richard
Senter, Ed and Germany,
Serwitz, Arthur
Shannon, Jack
Shaw, Anne
Shaw, Katara
Shaw, Trinket
Sherrill, Margaret
Short, Jimmy
Singleton, David
Sizemore, Rachel
Slay, Marti
Smedley, Carol
Smith, Catherine
Smith, Dorothy
Smith, Jenny
Smith, Nancy
Smith, Sally and Steve
Snyder, Erin
Snyder, Robin
Sokol, Bari
Sokol, Ralph
Sosnin, Carol
Spearman, Jim
Spencer, Leon P and
Spratling, Camille
Starks, Margaret
Starnes, Mr. Stancil
Steelman, Patti & Jim
Stegall, D
Stephenson, Mary and
Sterling, Laura
Stern, Max and Margaret
Stetler, William
Stevenson, Martha Ann
Stewart, Beth
Stewart, Jean
Stewart, Thelma
Stokes, Barrie
Stratton, Gail
Strauss, Susan
Stryker, Richard
Studevant, Marsha
Sullivan, Yolanda
Sykes, Curtis
Tanner, Anthony
Taufique, Ashfaq
Taylor, Christopher
Taylor, James
Taylor, Jo Alison
Taylor, John and Edwina
Taylor, Jr., Eugenia and

Are you a Federal
Support GBM through Combined
Federal Campaign contributions.

CFC #32978

Individuals and Families (cont.)
Thibodaux, L. R.
Thomas, Deborah
Thomaston, W. J.
Thompson, Cliff
Thompson, Valerie
Thorne, Teresa
Thorney-Brown, Denyse
Tigner, Willie
Tilly, Linda
Tilt, Sandy
Towery, Linda
Townsend, Leslie
Trechsel, Jane
Truitt, Judith
Truitt, Nakata .
Truss, Ronald
Tuohy, James
Turner, Melissia
Twilley, Katherine
Vail, Gloria
Van Zalingen, Deborah
Vandermeer, Pat
Verin, Linda
Vinson, James
Vlacancich, Rob
Volker, Virginia

Vowell, Dr. Cameron
Wade, Ann
Wade, Ray
Wadley, Carol Walker
Wager, Richard
Wagnon, Constance
Walbert, Eileen
Wallace, Kay
Wallace-Padgett, Debra
Walthall, Howard
Ward, Joe
Ward, Mildred
Ware, Joanna and Paul
Wasilew, Abby Ann
Watson, Susan
Weaver, Jeanne
Weed, Warren
Weiner, Diane
Weisberg, Sari and Scott
Wellman, MD, Maria
Werner, Nancy
Whitaker, Ann
Whitt, Nancy
Wickstrom, Glenda
Wiggins, Lorna
Wiggins, Lynne

Williams, Evelyn
Williams, Gracie
Williams, Ronald
Williams, Tari
Williams, Victor
Wilson, Dr. Michele
Wilson, Helen Tibbs
Wilson, Madelyn
Wilson, Virginia
Wise, Cynthia
Woodall, Louise
Woodruff, Laura
Wright, Angela
Wright, Eleanor
Wright, John
Wright, Jr., John
Wright, Ruth
Wright, Teri
Xavier, N. S.
Yarboro, Felix
Yeager, Carolyn
Yon, William
Zimmerman, Sr., Eldon
Zippert, John

Below is a list of the assistance GBM provided during 2014.
These statistics represent real people, real families - our
neighbors struggling to stay safe, sheltered, clothed and
fed. GBM can only assist if we have access to donations
from people like you. Each year the increasing needs
continue to outpace the assistance we are able to provide.



Weekly Programs




Christmas Program








Faith Communities, Foundations, Businesses
and other Organizations
A H Parker High School
ACCR Foundation, Inc.
ACIPCO Board Of Operatives
AIDS Alabama
Alabama AFL-CIO Political Action
Alabama Gas Corporation
All Saints' Episcopal Church
AME Zion Church North Alabama
Avondale United Methodist Women
Baptist Church Of The Covenant
BBVA Compass Charity
Beloved Community Church
Birmingham District AME Zion Church
Birmingham Friends Meeting
Birmingham Islamic Society
Birmingham Jewish Federation
Bluff Park United Methodist Church
Brogdon and Bensalem, CPA, LLC
Cahaba Valley Church
Canterbury United Methodist Church
Caregiving Kids Academy Inc
Cathedral Agape Discretionary Fund
Center Point Presbyterian Church
Central Alabama Building &
Choice Home Care
Christian Women's Fellowship
Church Of The Ascension
Church Women United-Birmingham
Church World Service CROP Walk
City Of Birmingham Alabama
CME Church Birmingham Lay Council
Combined Federal Campaign Of
Central AL
Community Foundation Of Greater
Birmingham Family Advised Fund
Community Church Coalition
Covenant Community Church
Davenport & Harris Funeral Home
Dragonfly Enterprises LLC
EBSCO Industries, Inc.
Edgewood Presbyterian Church
Emergency Food And Shelter Program
Episcopal Diocese Of Alabama
Evangelical Lutheran Church In
Federation Of Child Care Centers Of AL
First Congregational Church
First Presbyterian Church (PCUSA)
First United Methodist Church,
Four Freedoms Fund
Frank and Fred Friedman Family
Galilee Missionary Baptist Church
Good Hope Presbyterian Church
Grace Lutheran Church
Gratitude Foundation
Greek Festival Operating Account
Greek Orthodox Ladies Philoptochos



Holy Infant Of Prague Church
Huffman Methodist Church United
Methodist Women
Independent Presbyterian Church
Independent Presbyterian Church Of
Interfaith Worker Justice
Les Cosmopolites Club
Marguerite Casey Foundation
Mar-Jac Poultry AL LLC
Montgomery Transportation Coalition
Mountain Chapel UMC
Network For Good
Ninth Episcopal District AME Church
Old Shady Grove Baptist Church
Over The Mountain Democrats
Pilgrim Church, UCC
Pleiad Foundation
Presbytery of Sheppards and Lapsley
Presbyterian Women Chapel In The
Prince Of Peace Catholic Church
Protective Life Foundation
Southern Assoc. for Counselor Ed &
Supervison (SACES)
Second Presbyterian Church
Shades Valley Presbyterian Church
Shepherd Of The Hills Lutheran
Sixteenth Street Baptist Church
Sirote & Permutt, P.C.
South Highland Presbyterian Church
Southminster Presbyterian Church
St. Luke's Episcopal Church
St. Mark AME Church Brighton
St. Mark The Evangelist Catholic
St. Mark's Episcopal Church
St. Peter The Apostle Catholic Church
St. Stephen's Episcopal Church
St. Thomas Episcopal Church
T Mark Ricketts MD LLC
Tabernacle Baptist Church
Temple Beth-El
Temple Emanu-El
Temple Emanu-El Cantor Roskin
The Battle Law Firm, LLC
The Clark And Janice De Jonge Family
The Couples Sporting Club
Trinity United Methodist Church
UCC Justice and Witness Ministries
Unitarian Universalist Church,
UMC North Alabama Conference
UMC North Alabama Conference,
Servants Like Jesus
UnitedHealth Group Matching Gift
Valley Christian Church
Vestavia Hills United Methodist




of bags






per bag

621 $



100 $









$ 154,785








97,166 $

13,768 $

17,574 $




18,319 $

3,056 $

3,960 $




17,296 $

0 $

5,113 $




8,436 $

1,578 $

1,749 $




3,078 $

370 $

1,262 $



$ 144,296 $

18,772 $






$ 359,737


$ 154,785


$ 562,952

GBM - Serving People | Building Community | Pursuing Justice

| 3



GBM convened statewide and local groups to coordinate voter outreach and poll monitoring
to assess the effects of Alabama’s new photo ID law. We worked to build capacity among
first-time and low-propensity voters in Birmingham’s South East Lake, Avondale and
Woodlawn neighborhoods, as well as among bus riders and GBM’s Direct Services guests.
GBM was a key member in a
statewide interfaith coalition
opposing Amendment One, an
anti-sharia proposal veiled in
vague language that would
effectively put the courts in the
position to interfere in the practice
Nancy Sales (L) and Monica Dobbins of any faith. Unfortunately the
(R) knocked on doors in South East amendment passed.
Lake to Get Out the Vote.

Members of the Birmingham Islamic Society made GOTV phone
calls to Birmingham neighborhoods as part of GBM’s “No On
Amendment One” Campaign.

South Avondale neighborhood and Beloved Community Church
members meet with Birmingham Southern Students to discuss
neighborhood issues and voter engagement.

As part of our Project V[ote] Campaign, GBM developed
critical resources which were used by our coalition partners,
including: an Election Protection Survey to be used in poll
monitoring, a Voters’ Rights Wallet Card, a Voters’ guide to
Photo ID, - both in English and Spanish - and a summary of
the very confusing Photo ID regulations promulgated by the
Secretary of State’s office. GBM staff also wrote op-ed
articles and conducted TV and radio interviews.

GBM created a new initiative, Winning Our Wages (W.O.W.), a
community-organizing approach to hold employers
accountable for unpaid wages. In one year, workers came
together through W.O.W. to recover over $13,000 in unpaid
wages for day laborers and people in the restaurant,
construction, cleaning service and hospitality industries.

W.O.W Faith Leaders met regularly with campaign organizers to
discuss individual cases and overall campaign strategy.

W.O.W. workers and family members joined campaign organizers
and faith leaders to celebrate the recovery of $1,000 in stolen

4 |

GBM - Serving People | Building Community | Pursuing Justice






In 2014 we focused on a major injustice burdening Alabamians
with a prior felony drug conviction – a life-time ban on Federal
SNAP and TANF benefits. GBM has helped former drug felons
organize, develop leadership and educate the public about this
state policy which also harms countless Alabama children. They
came together to form the group Action Changes Things (A.C.T.)
to inform and engage other ex-offenders and to address the issue
with policymakers. Thanks in large part to the efforts of GBM and
A.C.T. the repeal of this lifetime ban was selected as a legislative
issue priority by the membership of Alabama Arise, and we are
hopeful legislation will pass in 2015 to finally repeal the ban.

Photo Credit:
Jacqueline Hardy

Members of A.C.T. gathered at the Alabama State House to support
legislation which would end the lifetime ban on SNAP and TANF
benefits in Alabama.


GBM Hess Fellow, Denzel Okinedo (left), joined long-time transit
advocate, Butch Ferrell (center) and others in a meeting of the
Birmingham Bus Riders.

The pursuit of a first-class transit system in Birmingham surged
forward thanks, in part, to the cooperation of Ann August, the
new Executive Director of the Birmingham Transit Authority. Ms.
August understands that a steady statewide funding stream
would help the authority establish a more effective system,
replace outdated equipment and support a much needed larger
fleet. We are working to build alliances across the State with
varied constituencies who could benefit from a robust transit
system, and to develop positive working relationships with
members of decision-making bodies in local municipalities and
the State Legislature.

GBM is an active partner in the highly diverse coalition fighting for an Alabama solution to the healthcare coverage gap in
our state. We have convened, strategized, held press conferences and rallies, written opinion pieces, and educated our
supporting faith communities.


A ground-breaking settlement agreement with the State defanged the ‘Papers, please’ provisions that courts left standing in
Alabama’s notorious anti-immigrant law. We believe this has encouraged police departments across the state to change
their policies to limit the impact of HB56. Because no court had ever before blocked these provisions, this decision is
precedent-setting for other states.
GBM continued to be deeply involved in grassroots and faith-based organizing to promote immigration reform and to
change the anti-immigrant climate in Alabama. GBM continues to provide leadership, organizing expertise, coalitionbuilding wisdom and stability to the Alabama Coalition for Immigrant Justice, in addition to serving as fiscal agent.

Our 2014 efforts focussed on working with the Alabama NAACP which has made constitutional reform a priority. In support
of this partnership, GBM staff Callie Greer provided resources and training to NAACP chapters across the state. Additionally,
GBM and the NAACP held joint press conferences together and will continue to collaborate in the coming years.
GBM - Serving People | Building Community | Pursuing Justice

| 5


GBM’s 2014 AOP GLD participants and GBM Staff at GLD Graduation.

(Back: L to R) Joshua Raby, Tari Williams, Dan Osborne & Scott Douglas
(Front: L to R) Mia Ransom-Parnell, Cora Evans, Octavia Grady

How can
you help?

In 2014, GBM sponsored five participants who
graduated from the Alabama Organizing Project (AOP)
Grassroots Leadership Development (GLD) program.
Each year, the program seeks to equip participants from
across the state, representing diverse communities,
backgrounds, interests, and abilities, to become better,
more effective leaders in their communities. Once a
month from January through May, participants meet for
trainings sponsored by AOP participating organizations,
including GBM. Throughout the program, participants
are expected to demonstrate the skills they’ve learned
by applying them to tasks in their communities, the
evidence of which is presented at the end of the term in
a portfolio of their work.

We count on your financial support to continue
our shared work…

Serving People

Building Community

Pursuing Justice
Make a one-time contribution -or- sign-up as a
monthly, sustaining donor online at:
Send your donation by check to:

Greater Birmingham Ministries

2304 12th Avenue North

Birmingham, AL 35234-3111

Help struggling parents feed their children during the
summer months when school is out.
Many parents depend on free or reduced-price breakfast and lunch
programs to augment meager food stores at home. Especially during
these months, parents turn to GBM for help.

By mid-June, GBM’s pantry is often empty.
You can help by organizing a food drive at your congregation, civic
organization, and/or workplace. We are asking for donations to be
gathered by Monday, June 22nd (the day after Father's Day), but we
will happily receive your donations at any time. Give us a call and we
will come and pick up your collection of food, or you may drop them
off at GBM anytime between 9 am-4 pm, Monday through Friday.
6 |

GBM - Serving People | Building Community | Pursuing Justice

“Weaving the Just Community”


Celebrating 45 Years

early 700 people attended GBM’s 45th Anniversary Celebration on October 16, 2014 at Boutwell Auditorium.
All were spellbound by the rousing and deeply thought-provoking words of Rev. Dr. William J. Barber III, who
challenged us to work collectively to bring moral dissent and moral vision to the decisions being made at the
state and local level. We raised $26,000 through the banquet and silent auction!

“We need a movement of moral dissent now. Somebody must
stand up and say, ‘It doesn’t matter what party’s in power. It
doesn’t matter who has the political supermajority. It doesn’t
matter if you’ve got the votes.’ We’re gonna answer God’s
question, ‘Who will stand up for me against the workers of
- Rev. Dr. William J. Barber III, Forward Together Moral Movement
Delivered October 16, 2014 at GBM 45th Anniversary Banquet

GBM - Serving People | Building Community | Pursuing Justice

| 7

2304 12th Avenue North
Birmingham, AL 35234-3111




He goes by the name Elvis Presley, and though a criminal record has haunted him
for over 20 years, his faith and courage keep him optimistic and incredibly cheerful.
Elvis acknowledges he knew he was making a mistake when he committed that
long-ago crime, but had no idea the consequences that his conviction would have
on his life. Alabama state law prevents persons with felony records from receiving
food or housing assistance – and of course, many cannot vote.
Money is tight – three years ago, Elvis suffered two heart attacks and underwent
open heart surgery, and now has a pacemaker. A thick scar runs the length of his
torso, and two smaller scars on either side of the longer one give the appearance of
a cross upon his body. “God put this cross on me – no cross, no crown!” says Elvis,
proud of what he has overcome.
Elvis recognizes that, with a heart condition, he will need to eat healthy, fresh food
and avoid salty, prepackaged foods; but he knows that healthier food is hard to
afford when you’re on a budget, and not being able to get food stamps makes it
even harder. Getting groceries at GBM made a big difference in his life.

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Monica Dobbins

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