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Capacity planning for Rangs involves determining the current and future needs of

themarket . in Rangs has review the organization resources which can be grouped
into thesecategories:-1.
Financial capability2.
Technological capability3.
Well known4.
LoyaltyThese categories explain here:-1.
Financial capability:- Rangs establishment of an interim financial holding
companysubject to the approval of the Financial Services Agency. Rangs
comprising Rangs IPS,Mitsubishi car distributer, Sony electronics distributer etc.
Rangs currently carriedout by the Financial Business Planning Department.2.
Technological capability:- Technological Manufacture and sale of electronic
andelectrical machines and equipment in market . Rangs have ability to convert
newtechnology into new marketing products.3.
Well known:- It is very important for every kind of organization. In our
countryRangs products is a well known products.4.
Loyalty:- As Rangs is a well known company in Bangladesh there has long
loyalty.They give a long term warranty with their distributing products.Resources
are of no value unless they are organized into systems.

Possible limiting factors(Disadvantages):-1.
A shortage of production capacity2.
A limited number of key personnel3.
A restricted distribution network4.

The Clayton’s supermarket generally produces more amounts of the products in his own manufacturing unit. Short-term make best use of the resources available2. It allows the Clayton’s supermarket to go for digital and online marketing strategies too to reach its customers. . Media: Being a supermarket in Yorkshire. Competitors: All the existing retail organizations in Yorkshire are the competitors of the Clayton’s supermarket specifically TESCO retail products. The existing market for Clayton’s supermarket is very effective and only operates for 40. Suppliers: The supplier of the products for the firm involves the local customers and branded customers as well. this leads to the online channels to promote the products and services. Employees: There are not more than 100 employees in the Clayton’s supermarket in Yorkshire. It is very difficult to compete with TELSCO retail markets. Long-term reduce the limitation Customers: The customers of the firm are very loyal in Yorkshire.000 customers.Inadequate research design resources5. Lack of money  Solving:-1. Macro environment The macro environment also affects the business market and includes various factors which affects direct and indirectly to Clayton’s supermarket in Yorkshire.

Economic Factors: The Yorkshire is very economical strong that enables the Clayton’s supermarket to take advantages for the various business opportunities but it must take care of the potential risks. The human in the Yorkshire area are very keen to the culture and literature and also there is no official language in Yorkshire. 2005). Social and Cultural Factors: The Yorkshire area is very cultured and followed by the residents. There are number of ethnic groups in Yorkshire which is very beneficial for the Clayton’s supermarket and its strategies (Kotler. The liberal party leads the government in United Kingdom. The only associated business issues with Clayton’s supermarket are expansion and competitive environment that need to be handle well by the Clayton’s supermarket for better growth and future environment (Lancaster et al. The .Political and legal factors: In UK there is dominance of Conservative and Unionist Party. et al 2008). The legal foundations in the Yorkshire are very strong and that reflects the potency of UK.

market-led strategic Change Assessment of capability: evaluate issues relating to aspects of competing for the future and balancing strategic intent and strategic reality Organisational auditing: evaluating and coming to terms with organisational capability. . 1999) is very strong in the Clayton’s supermarket because of the strong technological advancement in Yorkshire area. Government of UK has also developed the technological strategies because of it the trend in United Kingdom like E-Governance program which makes the supermarket stronger. Technological Factors: The information technology environment (MacDonald.Yorkshire’s economic environment is very favourable and helpful for the Clayton’s supermarket’s operations and activities. M. 1 Be able to compile marketing audits Changing perspectives: changing perspectives in marketing planning.

Ethical). Ethical). the identification and evaluation of key external forces using analytical tools eg PEST (Political. Economic. Economic. STEEPLE (Social. how to succeed in their goals and redefine the direction in a new market or new product against the competitors. human resource and intangible (brand) capability. . market. approaches to leveraging capability. operational. the implications of different external factors for marketing planning. product and brand lifecycles plan is an all-purpose tool that enables the management to know everything related the company. Technological). Technological. Porter’s five forces analysis. identifying the organisation’s competitive position and relating this to the principal opportunities and threats. aspects of competitive advantage External factors: approaches to analysing external factors that influence marketing planning. It is an indication that shows management what is the flaws of their plan. Legal. Legal. PESTLE (Political.balancing strategic intent and strategic reality. Social. Nonetheless. Political. financial. Social. it shall be responsive that a good marketing plan must contain with the consideration of changing perspectives. Economic. Environmental. the determinants of capability eg managerial. Technological.

They also introduced the Prada Sport line along with men’s line and lingerie. By 1990. suitcases. Therefore. From it. she decided to redesign some of Prada’s old favourites with the purpose of remains customer and attract new customer. they launch a new line product which named “Miu Miu” with the affordable prices to attract middle class customers. Miuccia Prada notices they need to change their perspectives in their marketing plan. However. in 1978. It mainly emphasize with high quality leather production on handbags. From it. The Black classic bag sales were successful and help Prada recognised as a symbol of upper class elegance. they had been struggling against competition of Gucci. Prada has many different product line with different appearance design while maintaining their high quality standard. Until today. shoes and trunks. when Miuccia Prada took over the company. Prada management noticed that their product range is only suitable for upper class consumer and not middle class customers.Prada was first introduced by Mario Prada in 1913. they need a new appearance product to beat down Gucci. .