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Pandora was born Marie Faye Medina on July 25, 1981 & is of Native American Indian
& Latina decent. A dancer from the city of Santa Ana, California, Pandora specializes
in a robotic dance style known as “Poppin” - a street dance that was created on the
West Coast during the height of the Funk music era in the 70's. Pandora’s first
exposure to street dancing happened while attending Santa Ana’s Saddleback High
School during her ’94/‘95 freshmen year where music was frequently played during
lunch breaks. Often at those times students would come out to break or pop in the
schools central “Quad” area.

However, it wasn’t until her Los Angeles city night life during the late 90's that
Pandora became surrounded with an array of street style dances & fell in love with
Poppin'. Through that environment, she met & befriended some local Poppers &
began to run with them under the name “The Funk Technicians”. It was through this
group of dancers that she was introduced to the traditional side of Poppin’ &
attended her first big street dance event, “Freestyle Session” in the year 2000. It
was at this event that she saw & met many of California’s most notorious old school
street dancers for the first time. Many practicing nights & days later, Pandora was
recruited into what was already a widely recognized Poppin’ crew known as the
“Animated Beat Mechanics” (ABM). From this point forward, Pandora realized dancing
wasn’t just something she did only for fun, but that it had become her “way of life”.
Pandora immediately began to practice even harder eventually building up her
reputation by battling & competing against some of the best dancers on the globe.

Pandora has since traveled throughout the US, Europe, Japan, & Canada, taken 1st
place at dance competitions such as “Radiotron”, “How Tha West Was Won”, & the
UK's festival for women in Hip-Hop: “BSupreme” in London, was presented with an
award for "Outstanding Popping Skills" at the Los Angeles “Hip-Hop Dance Awards”,
was featured on “Soul Train”, received a standing ovation on Fox 11's "So You Think
You Can Dance", appeared on KJLA's "The Hip-Hop Show", & danced in music videos
such as Egyptian Lover's "Keep It Hot".

Today, Pandora showcases alongside some of the best dancers in the industry on
stages such as The Carnival "Choreographers Ball" in Hollywood, speaks on dance
discussion panels, judges dance competitions, shares her knowledge of Poppin’ as a
workshop instructor, & has moved on from ABM to co-create an all female street
dance squad called "Venus Fly Trap", a female crew specializing in all areas of street
dance such as Poppin', Lockin', Breakin', & Housin’.

Growing even more in skill level & professionalism, Pandora is currently focused on
pursuing careers in both dance & design as she continues to hold it down in battles,
shows & jams across the world.
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Native American Indian/Mexican/Japanese


 Height: 5'7
 Weight: 115
 Eyes: Brown
 Hair: Black
 Shoes: 6½
 Waist: Size 3
 Dress: Size 4


Soul Train Riser Dancer KTLA

Fox News Report "Radiotron" Competitor/Winner Fox 11
The Hip Hop Show Guest Dancer/Interview KJLA
Yo T.V. Guest Dancer/Interview CABLE
LA Onda TV ( Guest Host KJLA
So You Think You Can Dance? Featured Dancer Fox 11
America’s Got Talent “At Last” Dancer Fox 11


Egyptian Lover "Keep it Hot" Featured Dancer Dir: Blue Panther


NeedleJuice The Movie Dancer/Battler Juan E.

ABM Documentary DVD Featured Dancer ABM
Dance Monster Japan DVD Featured Dancer Dance Delight

Rock The Bells Concert KRS ONE

PUMA Fashion Show Model/Soloist
Carnival “Choreographers Ball” Razberry Jam
LA Hip Hop Dance Awards
Red Bull BC One Zulu Gremlin & Asia One
Breaking The Cypher
The Freestyle Experience Concert Egyptian Lover & Newcleus


Popping & Locking No Easy Props Hip-Hop Dance Studio


 Won "Outstanding Female Popper" Award at the Los Angeles Hip Hop
Dance Awards (
 Guest instructor teaching "Popping" at the UK’s festival for women in Hip
Hop “Bsupreme” ( along side Hip Hop choreographers
Cicely Bradley & Olisa Thompson (Nu-Stylz) & Asia One (no easy props).
 Special guest speaker at Culture Shock LA's "HIP HOP HAS HISTORY" with
Poppin' Pete (Electric Boogaloos) & Easy Rock (Rock Steady Crew)


Freelance Graphic & Web Design, creative writing, model




Pandora is also a member of "Venus Flytrap" (VFT)