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As SNP landslide wipes out Labour...

No mandate for Tory

ruletime to fight


Nearly 1.5 million voters delivered an

historic victory for the SNP. They voted
for real change and a fightback against
austerity and they expect it to start
This was a vote to scrap Trident,
protect the NHS and end zero hour
contracts. It was a vote to protect trade
union rights and against racism and
scapegoating. It was a vote against
bail outs and bonuses for rich bankers.
The SNP is now faced with extremely
sharp choices.
Britains political union is
fundamentally broken. The demand for
another referendum is growing and we
should support this demand.
But, we cannot afford to wait and live
under the brutality of 5 more years of
Tory rule.
We must build and accelerate the
fightback now to end austerity and bring
down this rotten Tory government.
The Tories will continue the war on
the poor, disabled, immigrants and
trade unions. The crucial question is,


After the general election...

Picture: Duncan Brown

A political earthquake has rocked

The SNP landslide annihilated the
Better Together parties with Labour,
Tories and Lib Dems clinging onto one
seat each.
Labour deservedly paid the highest
price for climbing into bed with the
Tories to save the Union.
Labour elected arch-Blairite Jim
Murphy and continued to disgracefully
vote with the Tories for another
30billion of austerity cuts, the welfare
benefit cap and Trident replacement.
Labour is now faced with near
extinction across Scotland. It lost
this election across Britain because
it offered a pale imitation of Tory
austerity and pandered to Tory and
UKIP racist scapegoating.
Labour has left millions of people
across Britain feeling betrayed and
Despite winning an outright majority
at Westminster, Cameron and the
Tories have no mandate to rule in

Glasgow council workers on strike over pay

how do we ensure the SNP turns its

huge mandate to fight austerity into
The millions who voted for real
change have had enough and are
determined to fight. Its vital that we
turn the energy of the referendum and
this election into a mass movement to
resist and defy austerity and racism.
We must demand the SNP at
Westminster, Holyrood and in local
councils refuse to implement another
penny of Tory cuts.
The SNP must refuse to do the
Tories dirty work.
Instead it should be part of a mass
campaign with the unions and the
wider movement to defeat austerity
and end Tory rule.
We need to prepare now to launch a
wave of demonstrations, occupations,
civil disobedience and strikes.
We have no time to waste in uniting
in our communities, workplaces and
trade unions.
The left forces that fought so well
together during the referendum and
all those abandoned by Labour need
to come together now to build a united
left alternative.
The stakes are incredibly high. The
left in Scotland needs to overcome
historic divisions to pull together and
offer a united left challenge to the
SNP and Labour at the 2016 Scottish
We cant just sit back and wait for
promises to be delivered.
Its time for all of us on the left to unite
and turn words into action.

Where next
for the left?


Thu 21 May, 7.30pm

Jurys Inn Hotel,
80 Jamaica St, G1 4QG
Speakers: Charlie Kimber (SWP) Angela
McCormick (Glasgow North TUSC candidate)
and strikers

Wed 20 May, 7.30pm
DVA, 10 Constitution Rd, Dundee
Speaker: Carlo Morelli (Dundee East TUSC
candidate) and strikers

Wed 20 May 7.30pm
Friends Meeting House,
7 Victoria Terrace, EH1 2JL
Speakers: Charlie Kimber (SWP) Ayesha
Saleem (Edinburgh East TUSC candidate)
and strikers

Organised by the STUC

9-13 July, central London
More information