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Regarding tappet adjustment it is given in the owners manual
itself. Follow the step by step procedure and if you have any problem
then ask me.But before adjusting first see it from a mechanic as tight
tappets cause greater damage to engine but loose tappet only creates
noise and causes no damage.
Splendor engines don't require tappet adjustment for as long as
50,000km or till the top end is opened. Only adjust the tappets if
hammering sound is heard from the head else don't touch the tappets.
2. Regarding carburettor tuning it is same for all four stroke bikes.
And the lurching is there because splendor/passion/CD series bikes use
largest venturi size carburettor among 100cc bikes. They use PB18
carburettors while others use PB16 carburettor. Since you have cleaned
the carburettor you know where the idle screw and air screw are
located. Ride the bike for 10-15 minutes so that it is sufficiently warm
and then rotate the air screw till it is fully tight and don't tighten it hard
as it will strip the threads. Then increase the idle Rpm till it sustains
and bike runs. Now turn the air screw half turn and u will see the rpm
will increase. Slowly go on turning at about 1/8 of a turn till the idling is
highest. It should be in between 1-1/2 to 2.25 turn.
now decrease the idling by the idling screw by switching on the
headlight and depressing the clutch till the slowest rpm is attained at
which the engine runs.Then switch off the headlight and leave the
clutch and suddenly within a fraction of second rotate the accelerator
to full and again leave it and you will see that the bike will give hiccup
as if it is not getting petrol.Then you will know that the tuning is
3. For chain lubrication i use sae 90 grade gear oil and it is perfect for
However i clean the chain and sprockets at every 10,000 km and
lubricate it with sae 90 grade oil. My chain sprockets last for 65k - 70k
kms. While going for replacement always go for rolon or diamond and
not original as some originals are coming with hero chains which gets
damaged in 10-15000 km.
4.Yes motul 20w 40 is best for hero Honda but i use shell advance vsx
10w 40 semi synthetic and drain it at 3000km. Never use 10w 30 as it
creates vibrations and shortens the bore life.
4. 5.Ball racers cones are are not lubricated and they are changed at
once. Rotate the handle slowly on main stand and if you fill that in the

Same as old model but the balls are mounted on cage and thus the handle becomes much free and presently i am using this one.straight ahead position there is a slight dip on turning slowly then your racers are gone. And since i bought a new cbz xtreme just 1 month before so i am planning to restore it to showroom condition. My father's new splendor+ racer was damaged in 10.100 and i was previously using it and now using it on my father's splendor+ and this also last for 25-30000 km.230 and is same as OE racer and last really long for about 30-40000 km 2.. Please can you help me in getting a joy petrol tank and side panels and if available i can go to kolkatta and buy it.. mileage is between 78-85 km pl. . 1. they come in two types.0/DSC00026. ball-racer.7 lacs km run still in its factory paint and top speed on speedo is 110 kmph.googleusercontent. ball racer with cage.Rs. Instead in my joy i use skf racers for HH. due to low quality these racers are damaged quickly.320 Another cheap alternative is "top" company racer which is Rs.JPG This is my joy 2. the old model comes with only racers and balls and the racers are small. Never replace with original racers as it will also cause same problem.000 km.Hero Honda comes with two types of racers. http://https://lh5.Although my paint is still like the day it came but the bottom of tank is welded due to rust. Rs. One is splendor/passion/joy/CD-dawn/CD 100 and the other is new CD dawn/new CD deluxe/pro/glamor/achiever and the difference is that the new model comes with bigger racers and cage balls are there as a result there life is high and they can be re lubricated by inserting new cage and balls.