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“A fellowship of believers who seek to be to each other what Christ has been to them.

Bedford Baptist Church

February 7th, 2010
Affiliated with the Convention of Atlantic Baptist Churches & Canadian Baptist Ministries

Visitors are invited to sign
our Guest Book in the foyer.
If this is your first time
visiting with us, we wish you
warmest of greetings.
Please take time to fill out a “Peace I leave with you; My peace I
“Welcome Card” located in give to you.”
the pew rack and place it on John 14:27
the offering plate.

LARGE PRINT bulletins

may be obtained from the

An audio loop is available for

the hearing impaired. Parents
of small children (under age 3)
may take them to the Nursery,
where a caring staff will
supervise them.
158 Rocky Lake Drive
PO Box 44073 Ministers - All the congregation
Bedford, Nova Scotia B4A 3X5 Rev. Robert Ohsberg (Senior Pastor)
Phone: 835-5966 Fax: 835-3984 Rev. Dr. Ida Armstrong-Whitehouse (Associate Pastor) Lic. Kevin A. Haggarty (Director of Youth Ministries) Lic Miriam MacDonald (Supervised Field Education Student)
Radio CHSB 99.3 HillTop FM Mrs. Lynn Sharam (Interim Organist)
Prayer Chain Doug & Donna Peverill Mrs. Sharon Higgins (Office Administrator)
434-8054 Mr. Joel Scott (Caretaker)
Service of Worship at 10:55 a.m. (*indicates standing, if persons are able)

Enter His Courts With Praise

Call to Worship Memorial Carillon
Prelude “Trio” (Rheinberger) Mrs. Lynn Sharam
Ministry Opportunities Pastor Kevin
Time of Singing Worship Team
(Children are directed to KidZone following singing of last song)

Tithes and Offering

Offertory Prayer
Offertory “We Pray Now To The Holy Spirit” (Buxtehude)
*Offertory Response #600 “Praise God From Whom All Blessings Flow

Prayers of the People Pastor Ida

*Hymn “Spirit of the Living God”

Ministry Of The Word

Scripture 1Corinthians 12:1-7 (Pew Bible, NT pg. 174)
Sermon “Discovering Your Spiritual Gifts” Pastor Bob
*Hymn #166 “Breath on Me Breath of God”
(Those in the balcony wishing to receive communion are asked
to move to the main level during the singing)

Our Lord’s Supper

Words of Institution
Anthem “Come To The Feast” (Beall) Sanctuary Choir
Prayer of Thanksgiving for the Bread Deacon Miriam MacDonald
Prayer of Thanksgiving for the Cup Deacon Charlie Rand
*Hymn #375 “May the Mind of Christ My Saviour” (Vs. 1, 5 & 6)

Commissioning & Benediction

Postlude “Lord Jesus Christ My Life My Light” (J.S. Bach arr. Smith)

Go Now In Peace
This is Benevolent Sunday offering plates are located at the back of the Sanctuary
Review of Sunday January 31st, 2010
Operational Budget Designated Special Offerings
Current/Bldg Fund Mortgage $ 5,383.27 Beacon House $ 1.00
Missions $ 554.06 Benevolent $ 21.00
Initial $ 18.00 Haiti Relief Fund $ 655..00
Small Groups $ 60.00
Total Operational Offerings $ 6,015.33 Total Designated Offerings $ 677.00

Total offering for Sunday, January 31st, $6.692.33

(Automatic debit weekly offerings are included in totals)

Worship Attendance
Morning Service
Last Week: 231 Year Ago: 178
Servants in the Lord’s Work
This Week Next Week
Deacon on Duty Jeff Irving Miriam MacDonald
Greeters at the Door Peter & Joanne Hall Ivan & Marg MacPhee
Sound Phillip Cox Phillip Cox
Tellers Ralph Miller Ralph Miller
Keith & Elsie Roberts Keith & Elsie Roberts

Did you know??

Update on Haiti Earthquake: It is encouraging to see that The Sharing Way/Canadian
Baptist Ministries is listed in the top 20 Canadian organizations re international relief.
We are listed/ recommended by the-Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada
(DFAIT) as they compiled a list of experienced organizations such as Red Cross, the
Salvation Army and our Canadian Baptist Ministries,

As you know we are receiving funds for relief and working through BWAid, Churches in
Action (CFGB) and the churches with our network that have ministry already in Haiti.
One of the things that we have participated with the BWA is through BWAid for the
Rescue24 Team from Hungary. We have already forwarded 10K and are monitoring
needs as they come. Carmin and the Short Term Mission department (Allan Jensen is
the contact person there) will be receiving information on teams that would be needed in
the follow up rehabilitation work and we are working on that presently. I don’t need to tell
you that beyond the initial relief the rehabilitation and rebuilding will be critical. Please
contact church office if you would like to consider a short term mission. (At this point they
are looking for skilled construction people, medical and trauma counsellors.)
Sunday to Sunday February 7th – February 14th
This is Benevolent Sunday
Today 10:00 am Pre-service Youth
10:55 am Communion Service Sanctuary
11:15 am KidZone
After Worship Stewardship Meeting (Including new members) Heffler Room
6:30 pm Small Groups “What’s So Amazing About Grace?”
6:30 pm Marriage Course Chipman Room
6:30 pm Youth Fireside
Monday 9:30 am Volleyball Gymnasium
6:30 pm Hi/KidVenture
8:00 pm College & Career
8:15 pm Volleyball Gymnasium
Tuesday 9:15 am Ladies Alive Heffler Room
12:30 pm Friendship Circle Luncheon Heffler Room
7:30pm Muriel Bent WMS Heffler Room
Wednesday 9:30 am Volleyball Gymnasium
6:00 pm Youth Alive
Thursday 9:30 am LAFF "What You Always Wanted to Know About Heaven" Heffler Room
1:00 pm Pastoral Staff Meeting
7:00 pm Sanctuary Choir Sanctuary
7-9:00 pm Girls in Motion
8:00 pm Volleyball Gymnasium
Friday 10-11:30 am Grief Group – Henry Sharam Heffler Room
7:00-8:30pm CLASS 301 Heffler Room
Saturday 9:00-11:30am CLASS 301 Heffler Room
Youth Leaders Event
Next Sunday 10:00 am Pre-Service Youth
10:55 am Morning Worship Service Sanctuary
10:55 am Nursery (Cheryl Hartlen & Kaleigh Rand)
10:55 am Church-time Preschool (Bernie Levy & Michael McCurdy)
11:15 am KidZone
6:30 pm Small Groups “What’s So Amazing About Grace?”
6:30 pm Marriage Course Chipman Room
6:30 pm Youth Fireside

Annual Meeting
The Annual Meeting for the year 2009 will be held on
Thursday, February 18 at 7:30pm in the Vestry.
Sunday Prayer Link
The annual Simpson Lectures at Acadia Divinity College will take place on February
10th – 12th of this week. Guest Lecturer will be Dr. Marva Dawn. Please pray that
these lectures will be an excellent source of inspiration and renewal for pastors and
others who attend.

Our Prayer Initiative

We are invited to join together in prayer for one another. As we move through our
fellowship alphabetically, look for your name to appear. If it doesn't, please let Sharon
know, for we wish to be in prayer for YOU. This week, please be in prayer for: Freda
Bender, Don & Barb Bishop, Tara & Darren Brewster and Mary Boston.

Grief Group
Rev. Henry Sharam, a member of our church and a gifted counsellor, will be leading a
6 week grief group here at Bedford Baptist starting this Friday, February 12th, 10-
11:30 am in the Heffler Room. This group is open to all so if you have a family
member or friend who would also like to come, please feel free to invite them. The
cost is $50.00 per person. To register please email Rev. Sharam at or call the church office @835-5966.

C.L.A.S.S. 301 - Discovering Your SHAPE for Ministry

God didn't design ministry for just the few with seminary degrees. Through the SHAPE
process, you'll learn how God can use your Spiritual Gifts, Heart, Abilities, Personality
and Experience. Friday, Feb 12, 7:00 - 8:30 PM and Sat, Feb 13, 9:00 - 11:30 AM

Nuptial News
Congratulations are extended to Gary Olsen and Mary Veinotte who were united in
marriage by Dr. Ida on Saturday, February 6, 2010.
Birthday Greetings
Belated best wishes are extended to Arlene Reid who celebrated her 80th birthday on
Tuesday, February 2nd.

Thank You
Thank you to John and Bev Giffin, David McCurdy, Lisa Rand, Debbie Totten, Will
Spavold, Jeff Irving, Bob Archibald, Dianne Cox, Ian Haggarty, Katie Whitlock for driving
Youth Alive bowling last Wednesday night for approximately 45 teens.

Email Changes
Please note change in email address for the church office
Please note that all pastoral staff now have their own e-mail addresses: Pastor Bob, Pastor Ida and Pastor Kevin if you wish to contact them individually. Please do not forward
any non-related work items.

Bedford Baptist Games Night

Feb.20th. 6:30 - 9:30. A fun night for ALL AGES. Come as you are, bring a friend,
bring your snacks and some to share, bring your favorite games. Tea and coffee will
be provided. Ben Levy has volunteered to watch over younger children while their
parents have fun! Bring along games your children like to play. Children grades six
and under please come with an adult. Come join us for an evening of games and

Young Couples Club

We will make and share lunch together after morning service February 21. (Lunch
fixings will be provided). This is open to all couples where at least one person is 23 –
40 years of age. Child care will be provided if requested prior to event. Please contact
church office by e-mail or voice mail (835-5966)

Offering Envelopes
There are still boxes of 2010 offering envelopes in the foyer. Please be sure to pick
yours up today.
Income tax Receipts
2009 income tax receipts are available for pick up in the foyer.

Winter 2010 Mosaic

The winter publication of the CBM Mosaic is available for you to pick up in the foyer

February Calendar
The February calendar of events is available for pick up in the foyer.

Simpson Lectures
This is our annual conference presented by Acadia Divinity College. February 8-10, 2010.
This is continuing education for students, pastors and interested church folks. This year
the main speaker is Dr. Marva Dawn. She will speak Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday
evening at 7:30pm in the Festival Theatre in Wolfville. There are also afternoon
workshops including two being given by members from our church. Rev. Dr. Frank Guinta
will lead one of Worship: Blended Community and Dr. Ida will lead one on Personality
Type and Worship. Please see brochure on bulletin board in the foyer for more details.