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Ark would not exist without our Patrons. Every pound of patronage donated allows us to raise five times more in
donations through government and third party funding. This has enabled us to leverage 460m from governments and
partners in ten years.
Patronage allows Ark to promise donors that 100% of their gift will go directly to our programmes which transform
children's lives in the UK and across the world. Three out of four donors consider this essential when making the
decision to give. For this reason, our patrons play a crucial role in our funding model and are at the very core of Ark.

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Patronage includes the following benefits:
Events- Invitations to a range of private events to meet fellow Patrons and members of the Ark family, including an
annual exclusive Patrons dinner hosted by one of our Trustees. Guest speakers at Ark events have included Boris
Johnson, Bill Clinton and the Duke of Cambridge.
Recognition- Acknowledgement of your patronage on Ark's main communications channels including our website
and annual review. For corporate patrons, we will provide marketing materials so that you can promote your
patronage via your website, email and other avenues.

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Opportunity to get involved- Meetings with Ark staff to find out how your support impacts the lives of children. In
addition, you will be invited to join an annual trip to one of our programmes in Africa, Europe or Asia so you can
experience first-hand Ark's work. For corporate patrons, members of the Ark team can give informal talks and
arrange Skype sessions for your employees with our overseas programme teams about the work your company's
patronage supports.
Information -Regular updates about our programmes, including our fortnightly Ark Highlights email giving you an
insider's view of our activity and progress. You'll also receive reports on the programmes of your interest which
outline our progress and impact.
To find out more about becoming an Ark patron, contact

Annual INDIVIDUAL patronage is 25,000 per year.
Annual CORPORATE patronage is 50,000 per year.


BlueCrest Capital Management
Clive Capital
Esprito Santo Investment Bank
Galtere Ltd.
GSA Capital
One William Street Capital Management

Elena Ambrosiadou
Jeffrey A. Altman Foundation
Children's Investment Fund Foundation
David Gorton
The Rambourg Foundation
Bianca & Stuart Roden
Bernard Sabrier

Absolute Return for Kids (ARK) Registered in England as a company limited by guarantee number

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04589451. Registered charity no 1095322

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