Presented at: SJC Serbia Conference 2005, Published in the Jyotish Digest 2005

Jagannātha Drekkāṇa
By Visti Larsen – Guide and Guru: Sanjay Rath

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Dṛk, guru and karma
Trayamśa is the name of the third divisional chart, but those initiated into its practice call this chart „drekkāṇa/dṛkāṇa or dṛṣkāṇa‟. The word dṛk means visible, whilst dṛṣa refers to sight or can be seen, i.e. dṛṣṭi. Visibility comes from the rays of the Sun, which being guided by the Guru or ṛṣi guides the atma through the various births. This guru sits in the ninth house and is hence the reason that Dṛg daśā starts from the ninth house. The drekkāṇa starts from the lagna, being guided by the ninth there from and moves through the trines, as guided by the guru. Being that the drekkāṇa is the third divisional chart, the matters represented by it relate to the third house issues of siblings, actions, copulation, etc. There are various drekkāṇa charts which show these different issues. The popular are called; Pārāśara drekkāṇa, Jagannātha drekkāṇa and Somanātha drekkāṇa, based on the authors who gave their calculation. Among these, the Jagannātha drekkāṇa will be discussed in this article. Readers who wish to know about other types of drekkāṇa, please refer to the article; “The Various Drekkāṇa” – presented at the USA-West Coast Conference 2004.

Trikoṇa and karma
Among the various drekkāṇa, the Pārāśara and Jagannātha drekkāṇa traverse the trines to the sign. Whilst with the Pārāśara drekkāṇa the allotment is to the first, fifth and ninth houses, instead the Jagannātha drekkāṇa traverses the movable, fixed and dual signs respectively, always starting from a movable sign. This process of starting from a movable sign is similar to the calculation of the navāmśa, where the reckoning starts from the movable sign in trines. Drekkāṇa First (movable) Second (fixed) Third (dual) Fiery Meṣa Simha Dhanus Watery Karka Vṛścika Mīna Airy Thula Kumbha Mithuna Earthy Makara Vṛṣabha Kanya

Whilst the Pārāśara drekkāṇa shows the siblings who are born before or after you, instead the Jagannātha drekkāṇa how you are utilizing your past karma for future benefit. For this reason the Jagannātha drekkāṇa shows the fruits of our actions or „karma phala‟.

Three sages
There are three deities in the drekkāṇa, who happen to be the three sages or ṛṣi. These are Nārada, Āgastya and Durvāsa who happen to be Devaṛṣi, Mahāṛṣi and Brahmaṛṣi respectively. These correspond to the movable, fixed and dual signs in the Jagannātha drekkāṇa. Rāśi Movable Ṛṣi Nārada Guṇa Sattva Type Devaṛṣi

Fixed Dual

Āgastya Durvāsa

Rajas Tamas

Mahāṛṣi Brahmaṛṣi

From the table it can be seen that the Guṇa of the ṛṣi and the sign it occupies do not match. In fact the ṛṣi sits in the ninth from the particular sign, i.e. for movable signs the ninth house is dual, hence the ninth house is a sattva sign and Nārada resides there. Similarly the ninth from fixed signs is movable and rajas, whilst the ninth from dual signs is fixed and tamas.

Use of Jagannātha drekkāṇa
The karma referred to in the drekkāṇa is not the same as the dasāmśa chart, where we analyze the occupation of the person and his/her relationships with their colleagues. Instead in the Jagannāth drekkāṇa the fruit of any activity; be it relationships, buying a house, building a school, writing a book, etc. can be seen in the Jagannāth drekkāṇa. Most importantly, each person has been born to fulfil some work or karma yoga. Because the native‟s life revolves around the completion or fructification of this work, the Jagannāth drekkāṇa becomes vital to understand when this work will succeed or fail, or whether it will ever fail. This article will focus on the major life directions of a person, and the ups and downs the native may face in fulfilling this direction.

The third house shows the karma
The most important house in the Jagannāth drekkāṇa or in any drekkāṇa chart is the third house. The third house shows the focus of the native‟s actions in society and hence the karma yoga they do. Analyzing the third house or its lord helps understand the times when the native will succeed or fail in their karma yoga. Literally it shows the fruits of karma, or karma phala. The planets involved with the third house or its lord, will show the nature of the karma yoga. Special yogas should be carefully observed to determine the results. Chart 1: Visti Larsen

In the given chart, the Jagannāth drekkāṇa lagna is cancer. The third house is occupied by Saturn and this is in the sign of Virgo. This indicates traditional (Saturn) literature (Virgo/mercury). Mercury is also having rāśi dṛṣṭi on Saturn and gives it strength whilst promoting the line of literature and teaching. The native studies and teaches astrology in a Vedic tradition. Because the third house and sixth house aspect each other by rāśi dṛṣṭi, the native works for the sake of serving others. Whilst Venus and mars both have rāśi dṛṣṭi on Saturn, Saturn is not likely to accept the ways of Mars (natural enemies), and instead accept the ways of Venus. The native deals mostly in the area of relationships in astrology. The fourth house is the māraka (second) to the third. Its lord is Khareśa and destroy the houses it‟s placed in, to either make or break the natives karma yoga. Chart 2: Queen Victoria

In the given chart, of Queen Victoria of England, the Jagannāth drekkāṇa lagna is Taurus. Saturn is in the third house in Cancer which is raja yoga for sitting on the throne. Sun and Moon both aspect Saturn indicating that this will be a royal throne, also Moon is exalted and in the lagna showing that she will herself be the one on the throne. Interestingly Sun is also fourth lord and hence khareśa, but being joined this yoga it ensures her rise to power. One by one members of the royal family had their demise, without being able to produce an heir. This resulted in Victoria becoming Queen of England at the age of 18, though her father was the fourth in succession to the throne. Dwadasottari dasa (applicable if lagna is in Venusian amśa): Sun MD: 1836-09-07 (14:49:17) - 1843-09-08 (9:50:35) Antardasas in this MD: Sun: 1836-09-07 (14:49:17) - 1837-02-11 (8:06:07) Jup: 1837-02-11 (8:06:07) - 1837-09-07 (20:58:18) Ket: 1837-09-07 (20:58:18) - 1838-05-13 (18:19:23) Merc: 1838-05-13 (18:19:23) - 1839-03-06 (5:33:32)

Rah: 1839-03-06 (5:33:32) - 1840-02-12 (2:29:41) Mars: 1840-02-12 (2:29:41) - 1841-03-05 (17:39:26) Sat: 1841-03-05 (17:39:26) - 1842-05-13 (18:49:06) Moon: 1842-05-13 (18:49:06) - 1843-09-08 (9:50:35) Dvadasottari daśā applies, in the chart, and she is born in the mahā daśā of Moon followed by that of the Sun. It was during these two mahā daśās that her ascension to power took place. The demise of the previous heir is required for her to be Queen, and in the rāśi chart, the parivartana between debilitated Jupiter in ninth and Saturn in the ārüòha lagna is causing the demise of elders (ninth) and lifting her to the thrown. In the Jagannāth drekkāṇa, Jupiter is also aspecting the Sun and Moon, so Jupiter antara daśā is very likely to cause her ascension. Dwadasottari dasa (applicable if lagna is in Venusian amśa): Sun MD: 1836-09-07 (14:49:17) - 1843-09-08 (9:50:35) Jup AD: 1837-02-11 (8:06:07) - 1837-09-07 (20:58:18) Pratyantardasas in this AD: Jup: 1837-02-11 (8:06:07) - 1837-02-27 (11:58:10) Ket: 1837-02-27 (11:58:10) - 1837-03-19 (10:09:12) Merc: 1837-03-19 (10:09:12) - 1837-04-12 (6:21:36) Rah: 1837-04-12 (6:21:36) - 1837-05-10 (4:06:14) Mars: 1837-05-10 (4:06:14) - 1837-06-11 (4:52:25) Sat: 1837-06-11 (4:52:25) - 1837-07-17 (5:21:20) Moon: 1837-07-17 (5:21:20) - 1837-08-25 (19:33:03) Sun: 1837-08-25 (19:33:03) - 1837-09-07 (20:58:18) During Sun mahā daśā, Jupiter antara daśā and Moons pratyantara daśā, King William IV had his demise and Queen Victoria was crowned Queen of England. If planets are in the third, then treat it as lagna. Otherwise if unoccupied, then treat the third lord as lagna. Planets in the dusthāna (sixth, eighth and twelfth) from this position cause disruptions in the native‟s karma yoga. Chart 3: Sanjay Rath

In the given chart of Pt. Sanjay Rath, the lagna in the Jagannāth drekkāṇa is Scorpio. The third house is unoccupied, whilst its lord Saturn is in Virgo indicating work with traditional literature, or literature handed down in a tradition. Jupiter and Sun are having rāśi dṛṣṭi on Saturn and shows that the work is supported by Shiva or a very powerful Shiva Brahmin (Jupiter in Pisces). Since this is in the fifth house this could be the paternal grandfather. From Saturn, the sixth house is occupied by the Moon whilst the twelfth is occupied by Mercury, indicating disruptions in his work from family (moon) and students (mercury). The native suffered a great deal of opposition from his parents who were against his study of astrology. This went to the extent where the native‟s father burnt all his astrology books. Moon is in dagdha (combust) tithi1, and hence the books were burnt. Later on, when the native began teaching astrology in Mercury mahā daśā, the native suffered severe obstructions from his students, in a legal matter regarding his father, resulting in a long-drawn court case. Chart 4: Adolph Hitler


Moon in Leo, Sagittarius or Aquarius, whilst the tithi is either tritiya (3rd), ashtami (8th) or trayodasi (13th).

In the chart of Adolph Hitler, the third house in Jagannāth drekkāṇa is occupied by Venus, Mars and Ketu forming pisacha yoga with Venus for extreme violence and aggression in the sign Sagittarius – the battlefield. Saturn, although being khareśa due to its lordship of the fourth house, has gone to the sixth house where it destroys the enemy and further aspects the violent yoga in the third house. No planets are in the sixth, eighth or twelfth from this yoga, making it almost unstoppable. Interestingly the third lord Jupiter and the eighth lord Jupiter are joining, and make this yoga last until the end of life, hence Jupiter and Moon will be detrimental towards Hitler and his Nazi reign. Note that Moon is the pacifier of Mars and the pisacha yoga as well. Dwi-saptati sama dasa (applicable if lagna lord is in 7th or 7th lord is in lagna): Maha Dasas: Moon: 1888-09-06 (15:38:05) - 1897-09-06 (22:49:39) Mars: 1897-09-06 (22:49:39) - 1906-09-08 (6:15:38) Merc: 1906-09-08 (6:15:38) - 1915-09-08 (13:33:18) Jup: 1915-09-08 (13:33:18) - 1924-09-07 (20:58:32) Ven: 1924-09-07 (20:58:32) - 1933-09-08 (4:25:00) Sat: 1933-09-08 (4:25:00) - 1942-09-08 (11:32:57) Rah: 1942-09-08 (11:32:57) - 1951-09-08 (18:57:02) Sun: 1951-09-08 (18:57:02) - 1960-09-08 (2:26:37) Dvisaptati Sama daśā applies, and right after the First World War in Jupiter mahā daśā, he entered the Nazi party and became famous (gajakesari), but was unsuccessful in overthrowing the republican government or aggressing against the same due to the strength of the Moon. Again though imprisoned, he was famous for his work; “Mein Kampf” during this period. The attempt to overthrow the government was in the „Putsch‟ in 1923. The next year was 1924, and Venus mahā daśā started. Venus daśā (coming to power)

It was not until the daśā of Venus that he was successful in growing the Nazi party to a significant size. It was during this time that he acquired his greatest allies; Josef Goebbels and Herman Goering. The party got massive fame and support when the economic depression hit Germany in 1929 with the advent of Venus daśā and Moon antara daśā. Their popularity peaked during July 1932 in Jupiter antara daśā, where the Nazi‟s had become the leading party in the country. Kurt Von Schleicher was Chancellor during this time, and Hitler held a subordinate position. Later due to ongoing battles and conflicts between Nazi‟s and Communists, Von Schleicher resigned on January 28th 1933... Two days later Hitler became Chancellor of Germany still in Jupiter antara daśā. This presumably happened in Suns pratyantara dasa, which is giving power and position by being placed in the fifth from the third house. Due to blaming the communists for a fire started in February, by the elections in March, the nationalist part and Nazi‟s won a by a small majority barring the communists. Playing on the fears of the nation, Hitler was voted dictatorial powers, again happening in Jupiter antara daśā and Suns pratyantara daśā. Saturn daśā (dictatorship and World War II) Saturn mahā daśā started in September the same year indicating the beginning of Hitler‟s machine to wipe out the enemy, and from the beginning of his rule, he persecuted, arrested or assassinated all political threats and opponents in Germany. Among the antara daśās in Saturn, Mars came in 1938 where Hitler through clever politics managed to replace top military positions with men from his own party. He made allies with Mussolini in Italy and General Franco in Spain. Soon in the same year he annexed Austria and Czechoslovakia, claiming to establish peace and end of terrorism. During this time he began his persecution and mass-extermination of the Jews, socialists, communists, homosexuals, etc. Mercury antara daśā began n 1939 and is placed in the fifth from the third house, giving power and position. He invaded Poland, resulting in Britain and France opposing this act and declared war against Germany – this officially initiated World War II. During the same antara of Mercury, in March 1940 he marched into Denmark, Norway and two months later he marched towards France, conquering Netherlands, Luxemburg and Belgium in the process. France surrendered on June 22 nd 1940, all happening in Mercury antara daśā. Germany grew bigger, as did the USSR, annexing countries into their own and supporting each others conquests due to a secret agreement they had made in 1939, during Mercury antara daśā. By Saturn-Venus, Hitler decided to attack Russia, due to the ongoing expansion of „the red‟ to the east. The power of Saturn is strong in the chart, and Venus antara daśā is running. The Germans fought hard and gained huge territories in Ukraine and the Baltic states. However in Saturn-Venus-Rāhu in December 1941, they were stopped just short of Moscow, by a heavy winter and strong soviet resistance, due to Rāhu placed in maraṇa karaka sthāna. During the same period Hitler declared war against the USA (Gemini). Rāhu daśā (the fall of the Reich) Rāhu mahā daśā started, who is placed in maraṇa kāraka sthāna. The tables turned with the advent of Rāhu mahā daśā, Germany had suffered enormous casualties in the war against Russia, but Hitler refused to admit defeat. Also the Americans had overthrown Hitler‟s allies in Italy. The Russians, Americans and British drew closer and closer, as realists in the German army knew that the war was over for the Germans. An assassination on Hitler was attempted during Rāhu-Sun daśā, but unsuccessful leading in the mass torture of four thousand people, to crush the resistance movement against Hitler, hence only expanding his control over Germany. When Moon antara daśā began in the end of 1944, the Russians drove away all the Germans from their territory and began charging into central Europe. The western armies began advancing into Germany and the Russians were knocking on the gates to Berlin in April 1945. The Moon had kept his promise and had come to bring peace and the end of the war. The yoga of the first and eighth lords from the third house also worked. In the rāśi Jupiter and Moon are aspecting the third from ārüòha lagna and Hitler committed suicide, resulting in the surrender of German forces on in May 1945.

Chart 5: F.D. Roosevelt

Just as Moon was the destroyer of Adolph Hitler‟s karma yoga, so is Moon the controller of Roosevelt‟s karma yoga. Moon is placed in the third house indicating that he was a bringer of peace to the world. The third lord is Saturn and is placed in the sign of Leo indicating that his policies will be aimed towards democracy in the world. Roosevelt‟s main requirement for entering into the Second World War, was that all slavery was to be ended by the allied nations (Britain, France, etc). Vimshottari daśā from lagna is applicable and towards the end of Jupiter mahā daśā, during Rāhu antara daśā the USA entered the war. Rāhu is co-lord of the third house and will support the cause for peace. With the advent of Saturn mahā daśā the Americans were on German territory and with the help of the Russians, they overthrew the Germans during Saturn daśā and Saturn antara daśā. Mercury is the lord of the eighth from the third and is in mutual aspect with Saturn who is lord of the third indicating a yoga for demise on the thrown, just as in Hitler‟s chart. Saturn is furthermore joined Jupiter and both are aspecting the third from ārüòha lagna, showing that both he and his enemy will die at the same time. On 12th April 1945 during Saturn daśā and Saturn antara, only 15 days month after Hitler‟s suicide, Roosevelt died of a cerebral hemorrhage.

Establishment of Ramakrishna Mission Chart 6: Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa

In the rāśi chart of Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa, lagneśa Saturn is exalted in a trikoṇa. However because it is a malefics and retrograde, it is causing parivrajya yoga for renunciation. Because Saturn is placed in the sixth from ārüòha lagna, it shows renunciation due to own choice, i.e. living the life of a sādhu. This same Saturn is also involved in a Kalpadruma yoga showing the creation of a new and large organization. However there is no Simhāsana yoga as the tenth lord is placed neither in first nor second houses, hence leadership of a large organization is not possible.

The third house in the Jagannātha drekkāṇa is unoccupied, whilst its lord Jupiter is joined Mercury forming yoga for the guru-śiṣya parampara, and joined Saturn confirming the teachings from the tradition. Saturn is khareśa and shows many obstacles and intolerable suffering which can be overcome with the help of Kali.

From Jupiter the first and eighth lords are Saturn and Mercury, hence this work will continue till he leaves his mortal coils. The Sun and Moon in trines to the yoga will support the yoga. Shastihayani daśā is applicable because the Sun is placed in the lagna in rāśi. Shashti-hayani daśā (applicable if Sun is in lagna): Mahā Daśās: Rah: 1834-05-27 (14:35:38) - 1840-05-27 (3:23:22) Jup: 1840-05-27 (3:23:22) - 1850-05-27 (17:01:22) Sun: 1850-05-27 (17:01:22) - 1860-05-27 (6:23:27) Mars: 1860-05-27 (6:23:27) - 1870-05-27 (19:59:35) Moon: 1870-05-27 (19:59:35) - 1876-05-27 (8:43:57) Merc: 1876-05-27 (8:43:57) - 1882-05-27 (21:47:15) Ven: 1882-05-27 (21:47:15) - 1888-05-27 (10:37:25) Sat: 1888-05-27 (10:37:25) - 1894-05-27 (23:35:53) Rah: 1894-05-27 (23:35:53) - 1900-05-28 (12:25:13) Sun daśā began when he was 14 and is placed in the lagna showing the beginning of his karma yoga. It is placed in trines to the third lord and will support his goal of life. In Sun daśā he began his livelihood by working at the Dakṣiṇeśvara temple in Calcutta with his elder brother. Here working as a priest he performed oblations for the mother and helped visitors do the same. This all happened in Mars antara daśā and indicates a time of distraction from his karma yoga as Mars is in the eighth house from Jupiter. Intent on getting a vision of the mother he started worshipping her very intensely. This lead to the point where Ramakrishna was intent on taking his own life if she would not appear to him. This all happened in the antara daśā of Mars, and Mars also aspecting the third from ārüòha lagna in the rāśi confirms the vigorousness of his worship. He met Bhairavi Brahmani – a nun very well versed in the various tantras and especially vaishnava sādhana. We can presume that this occurred during Moon antara daśā as Moon is bhrātṛ kāraka and is also well placed from the third lord. Subsequently for the next four years he would engage in sādhana of Mother Kali. Then having attained the same, he continued for eight years more in various sādhana, trying to attain God in other ways with the help of Vedantic, Islamic, Christian and other types of worship. It was however not until Mercury mahā daśā and Saturn antara daśā which are both joined the third lord, that he met Vivekananda. Upon their meeting Sri Ramakrishna knew that this boy would be the one to further his work.

Chart 7: Swami Vivekananda

The rāśi chart has tenth lord in the second house causing simhāsana yoga, making Swamiji the leader of a major organization. Both planets are Venus and Mercury and both are placed in the sixth from ārüòha lagna indicating that this will occur after renunciation of all material bonds.

The lagna rising in the Jagannāth drekkāṇa of his holiness Swami Vivekananda is Sagittarius housing the ātmakāraka Sun. The third house is unoccupied, whilst it has two lords; Saturn and Rāhu. Saturn is joined Mercury, just like in the chart of Sri Ramakrishna. Saturn is the bhrātṛ kāraka showing the influence of the Guru. Saturn and Moon are forming yoga for kali worship, which was the practice of Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa. Shastihayani daśā is applicable just as in the case of Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa. With the advent of Saturn mahā daśā, who is the third lord, the meeting with Sri Ramakrishna took place.

Third lord is placed in Taurus and the eighth lord from this is Jupiter. Jupiter is having rāśi dṛṣṭi on Taurus hence ensuring that this karma yoga will last until he leaves his mortal coils. Sun is in the eighth from Taurus itself and after having traveled across India, and also visited Europe and America, in Sun daśā Vivekananda left his mortal coils.

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