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Equity: Mom’s Higher Law

A Tract Book Essay


Anthony J. Fejfar, J.D., Esq., Coif

© Copyright 2007 by Anthony J. Fejfar

Ken Wilber argues that there are two levels of female

consciousness, the first is the smothering mother level, the selfish mother of

level 2 consciousness, and the second is the Goddess or Feminine Wisdom

level of level 5 Consciousness. I argue that Equity is a manifestation of

the Goddess or Higher Feminine Wisdom of Level 5 or perhaps even

level 11. Instead of starting with rights, as Law does, Equity starts with

need. Equity favors those most in need. Equity favors the poor, the

working poor, the working middle class, the handicapped, the elderly. All

other things being equal, Equity will favor a little old lady plaintiff over a

sophisticated rich businessman. Now where does all of this come from?

Well I would like to contrast two different types of Mothers. The Spider

Mother, and the Equity Mother.

The Spider Mother bases her instinct and life on that of the female

spider. The female spider devours her male mate after copulation and then

devours as many of her children as she can before they can run away. The

human Spider Mother is the same. As soon as the children are born she does

everything in her power to destroy her husband, even poisoning him if

necessary. Her attention then focuses on her children. She is an abusive

mother with a control complex. Her children must be perfect, and perfectly

obedient or she is tempted to take them to Mexico and sell them into white

slavery. She has no problem turning her children into prostitutes. If she

has a sick child, she makes that child fend for him or herself. She never

nurtures a sick child. If the child gets even sicker and dies, the Spider

Mother sees this as the problem of the weak child. Any compassion is

seen by her as a sign of weakness.

The Equity Mother, on the other hand follows higher Wisdom. The

Equity Mother favors those in her family most in need, typically, her

children. The Equity mother takes care of and nurtures the slow or sick

child. In fact, it might seem that the Equity Mother loves her sick child

more than her healthy children. To the healthy children, this may seem


If one has a difficulty understanding Equity, then, one need only look

around and find an Equity Mother. I argue that Equity was the first, most

basic law on this planet, preceding individual rights based upon merit. In

our society we find the balance between law and equity in the formulation

that equity makes an equitable exception to a general rule based upon need.