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Marketing activity

A pioneer in the country's craft industry, Inter's unique product designs have brought consumer
attention back to crafts and materials indigenous to Bangladesh, as its designers blend the traditional
with the contemporary in a way that continues to win consumer appeal. Its success revolutionized
trends and virtually created the market that has now been taken up by countless other boutiques and
brands. Inter caters to this growing urban consumer base through outlets in every major city in the
country. Their discerning style and high-quality craftsmanship make every Inter product unique and
demand for them has been consistently rising due to Inter's focus on innovation, quality, value-based
pricing and superior in-store customer service. All these elements, backed by a robust distribution
network and strong supply chain, have made Inter a true household brand in Bangladesh. Just as
Bangladeshis living abroad look to Inter for products that connect them to their heritage, the Inter
experience is an essential part of any trip to Bangladesh by foreign visitors a phenomenon
chronicled in the "Lonely Planet" guide to Bangladesh. Inter products are not only the gift items of
choice for every occasion for local and expatriate Bangladeshis but also the quintessential cultural
mementos for these visitors. Inter's growing presence outside Bangladesh - through fair-trade
networks in Europe as well as a retail franchise in London - continues to broaden the market for
Bangladeshi craft globally Inter symbolizes fairness in the global village.

The organization has identified three basic constraints for gainful employment of the low income and
marginalized people in the rural areas: lack of working capital, marketing support and opportunity for
skills development. In order to bridge these gaps, Inter provides a wide range of services to its
workers and suppliers:
Spot payment on product delivery to encourage efficiency and productivity
Reach out to producers in remote areas to ensure fair value for their efforts
Marketing communication and information for artisans
Advances against purchase orders where necessary
Training & Education in skills development to raise product quality and marketability
Product Design and Support in Product Development
Quality Control to increase producer awareness of the importance of quality

Inter Retail Outlets:

Inter sales its products through its own outlets, Inter follow zero distribution channel. Around
the country Inter has ten outlets six outlets in Dhaka in six major parts (Dhanmondi, Gulshan, Uttara,
Maghbazar, Wari and Mirpur) and outside Dhaka Inter has two outlets in Chittagong, one in Sylhet
and one in Khulna. And outside Bangladesh Inter has one shop in London, United Kingdom.
: We set our price based on some things:

Cost of direct materials.

Annual cost.
Potentiality of cost.
Administration and office cost.

Young people of 25-35, for them Inter is a trusted brand. They visit the store often, buying
products mostly for gifts, sometimes for their own consumption. For them Inter provides the
reassurance that they have bought a quality product, thats their friends will appreciate as it is from
Inter. But they dont feel excited about brand. They miss out the excitement. They dont feel it fits
completely in their life the advertising should
Trigger strong interest among non-users to try the brand
Encourage regular usage
Establish the new Inter positioning

Inters main marketing promotional activities are:
1. Sponsorship making in various occasions like Pahela Baishakh, Pahela Falgun

Various television programs dresses are courteous by Inter


Social campaigning programs are co-operated by Inter

4. Price discounting is their promotional activities. Besides, all this a things they use TV
advertisement, Fashion show for their up-coming innovative products, Bill board advertisement and
so on.

Brand value:
Inter stands for a unique mix of design, quality and convenience, of the
traditional and the contemporary. Inter is one-of-a-kind globally positioned as a highly
successful Bangladeshi craft based retail chain and brand of pride. It also carries the
distinction of being BRAC's most successful social enterprise. Inter's responsibility is
therefore two-fold - delivering unique products with the highest level of quality and
service to its customers and the strongest level of support and protection of artisans
and their craft. To its consumers, Inter is a household name - a one-stop shop and a
trusted brand that inspires pride, promises quality and sophistication, and helps to keep
cultural roots alive in everyday life. For the artisans, Inter represents the endurance of
both their age-old art as well as their livelihoods. For consumers and artisans alike, Inter
has become a part of the cultural fabric of their lives.

SWOT Analysis of Inter:

SWOT analysis is a powerful technique for understanding organizations Strength &
Weakness and looking for the Opportunities & Threats it may face. Used in a business context it
helps organization carve a sustainable niche in a market. This analysis is mainly based on an
imaginary situation.

SWOT analysis of Inter

Inter is a very reputed organization. They are now capturing 68% of total handicraft market
share in Bangladesh. Its a local brand and now exporting their products outside of the country. Inter
has good reputation for fine quality products. It has a strong management team who are continuously
giving their great effort to make it a successful one. Another important fact is that, Inter has almost
Zero production damage rate which reduces their cost. They are innovative and always bring some
new product in the market which meets customer requirement and expectations. The organization is
a respected employer that values its workforce.
Inter has a reputation for new product development and creativity. However, they remain
vulnerable to the possibility that their producer may not be able to produce product timely due to their
inability. The collection channel of the organization is not that much structured so that they can get
the products from the producer on time and it may create problem for them in future. If any producer
is not able to make the product on time due to some personnel problem then the company will also
not be able to deliver their product on time. This is a big problem and it happens most of the time on
delivery. Inter charges higher price relatively than their other competitors as a result sometimes
customers lose their interest to by product from them. Its sales force or sales girls within the outlet
are not properly trained up. Sometimes they make customers disappointed by their attitude and
customer doesnt feel good to buy from there. Sometimes they suffer for financial problem, although
its a rare situation.

Inter Fashion Boutique is very good at capturing the advantage of opportunities. It can go
for new distribution channel like it can make some joint venture with some other small Boutique and
sales its products in more places. Through that it can capture more market share in the handicraft

Industry in Bangladesh. Inter can expand its business globally. New market for handicraft such as
Europe and America are beginning to emerge. People are now trendier about local events &
functions like Pahela Falgun, Pahela Baisakh, Victory day, Independence Day etc and they buy new
and special products for these events. Inter can make new products to sell in those special
occasions. According to the season change, people are also changing their preference in buying
products and considering this scenario Inter can produce products on the basis of seasonal

Inter doesnt have any big competitors right now. But they have some small competitors like
KayKraft, Anjans, Deshal, Jattra, Khubsurti, Rina Latif, OZ, Rang and some other Boutiques
established at Banani 11, who are taking their 32% customer and increasing in a slow rate. Inter
always face price wars with their competitors. Its competitors have some superior products like OGs
Panjabi shape, Khubsurtis design of Salwar kamiz Rangs Sharis color, which is decreasing Inters
market share as well as sales. But now they are repositioning their Brand to compete with them.