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Point 1: Choose one

Why choose Saturday? (the only weekend that has no extra-curricular activities)
Why choose the date? (most appropriate before the board members embark on the
task of the schools annual magazine)
Why choose the time? (within office hours convenient for the company to arrange
a guided tour)
Point 2:
What type of school is this? Islamic religious school / Chinese independent high
school / International school / Private school / Public secondary school / Cluster
school / Boys school / Girls school / Co-educational school
Who to speak to? The Principal / the teacher advisor full names?
Point 3:
What are the functions of the board? (writing editorials, commenting on special
issues revolving in the school and serving as high-volume reviewers of submitted
articles by students for publication purposes)
Point 4:
How big is the bus? (can accommodate 30 people)
How much have you paid for the bus? (RM350 cost will be borne by the school)
Point 5:
How many boys & girls? (*for co-ed schools)
Enclosed / Attached is a list of students names and details for your reference.
Who are the teachers? Provide full names
Point 6:
What is the process? (students are interested to know how a newspaper is produced
typesetting, image transference, plate-making and printing)
Why are the students interested? (they will soon embark on the production of the
schools annual magazine this extra knowledge will be enriching)
Point 7:
Why are the students interested? (the board is considering on producing own
monthly newsletter The Beacon in the month of May)
What are the students interested to know? (to get a deeper insight on the aspects
to consider when writing a newsletter: how to choose captivating titles / headings,
the right margins & columns, the right punctuation & spacing, the design & the
language used)
Point 8:
What is the problem faced by students? (writing, for these students, has become
mundane, dull and a waste of time are reluctant writers there is an urgency to
reignite their enthusiasm for writing)
How does this trip help? (may help our teachers and students reshape their passion
for writing)
Point 9:
What are the prospects of writing? (a journalist, publisher or proofreader)

How is writing a good prospect? (The May, 2006 issue of Money magazine lists
Technical Writer as number 13 in its list of the most in-demand, high-paying job for
the coming decades)
Useful Quotes about Knowledge:
One must spend time in gathering knowledge to give it out richly. (Edmund
Clarence Stedman)
The doorstep to the temple of wisdom is a knowledge of our own ignorance.
(Benjamin Franklin)