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Something to add about the adapter and the modding:

Better have the motherboard in a table so to cut the socket tabs. Remove the mem
ory modules, it makes it easier.
Use a very sharp new blade and go into real small steps. They must be cut clear
leaving not even less than a millimeter either to the side or to the bottom of t
he socket. Use a magnifier afterwards so to check.
The upper tab is the trickiest, make the lower one first to get the feeling of t
he plastic tab.
In any case the motherboard must have NO power.
Use the arrow mark so to install the cpu, another way to tell is the letters mus
t be readable when viewing from the socket locker (not the lever side, the locki
ng mechanism)
Make sure you plug all power connectors afterwards.
Before changing the cpu go into bios, load setup defaults, save and exit. As soo
n as you change cpu go into bios and load setup defaults, save and exit again. N
otice that you may had set the SATA Configuration as AHCI/RAID/IDE. Make the sam
e setting again. If you have an Asus motherboard then ENABLE the ACPI 2.0 Suppor
Use fresh thermal paste on the cpu /heatsink.
If you want assistance on modding the bios so to add Xeon microcodes then I may
be able to help as I can mod enough motherboard`s bios. Not all but some of them
I can.
If you run XP or Vista then you`ll have to go into the device manager, uninstall
all (4) processors then restart. New cpu will be recognised properly. Win 7 mak
es the updating automatically.
If you upgrade from 1066 bus cpu to Xeon 1333 bus then make sure your mobo runs
the memory at the same DDR speed, else it may be unstable. This is mostly happen
to motherboards that don`t support 1333 bus officially and you have to overcloc
k the cpu, so memory gets overclocked too (not necessarily but check).
HOW-TO Properly mod AMI bios - the right way, keeping P6 Microcode Table at the
same size. Especially when you have a small sized bios that has no room left so
cannot fit any more microcode entries.
Download the MMTOOL V3.26 (ami bios tool)
Download the Intel Linux* Processor Microcode Data File
You`ll get a file like microcode-xxDATExx.tgz extract from the .tgz the file mic
Extract from the microcode.dat the microcodes using the microdecode.exe utility
microdecode.exe microcode.dat
Useful files:
Open the bios ROM file with MMTOOL
Write down ID 11 (P6 Micro Code) size
Choose the "CPU PATCH" tab
Delete "a patch data", (CPU ID) 0F34, 0F44, 0F47. Delete all those three, nothin
g else
Browse for the cpucode (*.bin) files and insert it one by one.
Save the modified bios
Load the modified bios and check if ID 11 (P6 Micro Code) size is the same as or

iginal (it should per the instruction I give you)

Flash it to the motherboard and you're done!
Now your motherboard will tell the OS what your new Xeon cpu supports as now mob
o knows what the cpu supports, and this way OS will take advantage of SSE4.1 (if
is used from a program) and of Execute Disable Bit and some other too.

If you have any other question feel free to ask. Most probably I`ll be able to h