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January 2010
This material is based on information from web pages and
forums carrying statements attributed to the Taliban,
Taliban spokespersons or supporters of the Taliban, or
analysis thereof. Posting of this material neither confirms
nor endorses any of its content - it is shared for
information only. When material translated into English is
not available, Google Translate is used to translate the
original (indicated by "GoogEng") - this is only a machine
translation, NOT an official one. is not
responsible for the contents or reliability of any linked

Reports of Canadian Casualties in Taliban Statements

January 2009-December 2010

160 158



Rep Dead
Cfm Dead
Tanks Dest


46 44
40 38
35 33 33

20 20
15 16
8 7 6
5 4
0 0 2 0 2 2 2 0 1
FB-09 MR-09 AP-09 MY-09 JU-09 JL-09 AG-09 SP-09 OC-09 NV-09 DC-09 JA-10

Reports of Canadian Casualties in Taliban Statements
January 2009 vs. January 2010






62 JA-10


20 1 19
2 8
Rep Dead JA-09
Cfm Dead

Tanks Dest

 Taliban statements monitored during January 2010 claimed responsibility for
approximately 158 Canadian deaths. Canada announced 1 deaths during
this period.
 In the past 12 months (including January 2010), the Taliban has claimed 15.5
Canadian casualties for every one officially announced by the Government of
Canada (496 alleged by Taliban vs. 32 reported by Canada).
 Twelve (12) Taliban announcements were monitored mentioning Canadian
personnel or casualties in January 2010, with an average of 7.25 such reports
per month during the previous 12 months. This compares to eleven (11)
Taliban announcements made claiming responsibility for 62 Canadian deaths
during January 2009.

Date Location CA Pers Tanks Ref

Killed Destroyed
1 Jan 10 Qasim Palah area 5 1 (4)
5 Jan 10 Lowi Kariz area in Boldak 10 (1) 2 (2)
district of Kandahar
7 Jan 10 Kowchi Ziarat area of +12 1 (3)
Boldak district in
9 Jan 10 Chehl Ghuz area of 12 1 (5)

Panjwai district
10 Jan 10 "On Kandahar-Herat 12 1 (6)
highway .... in Kandahar's
Zarai district"
14 Jan 10 “in the East under the 5 (1) 1 (7)
Directorate” (Kandahar)
16 Jan 10 Hasan Zaro area, on the 5 (1) 1 (8)
road between Kandahar
and Uruzgan provinces
16 Jan 10 a street in Pirzu village of 14 (9) (8)
Panjwai district
16 Jan 10 Nakhoni area of Panjwai 15 (11)
17 Jan 10 a series of separate 15 4 (10)
bombings in the province’s
Maiwand, Zhari and
Panjwai districts
21 Jan 10 in Boldak district of the 24 3 (12)
24 Jan 10 in the province's Zhari and 20 (1) 4 (13)
Maiwand districts
27 Jan 10 "Kandahar's Zhari district 9 (14)
.... Bashmol area of this
TOTALS 158 19
January 2010

(1) Previous Taliban references to number of crew members in Canadian “tanks” have ranged from four to six. Therefore,
any reference to “all on board” allegedly being killed will be counted as an average of five.

(2) "Mujahidieen eliminate 2 canadian tanks in Boldak," Voice of Jihad, retrieved 6 Jan 10 at
2-canadian-tanks-in-boldak&catid=1:afghanistan&Itemid=2 - "Tuesday, 05 January 2010 17:01 - By Qari Yusuf
Ahmadi - KANDAHAR. Jan. 05 - Two tanks of the Canadian invaders were destroyed in IED attacks on Monday and
Tuesday at Lowi Kariz area in Boldak district of Kandahar. According to the details in the early evening hours of Jan. 05,
a Canadian tank got blown off in a roadside bomb at Chowni village of this area, while another tank of the enemy was hit
by explosive devices at late night hours of Jan. 05, as consequence, both enemy's armored tanks were destroyed with
Canadian soldiers killed who were inside the tanks. In fact, the other day, 19 American soldiers were killed as a result of
3 deadly IED blasts near the center of Panjwai, while the enemy confirmed the deaths of 5 U.S. soldiers."

(3) "NATO forces suffer extensive losses in Kandahar bombings," Voice of Jihad, retrieved 8 Jan 10 at
extensive-losses-in-kandahar-bombings&catid=1:afghanistan&Itemid=2 - "Thursday, 07 January 2010 16:34 -
By Qari Yusuf Ahmadi - KANDAHAR, Jan. 07 - A series of bombings in Kandahar caused the NATO invaders heavy
losses and casualties on Tuesday. At least a dozen of the foreign soldiers, likely to be the Canadians,were killed when
their tank got exploded by a roadside bomb in Kowchi Ziarat area of Boldak district in Kandahar, leaving the NATO tank
wreck. In another news, the other day, a land mine blast killed a number of the NATO soldiers whose corpses were
shifted to their base, while the mutilated parts of the bodies of some of the soldiers and their torn flesh lay scattered over
the area. The report adds the incident took place while the NATO soldiers were on mission to launch an attack against
the Mujahideen in Char Ghalbi area of Arghandab district."

(4) "Remote-controlled bomb kills 5 NATO soldiers in Kandahar," Voice of Jihad, retrieved 9 Jan 10 at
kills-5-nato-in-kandahar&catid=1:afghanistan&Itemid=2 - "Friday, 08 January 2010 07:34 - By Qari Yusuf
Ahmadi - KANDAHAR, Jan. 08 -The Mujahideen of the Islamic Emirate exploded a NATO tank on Wednesday in

Dandonah district of Kandahar province. At least 5 NATO soldiers were killed with their tank eliminated in a remote-
controlled bomb explosion taking place in Ziarat area of this district. An officer is reported to have been among the dead.
It is Worth mentioning that 5 Canadian soldiers were, too, killed in this district when their tank was hit by one of the IED
blasts in Qasim Palah area, on Jan 01. Also Thursday, three separate roadside bombs ripped into the NATO soldiers,
causing 15 enemy soldiers loss of life and injuries. Meantime, these losses and casualties are being inflicted on the U.S
and NATO forces in presence of the recently-deployed 30000 troops, while the troops have recently stationed in different
parts of the country."

(5) "1 NATO tank, 2 Afghan soldiers' vehicles eliminated and a dozen killed in Kandahar," Voice of Jihad, retrieved 9 Jan
10 at
afghan-soldiers-vehicles-eliminated-and-a-dozen-killed-in-kandahar&catid=1:afghanistan&Itemid=2 - "Saturday,
09 January 2010 19:41 - By Qari Yusuf Ahmadi - KANDAHAR, Jan. 09 - There are reports from Kandahar that the
Mujahideen on Saturday destroyed the enemy's 1 tank, 2 vehicles and killed a number of their soldiers in separate
attacks and bombings in Kandahar's districts of Panjwai and Maiwnd. According to the details, a dozen of the NATO
soldiers, likely to be Canadians, were killed when one of their tanks was hit by a roadside bomb while they were
patrolling in Chehl Ghuz area of Panjwai district, at the early afternoon hours of Jan. 09. Also Saturday, two of the
vehicles of Afghan soldiers' were hit by remote-controlled bomb attack while the enemy's military convoy was traveling
on Kabul-Herat high way, in Saghuz area of Maiwand district."

(6) "(C)anadian soldiers' tank struck roadside bomb in Kandahar," Voice of Jihad, retrieved at
roadside-bomb-in-kandahar&catid=1:afghanistan&Itemid=2 - "Sunday, 10 January 2010 15:02 - By Qari Yusuf Ahmadi -
KANDAHAR, Jan. 10 - A dozen of the Canadian soldiers died on Sunday as their combat patrol tank was by roadside
bomb explosion in Kandahar's Zarai district. The report said the incident occurred on Kandahar-Herat highway when the
enemy's armored tank got exploded in an IED blast, killing the Canadian soldiers on board who have later been shifted
from the area, while the struck has been on fire till later this day."

(7) "The destruction of three enemy vehicles in Kandahar province," Voice of Jihad, retrieved 16 Jan 10 at
26&catid=5:2009-03-12-06-25-17&Itemid=17 , Google English translation retrieved at - Arabic
text: " ‫ راهدنق ةيالو يف ودعلل تابكرم ثالث ريمدت‬- ‫ةعمجلا‬, 15 ‫ رياني‬2010 03:40 ‫يراق‬/ ‫ يدمحا فسوي‬- ‫ةعابط قيدص ىلإ لاسرإ‬
‫ودعلا تاوقلل تارايس ثالث ترمد راهدنق ةيالوب دنويمو بادنغرا يتيريدم يف ةقرفتملا تاراجفنإلا ةجيتن‬. ‫ليصفتلا بسح‬، ‫يف‬
‫ ( مويلا رهظ نم ةرشع ةيناثلا ةعاسلا‬2010-01-14 ) ‫تابكرم تناك نيح ليمعلا شيجلل رجنير ةرايس يف ةفسان ةوبع نودهاجملا رجف‬
‫بادنغرا ةيريدمب يبلغ راشت ةقطنم يف اهزكارم ىدحإ نم جورخلا ةلاح يف ودعلا ةيرود‬، ‫لماك لكشب ةرايسلا ريمدت نع راجفنإلا رفسأ‬
‫( لتقو‬5) ‫اضيأ يلحم دئاق مهيف نمب اهيف دونج‬. ‫لثامم قايس يف‬، ‫قيرط ىلع ةلتحملا تاوقلل ةبابد يف ةفسان ةوبع نودهاجملا رجف‬
‫دنويم ةيريدم زكرم يف دوخنيكشك ةقطنم برق تاره ـراهدنق‬. ‫ابنلا فيضي‬، ‫برق مويلا حابص نم ةعساتلا ةعاسلا يف راجفنإلا ذفن‬
‫رافغ نيزنب ةطحم‬، ‫اهنتم ىلع ناك نم لتقو لماك لكشب ةبابدلا ريمدت ىلإ ىدأ امم‬. ‫رخآ أبن بسحو‬، ‫سمأ موي رصع نم ةسماخلا ةعاسلا يف‬
‫نيدهاجملا لبق نم ةفسان ةوبع ةطساوب ةروكذملا ةيريدملاب روميت دنب ةقطنم يف ةيدنكلا تاوقلل ةبكرم ترمدت‬، ‫اهريمدت ىلإ ىدأ ام‬
‫اهباكر لتقمو‬." Google English translation: "Friday, January 15th, 2010 03:40 - Qari / Yousuf Ahmadi - Scattered by the
blasts directorates Meond Arghandab district of Kandahar province, and destroyed three vehicles for enemy forces.
According to detail, at the second session of the afternoon (2010-01-14) Mujahideen detonated an explosive device in a
car for the Ranger puppet army patrol vehicles while in the case of the enemy out of one of their outposts in the char
Gelbi Department Arghandab, the explosion completely destroyed the car and killed (5) soldiers inside, including a local
leader as well. In a similar context, the mujahideen detonated an explosive device in the tank of the occupying forces on
the road to Kandahar, Herat, near the area at the center of the Directorate Khchinkhod Meond. Adds the report, carried
out the attack in the ninth hour of the morning near a petrol station Gaffar, which led to the destruction of the tank is full
and killed on board. According to another report, at the fifth yesterday afternoon destroyed a vehicle for the Canadian
Forces in the East under the Directorate-listed by an explosive device by the mujahideen, which led to the destruction
and the killing of the passengers."

(8) "Shah Wali Kot bombing destroys Canadian tank," Voice of Jihad, retrieved 17 Jan 10 at
destr oys-canadian-tank&catid=1:afghanistan&Itemid=2 - "Saturday, 16 January 2010 18:38 - By Qari Yusouf
Ahmadi - KANDAHAR, Jan. 16 - One of the Allied forces' tank blown apart by roadside bombing in the Shah Wali Kowt
district, in Kandahar province on Saturday noon. As many as 5 Canadian soldiers were killed who were traveling in the
tank in Hasan Zaro area, on the road between Kandahar and Uruzgan provinces. An officer is ported to have been
among the dead. In a recent news, also Saturday, at least 15 Canadian soldiers suffered loss of life and injuries while the
enemy's foot soldiers were passing through a street in Pirzu village of Panjwai district the as they encountered a planted
land mine. According to the locals of the area, the helicopter was called for to evacuate the casualties, while the extent of
their casualties is unclear."

(9) The Taliban claimed fifteen Canadians were killed or wounded in the above-referenced article, so figures will
represent “up to 14” killed, assuming worst-case of 14 killed, 1 wounded.

(10) "Heavy bombings inflict deadly fatalities on Canadians, Voice of Jihad, retrieved 17 Jan 10 at
fatalities-on-canadians&catid=1:afghanistan&Itemid=2 - "Sunday, 17 January 2010 18:00 - By Qari Yusouf Ahmadi -
KANDAHAR, Jan. 17 – The Canadian troops have suffered severe casualties and losses throughout Jan. 17 in a series of
separate bombings in the province’s Maiwand, Zhari and Panjwai districts. According to the details, in the morning hours
of Sunday, about 5 locals soldiers were killed when the explosive devices exploded to their ranger vehicle on the road
extending to Lako Khel area in the Zhari district of the Kandahar province. Likewise, at least 3 Canadian soldiers were
killed and 2 others badly injured as a roadside bomb ripped into their foot patrol on the road extending to the Saghiran

Ghundi in Punjwai district on Sunday morning. In another news, last night, a dozen of the Canadian soldiers were killed
in Kala Shah area of the Maiwand district when the enemy’s armored tank was hit by the land mine blast. Similarly, also
Sunday, a logistical vehicle laden with the supplies of the Allied forces was struck by I.E.D’s in the same area, destroying
the tank completely, while no casualties were reported. Moreover, yesterday, one of the Canadian army tank was
destroyed in a bomb attack in Sanziri in Zhari district."

(11) "Allied tank blown up by I.E.D.s in Zhari district," Voice of Jihad, retrieved 19 Jan 10 at
by-ieds-in-zhari-district&catid=1:afghanistan&Itemid=2 - "Sunday, 17 January 2010 09:06 - By Qari Yusouf
Ahmadi - KANDAHAR, Jan. 17 - About five soldiers of the Allied forces were killed when their tank was exploded by a
land mine in Kandahar's Zhari distrct on Saturday. The incident occurred while the Allied soldiers were out on an
operation against the Mujahideen in Sanziri area of this district. It is worth mentioning that 15 Canadian soldiers, too,
sustained loss of life and injuries in Nakhoni area of Panjwai district, where the Canadian military confirmed the death of
their one soldiers."

(12) "Enemy bleeds, 15 NATO-led Allied soldiers killed, several tanks eliminated in Kanahar (sic)," Voice of Jihad,
rewtrieved 21 Jan 10 at
led-allied-soldiers-killed-several-tanks-eliminated-in-kanahar&catid=1:afghanistan&Itemid=2 - "Wednesday, 20
January 2010 19:01 - By Qari Yusouf Ahmadi - KANDAHR (sic), Jan. 20 - At least 15 Allied soldiers were killed on
Wednesday when their three tanks were struck by the Mujahideen's planted mines on Kandahar-Herat highway in the
Rahman Mandah area of Zhari district in Kandahar province. All three tanks were wrecked, taking the lives of fifteen
foreign soldiers. Also Wednesday, following the above losses and casualties inflicted on the enemy, a forth tank of the
NATO-led forces encountered a roadside bomb in the same area, causing all the Allied soldiers to lose their lives and
leaving the tank destroyed. It is however, worth mentioning that prior to these bombings, 3 Canadian military tanks were
destroyed in the roadside bombings in Boldak district of the province, killing at least 2 dozens of Canadian soldiers which
bring the losses of the enemy tanks to seven throughout Jan. 20."

(13) "Bombings hit 4 U.S. coalition tanks in Kandahar," Voice of Jihad, retrieved 25 Jan 10 at
coalition-tanks-in-kandahar&catid=1:afghanistan&Itemid=2 - "Monday, 25 January 2010 14:22 - By Qari Yusuf
Ahmadi - KANDAHR, Jan. 25 - Four tanks of the U.S. coalition forces targeted by the explosive devices blasts in the
province's Zhari and Maiwand districts, on Sunday. According to the details, a military convoy of the coalition forces were
traveling on Kandahar-Herat highway when two of their tanks hit roadside bombings near the bazaar of Zhari district,
where the their third tanks encountered another roadside bomb in Mir Akhor Dow Rahi in Maiwand district and the fourth
one got struck by a landnine (sic) blast in Malang Kariz area of district. Sunday's detonations occurred within an hour, in
which all four tanks were badly damaged, causing the soldiers on board, likely to be Canadians, loss of life and injures,
the report said, adding that 8 U.S coalition tanks have been targeted by the roadside bombings in Kandahar province
since yesterday."

(14) "Mujahideen kill 9 Canadians in Kandahar," Voice of Jihad, retrieved 28 Jan 10 at
canadians-in-kandahar&catid=1:afghanistan&Itemid=2 - "Wednesday, 27 January 2010 14:31 - By Qari Yusuf
Ahmadi - KANDAHAR, Jan. 27 - On earlier Wednesday, at least nine Canadian soldiers were killed in an encounter with
the Mujahideen of the Islamic Emirate in the Kandahar's Zhari district. The battle broke out while the Canadian troops
were out in a combat mission against the Mujahideen in Bashmol area of this district. No Mujahids suffered any loss of
life and injuries during the 2-hour long combat backed by the air strikes."

Compiled 06 February 2010

Tony Prudori,

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