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How To Pass The NC2 Tesda Exam

This post only serves as pointers of how to pass the NC2 TESDA exam (National Certification 2).
Students or new graduates of technologies even engineers and professionals needs to pass this
Philippine government examination. Because this is one of the regulations of the jobs requirements such
as the Philippine teachers as they need to upgrade to other position. Also for the new applicants of the
Public School teachers to get an item for teaching jobs.
Also new graduates or graduating students needs this exam for jobs requirements as a
professional license for skills. Such as computer operators, computer technicians, computer trainers.
As requirements for the Trainers and Assessors Methology training ofTESDA accreditation.

The examination of TESDA is not simple but easy to be handled once you are in the
middle of the examination. But it needs a faithful and thorough training of yourself.
Not the school alone but by yourself. Because you have a long time to care your
reviews and memorize the lessons you need during the day of your
examination. See also this link:POINTERS FOR NC2 TESDA EXAM
I knew what are the pointers and what I was studied to prepare myself for the exam.Dont think the exam
is simple, think it and do it seriously.And dont over confident to your self during the question and answer.
Take it as humbly as you can base of your knowledge and experience in by professions or skills of being
a computer technologies.Whether you are a experience technician, an engineer, or a fresh graduate of
technical course.Be humble of what you learned and your skills level. And remember that we have
different learning ability through our standard and experience. And your assessors is a competent and
skilled of their fields and know better of the exam.Whatever the questions and actual that would be
performed just answer it harmoniously. The exam is time consuming and you will become pressured if
your not ready for the exam. To avoid this, you need more practice and more study before the
dayschedule of your examination.
Before the exam or one day ahead, the assessment center will conduct an orientation.They will explained
to you what are your rights and the purpose why you take the exam of NC2. NC2 exam is mandatory to
all Technical Vocational schools and to all of their graduating students in different courses they offered
that required NC2 before they will graduated to their different courses.
In the first hour of the examination you will be divided into two groups, the first group will be for
disassemble and assemble computer together with the use and function of the hardware inventory,
otherwise the oral questioning of the assessor. And the other remaining group for the installation of
operating system and the networks of the computer. It should be alternate the groups after they
successfully performed the activity base of the test package whether your a competent or not.
Below are the explanation of the core competencies that you learn during your training. And remember all
the accredited TESDA schools are mandated to conduct first the Institutional exam in preparation of the

students for their skills that probably will be perform during the actual exam of NC2. You will be measured
if your ready or capable to take the exam. And that is your last time to perform your best. It is better that
you will pass the first exam and its very relax in mine after the graduation. Just study this
corecompetencies, all of this tackled during the day of your schooling and training.

Install computer systems and networks= you must know the proper installation of the
hardware and know the specifications.And prepare for the oral interview of the assessor for the use
and function of the hardware of the computer.Before you will assembled the system unit you will task
to write the safety precautions of disassemble and assemble PC. And you must know the basic
electronics such as the electronic components and its used and function together with the different
acronyms of the computer, click this link to know it, Common Acronyms of Computer


Configure computer systems and networks=you must know the configuration of the Bios
system mostly in standard cmos setup of the main bios and the bios features.And you must know the
installation of the LAN or networking of the computer.You must know the two model of networks, cable
crimping, TCP/IP and its classes and formats.And performed the actual configuration of computer to
computer connection and dedicated server.Together with the filesharing and printer sharing of Local
Area Network(LAN).You must know the communication media such as the networks switches,
Network Interface Card(NIC), and MODEM. Just click this to know it,Computer Networks


Diagnose and troubleshoot computer systems and networks=this is the most critical
aspects of the exam, this is not written exam but question and answer.You must answer the questions
of the assessor intelligently, pass and accurate.It have a test package all of the contents are about the
technicality of the computer. By giving a scenarios you learn in troubleshooting.So you must know the
basic of computer troubleshooting even one trouble.Example, the symptom is power light is on,
nothing happens nothing on screen. As a support to your answer it have a question of the use and
functions of the hardware through identification as the assessor continue to identify the parts of the
computer. Tell also the assessor what are the contact cleaning solution that could be use during
troubleshooting. Beep codes included also in the test package, example one long beep followed by
two short beeps and troubleshooting of the windows 2000 and windows 98.


Maintain computer systems and networks=you must know how to maintain hardware and
software of the computer and networks. Example, how to maintain and clean the CPU such as
cleaning the cooler fan. Perform maintenance schedule of the software such as performing virus
scanning and running the system utility and perform the backup files of the computer. And the most
easy you should know what is format and reformatting of the HDD. When it should be to perform
during the maintenance.
During the installation of the operating system you must know how to install the windows 98. But it is not
an actual activity but in a way of oral interview .Both the Windows Xp and Windows 98 will be installed in
a one system unit or dual boot system. So therefore you must know also how to partition the HDD into
two partitions. And must be the first partition should be assigned to the operating system and the other
one is Data. After the successful installation of the operating system your assessor will told to you to
performed the installation of the system drivers and performed the backup files.When you successfully

performed this, you will told again to performed the crimping.If the installation is finished then you are
task to perform the installation of the LAN. Both the two Network models you learn together with the
filesharing and printer sharing.Then the oral interview will follow, just prepare your self for the last time
interview, just click this to know it, Parts and Functions of the Motherboard. Thats all and good luck for
your exam and first to our Lord God