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1. Types of devices that use "computer on a chip" is a smartphone, smart home systems, car
systems and toys, as well as the latest technologies such as television, dvd recorder.
2. Handheld computing devices to collect data at a customer site, scientific research and to
serve as desktop organisers.
3. What are the benefits of using a computer with the following items?
a. Security system: securing of all crimes occurring and environmentally friendly.
b. Car: increased security protection against accidents and energy efficiency
c. Phone : provide features such as call forwarding, call monitoring , and call answering.
4. smart devices are montioned in the text are smart machines, smart cards, and smart phones,
smart home system.
5. Smart cards for a store vital informasion such as health records, drivers licenses, bank
balances, and so on.
6. Multimedia systems is known to later educational and entertainment value. interaction
between the engine and can make information.
7. Expert systems software enables computer to think like experts. Medical diagnosis expert
systems , for example can help doctors pinpoint a patients illness, suggest further tests and
prescribe appropriate drugs.
8. The disabled can communicate more effectively with others using computers.
9. Distance learning and video conferencing is possible with the use of the concept of electronic
classroom or boardroom accessible to people in remote locations and anywhere.
10. Power of the people is very important to ensure that the hardware, software, and connectivity
are effectively integrated in a manner that is socially responsible.
1.Match the terms in table A with statements in table B
a. Edutainment > iv. Multimedia materials with a combinations of educational and entertainment
b.Multimedia > v.A combination of text with sound, video , animation, and graphics.
c.Expert System> that enable computers 'think' like experts
d.Telecommute>ii.use computers to stay in touch with the office while working at home
e.Information Superhighway > iii. internet system designed to provide free interactive acsess to
vast resources for people all over the world
2.Mark the following statements as true of false
a. desktop organisers are programs that require desktop computers : False
b.computers are sometimes used to monitor system that previously needed human supervision :

c.networking is a way of allowing otherwise incompatible system to communicate and share

resources : True
d.the use of computers prevents people from being creative : True users do not have much influence over way that computing develops : False