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Asian Academy of Aeronautics

Gan International Airport, Gan Island, Addu, Republic of Maldives

PPL Course Details

Course Ref
Course Type
Students Eligible
Course Duration
Flying Fees


Private Pilots License
Equivalent of O Level English & Math
6 Weeks Approximately
Flying Fees Total
Cessna150 @ $190 per hour

PPL Skills Test / GFT Fees

PPL Ground School
Course Fees
Licensing Issuing Fees by MCAA
Visa Fees
Registration Fees
Accommodation (Twin Sharing)
Student Village
(Charged Separately) @ $650 per month

US$ 6,650.00
35 hours
Per Attempt
Briefs & Course Material
1 Year Validity
Conditions apply
Prior to Enrolment
Conditions apply
Approx 3 months

$ 6,650
$ 200
$ 2,000
$ 32
$ 200
$ 250
$ 650
per month

Each twin sharing room is fitted with an electronic electricity usage meter and a sum of MRf 8.51/- (US$ 0.55Cts)
will be levied for each Unit of electricity consumed. This charge will be shared by the 2 occupants sharing the
room. Refer our website to view the room and other facilities

The PPL exams are based on the JAR-FCL syllabus and are conducted by Maldivian Civil Aviation.
(a) The PPL exams consists of 6 subjects (details below), excluding Air Law which is conducted by MCAA.

Theory Subject


Aircraft General Knowledge, Principle of Flight

Flight Performance & Planning
Human Performance & Limitations
Navigation and Communications
* Air law
* Conducted by MCAA

1 hr
1 hr
1 hr
1 hr
1 hr
45 min

No. of

(b) Along with the above exams an English Language Proficiency Check (ELPC) is mandatory for the
issuance of a PPL. The cost of this oral exam is US $100
(c) The total estimated cost of undertaking the PPL exams for 1 attempt is US$ 250
(d) All students who have achieved good grades during their ground studies could complete the exams with 7
working days

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Asian Academy of Aeronautics

Gan International Airport, Gan Island, Addu, Republic of Maldives

Accommodation does not include food. We have an in house cook with a cafeteria. 3 Meals a day plans
range from $160 to $190 per month. The student will liaise directly with the cook in order to customize
his/her menu. For further information please read our FAQ document.
Excluding food, student should budget to spend an additional of $50 to $80 per month for personal
If a student requires a single room, there will be an additional fee of USD$500 levied per month. The
single room will only be provided, subject to availability. The occupant of the single room would have to
occupy a twin sharing room in the event AAA has a need for an additional room, and in such an event
AAA will serve 1 weeks notice to the occupant of the single room.
Please keep in mind accommodation is a separate charge to flying hours. For reasons beyond our control,
such as; aircraft unavailability or weather, accommodation fees will still be charged.
For information regarding our aircraft fleet, operations, faculty, accommodation and other details please
visit our website

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