Project aim

The aim of this project is to create a short animation story of a young boys as he journeys from his mother
land to another. As further research were carried out, I settled on presenting this story in the same way as the
Storycorps tell theirs. A way of which someone narrates the story in the background whilst the characters
acts out the scenes and also miming with the narrator to give the fell of the characters talking. I plan to
complete thus short animation, approximately 3mins. I will be using Autodesk Maya and after effects fro
animating and editing. After effects will be used for adding sounds and other type of visual effects – if
needed. The final animation would have all the effects and sounds that are needed and a focused level of
animation to drive emotions and feelings of the characters to the audience.

As for the influence. I knew that I wanted my
style to be different – 3D with a sort of
cartoony textures. As further research carries
out, I looked at paper man by Disney and loved
the black and white. 3D cartoony style was just
perfect for my story. This can also be used in a
sense of a flashback memory.

George is a young boy who was really playful, loved
the Power Rangers but most of all, loves his dad.

Here is adult George, a more mature version of ‘young
George’. Grew out of the childlike mentality of becoming a
Power Ranger, however his dream is to become a
successful artist.

Edwin Nwosisi was a good artist. He found
his love in a place that he loves being in,
university – a place where he teaches.

Beverly Nwosisi was a student at university, where she
found her love and then got married. Later on she had
to travel abroad the continue her carrier.

As the these characters are real life
people. I didn’t have much to visualise as I
ready knew how they looked and how
the CG world.

The challenge left was getting to know and draw the
characters in different perspective.



young george

adult george

Once all the assets had been fully modelled, I then
textured them all. Even though the final animation
will be in Black and White, adding textures
produces different shades to the objects once the
black and white filter has been added on.

For the render I know what I wanted the
outcome of the animation would be. I
wanted it black and white in some scenes
to reflex the past and the coloured would
be when adult George is narrating the
story. I also wanted the outcome of the
render in a more cartoony style

The process I went about rendering
this scene. Making sure that the
settings is turned to ‘mental ray’. I
then added an “image Based
Lighting” going into its attributes and
changing the ‘type’ settings to
I also made sure that “final gathering
was turned on, to endure that the
render comes out smooth and crisp.

After doing this, I then went into the hypershader adding a ramp and info sampler to
give the character a fake rim light so it could stand out from the environments.
I also added a “use background” shader to the floor plane. This allows the shader to take
any colour that’s from the background, added the same colour to the floor plane.

I then selected the camera and made sure that the background
colour is also set to white.

I also start an animation with a ‘blocked’ animation. This
allows me to focus on the poses on the characters and get the
timing right. To do this I changed both the “default in Tangent”
and the “default out tangent” to Linear and Stepped.

Once the poses and the timing are right on point, I then go back to the
preference and smooth the animation. Changing both tangents to
plateau. This will allow to the animation to flow and automatically
adding in-between frames to the set keys

Refining in another importance in animation. Doing this helps
make the animation more realistic and move fluidly. This
process is basically adding more details into the movements of
the character. The graph editor help with this process.

Once the animation was done, its was
time to composite. I took the rendered
images into after effects, adding all the
sounds and background music. Black and
white was the main visual in this project.
To do so in after effects I went to effects –
colour correction – black and white.

Even though this animation don’t contain many
effects, it did however have one or two scenes with
the smoke effects. To so this I had an alpha video of
a smile file. All I had to do was import the file and
drag to the scene. I then opened the graph editor in
after effects and changed the ease in and ease out
on the smoke animation. There is the final result.