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Weighing in at 1 lb 8oz, the Tournament has superb line

lay and is very strong Arguably it's the smoothest big reel
on the market Other features include a 'Twistbuster'
facility that keeps line twist down, 7-8 ball bearings
depending on model, a tangle free spring loaded guard
and a 10 washer drag that 5 equal to the best around.
Spool conversions are available; each spool holds 100's
of yards of 12lb line. This reel is very classy. Call 01698
355723 for stockists.
Shimano Ultegra XT
This is an out and out distance reel Weighing l lb l0oz its
aluminium spool provides perfect line lay and on the
12000 model, holds 525yds of 121b line. Four ball
bearings and high efficiency gears make this Stress Free
reel smooth though the line clip is not ideal for carp
anglers. You can lock the spool to gain maximum tension
in your line and a 4:3:1 retrieve ratio gives the Ultegra
excellent winding power. More affordable; Stockist
details on 01386 425825.
Quantum Energy
This is surprisingly good and is value for money too.
Possessing eight ball bearings and a gear ratio of 4.2:1,
this reel is powerful and also very smooth. Infinite antireverse is a plus, and a spare spool is very welcome. A
long cast aluminium spool gives good line lay and holds
a lot of line - 328yds of 1 91b mono! Slightly heavy at 1lb
12oz, but in all this is a good looking reel with a very
sensitive drag. The surprise test of the month!
Diawa Emblem-S
This is possibly the best mid-price distance reel that's
ever been invented. Twistbuster, a 10 washer drag, a
wind ratio of 4.6:1 and a spool capacity of 270m of 201b
line combine to make this one of the most popular carp
reels ever. Whilst the reel only contains one ball bearing,
it's still remarkably pleasant to use. Of all the reels, this
is the proven one. Weighing in at 1 lb 8oz, if you want a
guaranteed performer this is the one -no doubt about it.

Penn Carp Master

This reel comes with a spare spool. Their first venture
into the carp market looks a success -this is a solid reel
that will not let you down. Weighing 1 lb 8oz, features
include infinite anti-reverse, three ball bearings and an
aluminium spool that holds an impressive 300yds of 12
lb line. The gear ratio of 4.8:1 gives this reel good
cranking power, and the line lay is of a good standard.
Well worth checking out. For nearest stockist call 0141
Shimano Aerlex GT8000
The model we were sent doesn't have a bail arm I (less
to go wrong when casting), though models with bail arms
are available. This reel is competitively priced, smooth
(not as smooth as the Ultegra) and powerful, with a
retrieve of 3.8:1. Line lay is good, the drag is fine and the
line clip is better than the Ultegra's! Weighing in at 1Ib
5oz the Aerlex is also light and, at 79 per reel, you're
getting a very good deal. The perfect workhorse reel,
good for both spodding and distance fishing.
Diawa Emblem X 5000A
Daiwa's new range of Emblem reels are classy The
cheaper XA reels possess many of the features of the
ZA's, like the 'anti-backlash' system and reversed spool
taper. The latter aids line lay and reduces friction
allowing you to cast that bit further. The Twistbuster line
roller is included and the reel weighs 1lb 10oz with an
impressive wind ratio of 5:1:1 - better than the more
expensive ZA. Line capacity is 280m of 14lb mono. A top
reel that comes recommended.
Cormoran SeaCOR X
The second cheapest reel we were sent was the Cormoran SeaCOR X. It is
a reel designed for sea anglers but the carp boys could find a place for it
when spodding. Coming with one ball bearing it is not the smoothest reel,
but then who needs that for spodding. It's drag surprisingly is OK and the
spool holds 280 yards of 20lb line. A reel that those on a limited budget may
go for but may not last as long as others. Call Brentwood Angling on 01277
200985 for details.
Shakespeare Supra RT
This is another budget reel that's suited to spodding or
distance angling for those who can't afford top-of-therange reels. Weighing in at llb l0oz, the Supra has three
ball bearings and a surprisingly good drag system,
possibly the best of the budget reels. With an aluminium
spool, a reasonable line lay and a capacity of 23Oyds of
15lb line, this reel represents very good value for money.
Not bad for just 44. Check it if you need a spod reel.

Daiwa Emblem Z 5OOOA

This is the flagship of the Daiwa range. A wind ratio of
4.2:1 means this is powerful. The anti-backlash system
prevents birds nest tangles in the cast (tops). You get the
Twistbuster facility, an auto-cast button on the bottom of
the reel (like the XA) and a 10 washer drag that's very
sensitive (also like the XA). It weighs llb l0oz, has a
reversed taper spool and performs very well -with 5 ball
bearings making it very smooth . A top reel.
Diawa Jupiter
Of all the Daiwa reels on the market, I noticed the Jupiter
in my local tackle shop and decided to include it. Not
designed as a carp reel (it's a sea reel), it's light at 1 lb
5oz, has one ball bearing, a passable line lay and a very
acceptable drag. The spool holds 250yds of 17lb line and,
whilst not as powerful as superior models, it will be fine as
a cheap spodding reel. In fact, for a price of 23.99, you
can't really argue - though I wouldn't use it for general
purpose fishing.
This feature is taken from the July 2000 issue of Total Carp Magazine. For more
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