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Weekly Sundays Worship Programs 1/30/09

Jan 31st Worship songs Leader: Penny/Jessica

Pianist: Ruey Panel: Hung

Jesus Christ is the Lord
Holy Are You, Lord
New Arrangment : Chorus / All / Chorus
Grace is sufficient
New Arrangment : Chorus / Verse 1 / Chorus / Verse 1 /
Chorus / last line
Made to worship
(Eng song)
New Arrangment : Chorus / All (as normal)
Let Praise Arise

Feb 7th Worship songs Leader: Jessica/William

Pianist: Rex Panel: Billy

#76 萬福源頭 Come, Thou Fount

耶和華行了大事 The Lord has Done Great Things For Us
滿有能力 I am Strengthened in Him
如鹿渴慕溪水 as the deer
#384 求主扶持 Yield Not to Temptation
Feb 14th Worship songs Leader: Stanza/Connie
Pianist: Ann Panel: Hung/Sig

#8 榮耀歸於真神 To God Be the Glory

萬向新的生命 A Brand New Life

Arrangement: v1 chorus whole song/ bridge/v1 chorus whole
song/bridge/chorus/chorus/last sentence.

全新的你 A New You

Arrangement: v1 v2 chorus whole song/ bridge/v1 v2 chorus whole
song/chorus/chorus/last two lines/last sentence/last sentence.

賜福與你 Blessings of God Be upon You

Arrangement: v1 v1 chorus whole song/bridge/v1 v1 chorus whole

#277 堅固盤石 My Hope Is Built on Nothing Less

Feb 21st Worship songs Leader: Vivian/Jessica

Pianist: Yvonne Panel: William

我以禱告站在祢跟前 Everytime I pray
ast sentence
耶和華你是我的神 Jehovah You Are My God
Arrangement: v1 whole song/bridge/v1 whole song/chorus/chorus/last line
我的神, 我要敬拜祢 My Lord, I worship You ( very slow song)
Arrangement: v1 whole song/v1 whole song/bridge the whole
恩典之路 The Path of Grace (Violins including)
Arrangement: v1/chorus/bridge/v1/chorus/transpose to
F#/chorus/last line

#174 耶穌奇妙的救恩 (Wonderful Grace of Jesus)

Feb 28th Worship songs Leader: Penny/Connie
Pianist: Ruey Panel: Hung/Sig

有一位神 There is a God

Arrangement: Verse 1 / chorus / ***** / Verse 2 / Chorus /
Last 2 lines x 2

信實的神 You Are Faithful

Arrangement: Verse 1 x 2 / Chorus / ***** / Verse 1 /
Chorus x 2 /
Verse 1 -transpose- x 2 / last line x 2

我們愛(讓世界不一樣)We Love
Arrangement: Verse 1 x 2 / Chorus / Verse 1 x 2 / Chorus x
3 / Last 4 lines

How Great Is Our God

Arrangement: Chorus x 2 / Bridge x 2 / Verse 1 / Chorus / Verse 2 /
Chorus /
Bridge x 2 / Chorus x 2

耶和華靠近傷心的人 The Lord is Close to the Broken

Arrangement: All x 2 / Chorus