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Laundry Garment Tracking and Identification [LGIT] is specifically designed to

automate Laundry Operation Servicing Hotels and Hospitals Service.
The Star Hotels and Hospitals Purchase
Expensive Linen Periodically to service
their guest but due to lack of Linen Visibility leads to inefficiency in laundry operation, Impacting Guest Service. LGIT System
Maintains detailed Information about every
garments registered in the system. The Location, Status, availability and history of
every registered item is recorded and monitored 24 x 7. This Features enable operator
to determine the actual life cycle of each
Garments, This Provide you current Inventory Level and establish future Inventory requirements. It also provide you detail report
on what moved In and Out from the Laundry.
LGIT System Utilizes Specialized Lables
from Thermopatch Barcode labels. The Barcode labels are attached to Uniforms and
Linen to accurately and quickly Identify
each Items. This increase the visibility of
the actual inventory and location of individual items accurately.
The Special Barcode Labels will be Heat Sealed to the garments and last long till the
life time of the Garments withstanding heavy Industrial washes and High Temperature
Ironing Process. The Barcode offer fast data collection nearly zero error making very
economical even for small laundry operation. The Barcode Labels and Scanning Device
is comparatively very low compared to other technology making it accurate, easy handling and inexpensive.

LGIT Maintain each garment details to the Database and keep updated the relevant information of garment location and other Parameter like Wash Count etc. LGIT can also
be Integrated with Thermopatch Temporary Marking Machine [Y300].
The Barcode Labels
attached will be scanned
at various location of the
Laundry and updated
automatically to the
server. The Information
of each time will updated
on fly and you can watch
the result at anywhere in
the world.

The LGIT System run on Linux Machine and MySql Powered Database for High Security for the Data Management. System also backup all the data Periodically. Support for
LGIT can be find 24 x 7.
In Short LGIT gives you
> Control Laundry Operation
> Comprehensive and Easy to use
> Saves Time and Money
> Provide Reports for Benchmarking
> Accurate Inventory Reports

Barcode for Identification

The Special Barcode from Thermopatch when Heat Sealed on the Garments will fix
permanently to the Garments withstanding High Industrial Washes and Flat Work Iron
The Barcode heat sealed on the Linen will contain following information
1. Company Name
2. Department Name
3. Category Name
4. Unique Barcode Number
5. Date of Issue

The Benefits of Barcode Labels on Garments is

Items can be tracked all times thought cleaning process.

Labeling Work wear to wearers with individual number offer knowledge on your
garments thought-out its life.

Immediate access to information

By adding barcode into linen, the system is able to provide significant automation of
task such as
1. Assigning garments to correct storage location
2. Receiving linen for laundries
3. Tracking inventory
Provide wealth of information
1. Frequency of cleaning [Wash count]
2. Last time Garment Cleaned
3. Summary of Garments

Infrastructure of LGIT

The LGIT allows the end user to provision large number of assets quickly through Batch Mode Barcode Scanner. This ensures that every asset is accounted for and data being entered is accurate. This
module is a powerful way to provision assets at remote sites and verify and upload them to central repository. This can be done in real time if the system are connected or though a batch upload if the system are disconnected.

The Batch Mode Barcode Scanner offer out of box mobility application are designed to
perform cycle count, Take Inventory stock, check in check out assets and manage asset
inventory at remote location.

Key Benefits
The Barcode Enabled Garment Tracking solution will help Hotels and Hospitals to
achive operational efficiency and real time visibility at very affordable rates. Our Solution will provide the following benefits
1. Track the garment Wash Count, Wash Dates etc
2. Online access to check the status of work 24 * 7
3. System Servers and Backup are Carried out by
LGIT system itself
4. Track the garment Location
5. Track the uniform Location and count
6. Track the Guest Garment Movements
7. Accurate Inventory Reports
8. Track the Guest Garment Information
9. Various Reports such as aging, Expired. Location, and Dwell time Reports for the
customized tracking of your laundry
10.Reduce Purchase of linen by knowing what when and how much to buy.
Control Linen Losses

LGIT Features
The easy to use LGIT system facilitates daily operation very easy. A simple clicks
moves you to any function.

ADD Inventory
Item Tracker
Reports - Contains a variety of vital management Information grouped by type for
easy access
1. Inventory Report
2. Location Report
3. Dwell Report
4. Aged Report
5. Compare Check In and Check Out Reports
Missing Reports

The Inventory report give you detail information of all the garments registered in the LGIT
system. This provides total control and accountability for each Items
The Inventory Report shows the Last Scanned Location, Current Location, Wash Count and
check in date is maintained in real time by LGIT system. The Inventory can be sorted out by
ID Number, Location, Wash Counts etc. This helps to Identify your Inventory Optimization.

The Uniform Manager is a complete software for managing your uniform assets. maintains detailed
information about every garment registered in the system.
The location, status, availability, and history of every registered garment are recorded. This module
tracks when the garment was checked out and by
whom. Garment availability can be determined without searching inventory. This enables operators to
determine the exact location of all garments
whether they are with the employee, in the employees slot or in inventory so that employees are held
accountable for company property. This module provides for tracking of
uniforms assigned to specific employees within the
enterprise, and ensures that all employees are assigned the correct garments. A report for garments
held by terminated employees is provided with the
system software. A garment history is provided by employee name.


The Report screen provides total control and accountability for each item. You will always know where everything is located and who is responsible. Each time garments are
scanned the items move to respective location providing Improved efficiency in tracking the garments.
The System helps you to find out what is located in the Inventory and what is located in
you each
Over 10 Customized Reports are available to improve the efficiency of your Inventory.
The Reports exercise your ability to monitor clean garments, Track and Insure accurate
delivery at step of the process.
*Reports can be customized according to the individual customer requirement.

Check In Check Out Reports

The Scan In Scan Out Report will provide you snap shot of what is moved in and out
from the Laundry. Further on Customized sorting give you more information of every
Garments scanned at the Laundry.
The Scan In Scan Out Comparison Report will check all the items scanned Out at particular date and scan In for the date and identify what is missed when scan in and alert
this information to your missing reports.

What LGIT Provides

LGIT is a Proprietary Software with the right mix of technology, equipment
[Thermopatch Printers and labels] and Supplies to fit the need of each of our Clients.
LGIT integrate the latest technology to ensure that it is most up to date and cost effective system on market.
We analyze your operation including onsite visit finds your requirement and propose
most cost effective solution including
1. Database Customization and Setup
2. Speacilized Equipment and Supplies
3. On Site Installation of Software and Equipment [Including Tuning and Con
figuration ]
4. On Site Training of Staff and Managers
5. Coordination of LGIT system with existing Internal Procedures
6. 24 * 7 Support and Maaintance
7. Free Software Upgrades