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Protected NOT Protected from Circumcision from Circumcision §18USC116 More than 1 million U.S. boys are forcefully circumcised every year. Please endorse the MGM Bill proposals and help protect boys from genital cutting. Normal Intact Penis Frenulum| (hidden) Ridged Band ‘agra org, & comments@mgmbillorg - www.mngmbillorg Circumcision is medically unnecessary and damages a ‘man’s sexual function for life. Shouldn't it be his choice? (Our federal and stale MGM Bill proposals would amend Current FGM (female genital mutilation} laws to include protection for boys. You can encourage lawmakers fo sponsor these bills by adding your organization's name fo our Ist of endorsers af www.mgmbillorg/endorsements.him. To do so, please email us ct comments@mgmbillorg with your name, your group's name and contact information, and an Guthotized statement approving your group's endorsement, Circumcision Damage Sexual nerves are amputated Exposed glans keratinizes Scar “using sonic evidence AAP 1999 CrcumestionPotey Statement Rectan 2005"

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