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Practice--Back to Basics

Srinivasan Nenmeli (Iyengar)

From time to time, we have to return to
basics. Yoga offers many challenges..We wish to
try and master more difficult poses or asanas .
It is like scaling mountains of greater and
greater heights, as we gain strength, stamina
and greater flexibility . But then , we may miss
out on certain basic stuff--the kind of practice
that checks your foundations..It is in this
spirit, this article is written.

1 Start with Tadasana --the Mountain Pose
Spend a couple of minutes doing the simple
standing pose--the mountain pose...It checks and
restores your balance...Do you wobble while

doing this pose?....Are you really steady like a

mountain, that is, without tremors? Is your
breathing smooth and regular? This is the pose
you should do in the morning soon after you get
up and later when you start your daily routine
of yoga.

The relaxing poses
No one is entirely free from stresses of daily
2 Sit in Sukhasana[ half lotus] and stretch your
legs and then fold in Bhadra pose. [Your foot
palms touch each other.] Watch your breath and
stay in this pose for at least 5 minutes.
3 Another great relaxing pose is that of
"supta baddha kona asana" -- the reclining pose
with legs touching each other and your back

resting on a pile of pillows. Breathe slowly and

regularly. Close your eyes if you like. Think of
pleasant sights.Stay for 5 to 10 minutes.

4 Eka padangustana asana

Lie flat on the mat. Slowly raise one leg at a
time to vertical position; hold for a few
seconds and then lower slowly --very slowly-- to

the ground. Then do with the other leg.

[ This pose strengthens the abdominal muscles
and improves digestion; it releases gases from
the tummy and if you are repeat a few times, can
reduce the belly fat. Every one knows that the
'belly fat' is the worst offender for a slim,
healthy body. You may also get a beautiful hip.]

5 The Cobra pose-Bhujanga asana
If you find Cobra pose difficult, practice for a
few days the simpler "sphinx pose".
Lie flat on your tummy and lift up the front of
your chest, while supporting yourself with the
I cannot too strongly recommend the Cobra for
any student of yoga. After all, we start
building our spine as small children doing the

Cobra hundreds of time; watch any child!

6 The Downward dog [Adho mukha svana asana]
A great stretch, as dogs do from time to time
,and relaxing for the chest and the heart by its
downward position. This is the staple of all
yoga lovers..Dont miss out on this;do this at
least three times a day.

Downward Dog Pose

If you have a pet dog, count how many times it
does this stretch in a day. Your pet knows

The Cobra Pose

7 The Corpse pose [Savasana]
This is a great relaxing pose; it is not easy;
B K S Iyengar stated that it is one of the
toughest poses.
Note that you have to relax every muscle and
joint and what is more ,even the skin. It
requires intense concentration to do this right.
You must lie down for at least 10 minutes to get

excellent benefits....Indeed, the benefits are

great! Every yoga teacher stresses this pose for
lowering your hypertension ; try this . This may
be the last pose you do every day..

To sum up, do not miss out on these seven basic
poses with your practice or even when you are
on vacation or traveling ; spend a few moments;
keep your yoga practice well grounded!!
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1 B K S Iyengar-- Light on Yoga [Yoga deepika]
2 Swami Vishnudevananda --The complete book of

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