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Escola Superior de Gesto e Tecnologia

The importance of the new

technologies in our daily lives

Course: TSC - Technologies and Programming of Information Systems

Subject: English
Teacher: Maria Emilia Pereira
Developed by: Daniel Belas ( ), Gilberto Fernandes and Tiago Bento





New technologies and their importance on our daily life______________________3












Smartphones (Androids and iOS)___________________________________5



New technologies and our private life____________________________________5


Profiles on social networks and job life_______________________________6


Is it safe to connect to the internet using a public network?________________7


Is a privete network safe?_________________________________________7


Is it possible for someone dont have any record on the internet?__________7




Web Sources_______________________________________________________8

1. Introduction

This work was developed for the subject of English Language, and has as
theme The importance of the new Technologies on our daily life. It was
suggested by the teacher with the purpose of improving our English language
We will now give a brief introduction on the theme.
Mankind has gone through several technologic revolutions since the discovery
of fire, we discovered how to make tools, which would help us bind the nature
to our will and saved us a lot of time; we discovered how to farm and raise
animals, before this discovery people still were nomads and were always
roaming looking for food resources. This gave us the opportunity to settle in one
place and gave us even more time to socialize and make even more
discoveries. Since then our technologies keep improving and improving always
with the objective of helping us doing or daily actions more easily.
Nowadays we have computers, television, cinema, radio, internet, smartphones,
Tablets, Androids, iOS; but where did all these technologies come from? And
what is their usage and in which are they important to us?

2. New technologies and their importance on our

daily life
2.1. Radio
Nowadays, the radio is one of the most used media, we listen to it while driving,
showering, while studying, while exercising, or ever as an alarm clock. On the
radio we can not only listen to music, but also to the news, weather reports and
the traffic, and interviews. The radio is ones only companion while driving alone
for long periods of time, and the facts that we can listen the weather reports and
the traffic may help some change their path to their destination in a way that we
can reach it faster and safer, having a great importance for the daily routine of

2.2. Cinema
Despite that the cinema was invented a long time ago, people still love to go the
cinema, not only has a social experiment, as going with a group of friends watch
a movie, but also because almost all the recent movies are displayed on the
cinema before reaching the TV or Shops, also some people prefer the cinema

to the television because of the quality of the image and sound, and turning the
experience of watching that important movie a lot more memorable.

2.3. Television
At the television we can watch movies, cartoons, documentaries, Televisionseries, the news, and sports.
Some years ago one of the most popular past-time now is decreasing in
popularity. The new generation of teens spend almost no time watching
television, but on at the computer. This may have been caused by the slow
adaptions of the television to the new interest of the teens. Nevertheless it still
captivates the children because of the cartoons and the easy access to them
and the 30+ generations that may not be as adapted to the new
technologies/internet. These facts may probably have led to a decrease on the
quality of the displayed programs, in most of the channels of European
television companies, with the decline on audiences television channels seem
to had made them got desperate on getting more audiences with the
introduction of thrash television as maybe as a mean of shock audiences and
led them to watch more television.

2.4. Internet
The internet is rising exponentially on popularity since the last 15 years, once
only used for work and email, now a place to socialize and get knowledge. This
rise in popularity is caused by the large uses that it provides not only by a mean
to get information, we can watch videos, listen to music, chat or call friends,
being on a social network, look for a job, shop, play online games with other

people, read the news, meet new people, and even listen to radio and

2.5. Computer
Nowadays it's almost impossible to imagine that someone can live without
computers, since they are used almost every day by individuals of every age
and are essential in almost all the business dealings that are made nowadays.
The Computers have gained significance as they have improved the efficiency
and productivity of work done, and can store a large amounts of information.
Computers have also helped the media and the entertainment industries. Be it a
multi-million dollars movie or a two minutes commercial, computers have
changed the usual concept of providing entertainment to the public. And with
the computer business growing so fast, the computer industry has also brought
about an invention such as the tablets and laptops which have replaced the
desktops since they have a decrease in size, it has become very easy to carry
and use them anywhere you are to the fullest.
The importance of computers in our daily lives can be judged by the number of
people using them each single day. Computer is not only used by professionals,
but also by the little children and grownups at our homes.

2.6. Smartphones (Androids and iOS)

Nowadays a phone isnt just a tool to keep in contact with someone, but also a
camera, an agenda, a radio, and a small computer. We live in the era of
technology, where everything around us is connected to our smartphone in one way, or
another. Things that were manually done just a decade ago can now be done using our

smartphone, and it is changing consumer behavior. The phones that we use and see
around us today can perform functions that no one had ever thought could be
performed by a smartphone.

Since the invention of the phone it was a means of bringing people closer by
minimizing distances. But today, applications like Whatsapp, Viber, Skype, Line
Messenger and Kik Messenger have further reduced the distances between people. No
matter what part of the world your friends or family member is, he/she is never out of
reach! And all these instant-messaging applications are absolutely free. So it is all
about innovation and providing the best possible service

Students can keep in touch with friends, conduct their study related research online on
smartphones and play games. Employees can keep their work well organized using
various apps, prepare presentations, keep themselves managed so that they are never
late for meetings and appointments, and there is also a wide variety of apps available
which help them in their day to day work. Other citizens can stay up to date with the
latest news, weather forecasts, upcoming events, local happenings, etc. Therefore, no
matter what age, gender, profession and field of life you belong to, there is always a
variety of apps available on the smartphone stores which can help you make your daily
life better, easier and smoother.

2.7. Tablets
With the growing advancement in the technology, people can now have all the
benefits that they get from the use of desktop or laptops in one portable
device. These devices are referred to as Tablets.

In this busy world, Tablets provide speed, convenience, portability and

accessibility when performing any action over it. These are generally very
light and compact. It stores all necessary data and information that users
would need and can be accessible anytime. The most important thing is
that these devices are provided with touch screen feature.


devices dont need

the use of other peripheral devices like that of

keyboard, mouse or any other kind of modem, hence it becomes quite


easier to use such devices as compared to that of the desktop or laptops.

It become more user- friendly and can be used by the touch from the
fingertip or even stylus.

3. New technologies and our private life

In the case of a surveillance system of a building, an individual is constantly
being recorded when entering or exiting or remaining in the building.
In school, when a student passes the ID card at the entrance and exit is
recorded the date and time, when he buys lunch or meals.
When an individual passes through a road toll and surveillance cameras
records the time you spend there, and if you paid or not.
All of this can be used for criminal investigations to assist in any investigation.

In supermarkets, a consumer uses a card that identifies what someone

consumes and that traces a profile that can be studied revealing the products
that have a greater presence in the tickets of customers purchases and can
thus be more relevant in the proposals that customers make with the card.
If a phone does not have any security code anyone can come in and install any
software, without the user concern. This access can allow the installation of
malware that allows control or spying of the individual, allowing the view of the
victim messages, eavesdropping calls, and even passwords to accounts logged
on the phone. Any one doing this is committing a crime and can be prosecuted
by this act. However this can be avoid by the victim just by having a lock code
and not downloading files from no trusted founts.

Safety habits are very important to prevent these situations, such as when we
go out to the street and have our wallet in a safe place, and not in plain sight.
Recently, a computer attack revealed intimate photographs of famous people.
Hackers discovered a flaw that if exploit would give them access to the remote
repository of photographs, managing to get access the database of
photographs of a wide range of users.

However a mobile phone can be spied legally as long as consent to act by the
user and the spy or if any legal force has a mandate, for the investigation of a
But is it correct spying your child 24/7 using this type of software just to keep
them safe in case of danger?
Some parents want to know where their children go, who they are with, and if
they are in potential danger so they can intervene. And invest a lot in this type of
monitoring devices. There are several technologies to make this type of control
and in Portugal there is a smartphone built just for kids, which has a very
strong parental control and allowing parents to know where do the children go
(what they are doing, play, browse, with whom are speaking, to whom they can

3.1. Profiles on social networks and job life

Despite this being considerate a bad practice, some enterprises, beyond having
an interview, and analyzing the curriculum, even analyze the Social network
profiles of the candidates to a job.
In Portugal the first cases of this type of problems caused by what was written
on Facebook start appearing. People must have a sense that what they post on
Facebook can have a big impact on their business life.

3.2. Is it safe to connect to the internet using a public network?

In a public network one must be extremely careful because it has a potential of
many situations in which our security can be compromised. Should be avoid
being carrying important files, or login in important business networks in public
networks. Vulgar access to sites typically run clear, but is possible to know
whether the individual is accessing the site from Facebook, gmail, and even
intersect data and copy/ delete it.

3.3. Is a private network safe?

The home network is also not safe. The fact that our network is open to the
outside can cause us problems, i.e., the basic rule is to always change the
password that was made by default by the internet provider. And pick a good
password, it will be understood by a good password if has at least more than 8
characters, 1 majuscule and 1 number.

3.4. Is it possible for someone not to have any record on the

Technically it is, you would have to delete every account you have, some sites
where you cant delete them by yourself you would have to contact the website
and ask for the their elimination, close all your personal sites such as blogs,
Delete search engine returns that feature you and clean your computer.

4. Conclusion
While doing this work we improved or vocabulary on the area of technologies and our
English writing improved.

Although the new technologies have great importance on our daily life and
make our lives easier, they also can take away our privacy or even make us
easy targets for a crime. But seems like with this new threat people started to
get paranoid, and started to develop a lot of security measures that led to even
more decrease on the privacy of someone.

5. Web Sources