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The Akron Beacon Journal ....

Transformation of A News Titan-

An Investigative Report, By Special Correspondent Michael A Massa, J.D
Submitted Saturday, October 27, 2007
Exclusive to Keyper News Syndicate
When an outfit out of Canada bought the Akron Beacon Journal last summer, more than a few e

More than a few rumors had been swirling about the buy-out and morale was floundering in th
When the Beacon Journal first announced 27 job cuts throughout the newspapers departments,
Seasoned old-timers were being let go, many who had proven themselves and had been ensconce
A new kid was in town and he wasn't pulling punches. Both rounds of cuts were meant to posi
After the cuts, Moss had speculated in public comments that the journal would have around 7
The largest daily owned prior to the acquisition of the Akron Beacon Journal was the Honol
CEO David Black proudly asserted at the announcement of the Beacon Journals purchase last s
Despite the platitudes, concerns for the Beacon Journal were well-founded and the move was
The Journals coverage and efforts had previously been aimed toward a five-county area of no
But concerns have persisted. Black, who is often compared to having the brinkmanship and po
Black had stated that his community newspapers (except for one publication, the Terrace Sta
In view of this, the pundits have had plenty of fodder in recent months to fuel even furthe
At a recent address before the Akron Roundtable, Publisher Ed Moss openly expounded on some
Moss noted that newspapers across the North America have been doing serious self-appraisal
Margins are being squeezed and investor pressure is high, reiterated Moss. He mentioned tha
Moss went on to affirm that the newsroom itself has been effectively restructured to emphas
In spite of both the inward as well as visual changes at the paper, observers are quick to
In strategic steps to cement its preeminent position, the newsroom has recently taken furth
The papers online news property, with its all-encompassing Ohio.Com moniker, has a state-wi
Simple, pure, and self-evident, Ohio.Com is an entity with which to be reckoned and is bold
In view of all these new developments and new channels of news dissemination, the very natu
Even Ohio's new Governor has been weighing in on the issue of news outlets catering to stoc
During the speech before the large group, Strickland's talk focused largely on issues relat
Rick Edmonds, Media and Business Analyst for the renown Poynter Institute, a think-tank and
Edmonds further remarked that newspapers in growing regions, as example, have a growing con
The future success of the Beacon Journal is certainly unclear, and it remains to be seen wh
Michael A Massa, Investigative Reporter

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