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Guidance Unit

Respecting: Language and Boundaries

Dani Pena Avila
Elementary: Mount View Elementary
Guidance Unit:
Lesson 1:

Students will have a
visual representation of
what words can do to

Students will be handed out a pretest. Counselor will read the

questions to the class but each student should answer each questions
with the best k knowledge they.
Mutual Respect:
Sticks and stones may hurt my bones but words will never hurt

1. Large paper cut
in shape of a
2. White board
3. Dry erase

Key words:
Compassion, Empathy,
mutual respect

Students will be introduced to Charlie - Charlie is a cut out

figure of a human. Charlie represents all and every one of us
at some point in our lives.
Define negative and positive language and its effects on our
health and body.
Ask students to name or say out loud something negative they
have heard from their peers.
1. Each time a student shares a phrase or word, write on
the white board as well as crumble a piece of Charlies
2. Have multiple students share until Charlie is a ball of

Ask various students their thoughts on what negative words

do to our self-esteem or body?

Unfold/un-crumble Charlie. Charlie is now completely

wrinkled. The wrinkles represent the lasting effect of negative
words our self-esteem or how we see ourselves.

Ask students if they have ever felt this way; pick different
students to share.

Now that negative language has been introduced, introduce

the idea of positive language. What effect would positive
language have on you and your friends, family, community?

Guidance Unit
Respecting: Language and Boundaries
Dani Pena Avila
Elementary: Mount View Elementary
Lesson 2:

Ball of Yarn:

Students will learn and
practice using I
statements and the
impact an I statement
has when giving a
complement to peers or
other people.

Invisible threads are the strongest ties.

Chairs set up in a circle

~Fredrich Nietzsche

Class will be rearranged into a circle format for this lesson.

What is an I statement? What does it do to your sentence or

1. I Statements will be introduced.
2. Purpose of taking ownership of what you say
3. Why is it important to take ownership of your words or what
you say? (people can hold you accountable to what you say)

Ball of yarn and directions for complimentary circle will be

1. Directions for activity:
(a) Counselor will start, I like how Julian is always
focused, and works hard on his work, pass ball of
yarn to Julian while holding the beginning part of
the yarn ball.
(b) Julian then picks a peer, says I like how (Name)
then pass the ball of yarn to the student he
complemented while also holding a piece of the
(c) Students will say a positive trait of a fellow
classmate as they pass around the ball of yarn.

Once everyone has had a chance to complement someone in

the class, the yarn ball will be returned to the counselor.

Ask students what they see and how the yarn can relate to the
quote stated at the beginning of class.

Explain how every day interactions can have an impact on

someones day depending on what you stay to them. The yarn
we see here is the invisible thread that can tie us to someone
either in a negative or positive way.

Key words:
Accountability, trait

Guidance Unit
Respecting: Language and Boundaries
Dani Pena Avila
Elementary: Mount View Elementary

Lesson 3:

Students will understand
what their persona space
is and what that looks
like for their peers.
White board
Dry erase markers
Plastic play hoops
Key words:
Personal space,
goundaries, healthy
lifestyle, tolerance,
patience, awareness

Personal Space and Boundaries:

The only real conflict you will ever have in your life wont be with
others, but with yourself.
Shannon L. Alder
Tolerance is nothing more than patience with boundaries.
Shannon L. Alder
No" is a complete sentence.
Anne Lamott
I don't touch people and they don't touch me.
Katie McGarry
Setting boundaries is a way of caring for myself. It doesn't make me
mean, selfish, or uncaring because I don't do things your way. I care
about me too.
Christine Morgan
Honoring your own boundaries is the clearest message to others to
honor them, too.
Gina Greenlee
Being able to say, No, is a necessary ingredient in a healthy lifestyle.
David W. Earle
1. The ability to be emotionally attached to others, yet without giving up
a sense of self and ones freedom to be apart,
2. The ability to say appropriate no's to others without fear of loss of
3. The ability to take appropriate no's from others without withdrawing

Guidance Unit
Respecting: Language and Boundaries
Dani Pena Avila
Elementary: Mount View Elementary

Boundaries represent awareness, knowing what the limits are and then
respecting those limits.
David W. Earle

Various quotes will be introduced and students will share their

thoughts as they deconstruct them to see how students see
personal space and boundaries.

Defining personal space through activity:

ii) Use plastic play hoops. Each hoop represents their
personal space.
iii) Pick a few students; students will walk around and
interacting with other students with a plastic play hoop.
iv) Let students know that boundaries are part of the real
world and it is their responsibility to either let other
people come into their personal space or not as well as
respecting other peoples personal space.

Personal space can look very different depending on age, race,

language, gender, ability, SES, intelligence, athleticism, looks,