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Name: Dani Pena Avila

Group Content Area: Personal/Social

Group Topic: Immigration Issues
Group Sequence: Group #1.
Goals for the Group:
a. Washington State Learning Standards:
The Arts
English Language arts
b. Unit Objective: In this initial group meeting students will be introduced to group purpose
and group content as well as learning a bit of each group member. Student will have an
opportunity to share ideas on group norms. Members will then have an opportunity to
voice their fears, concerns or questions regarding this topic. I will facilitate an art activity
where students take a regular show box, cover it and make it into a reflection of them.
This activity will happen next group.
Group Rationale: Undocumented students face many and various barriers starting the moment
they set foot into this country. Academically, students struggle with learning English, adapting or
acculturating to a new culture, and so on. At a societal level, recently with the efforts of many
undocumented students, the Dream Act and Dream Acts came into being through undocumented
students self advocacy. Undocumented students have been very political thus bringing a lot of
visibility to the equity for education for undocumented students. The author shares that new
a. Needs Assessment- Gathered data from my needs assessment survey demonstrates that
undocumented students have a fear or develop anxiety from issues such as possibly being
deported or a family member being deported.
b. Research Literature- Undocumented students learn to challenge notions of their identity
as undocumented immigrants and use it as a way to create visibility and end the silence
for their communities.
Materials Needed:
Consent forms
Poster paper

Group Outline: Outline is attached.

Evaluation/Assessment: The group met for 45 minutes. I shared the purpose of the group,
opened the conversation for questions and lastly worked on group norms. Pre-test will be
conducted on the second meeting.
1. Galindo, R. (2012). Undocumented & unafraid: The DREAM Act 5 and the public
disclosure of undocumented status as a political act. Urban Review, 44(5), 589-611.
2. Rodriguez, G. M., & Cruz, L. (2009). The transition to college of English Learner and
undocumented immigrant students: Resource and policy implications. Teachers College
Record,111(10), 2385-2418.
3. Allen, K. (2006). Handout or helping hand?. Diverse: Issues In Higher
Education, 23(11), 16-17.

Group Counseling Case Presentation

Group Counseling Session Summary Seattle University
Counselor Information
Counselors Name: Dani Pena Avila
Internship Site: Mount View Elementary
Group Information
Group Name: Undocumented and Surviving

Group Session #: 1

Group Summary #: 1

Presenting Problems: Students were introduced to group. Some students were having difficulty
understanding some of the terms like: deportation, detainment, as well as setting up norms.

Evaluative Questions
1. What are the goals for this group meeting?
Students will understand basic information on where to get information regarding
undocumented status. Students will also understand a bit more of Dream Acts and DACA
legislation. In addition, students will learn what advocate means and who are their biggest
advocates as undocumented students.
2. What was the major theme/content of this group session?
Issues pertaining to undocumented students, laws around immigration and resources.
3. Describe the interpersonal dynamics between you and the group during the session.
Specifically address your reactions to the group, and why?
The students are all mixed statuses; some are undocumented and some are documented but
children of undocumented parents. It was interesting to see how developmentally some
students only think about their identity without having an understanding of others
immigration status.
4. What multicultural factors are playing out in the group?
5th grade culture definitely plays out through dominant conversation. I need to find a way
to have the 4th grade students speak up and share more. In addition, gender culture (girl
culture) is present as the girls seem to be running the show for the most part.

5. How successful was the group session (explain why)?

The session was very successful. Students were engaged and asked questions as well as
demonstrated peer support amongst them.

6. What are the plans/goals for the next group session?

Next group students will be completing the pre-test. Also, students will be starting their
expressive art activity.
7. Do you have specific questions the professor could assist you with regarding this or future
group sessions?
Our school is doing tons of testing. How do I pull kids out of their class without having
them miss class one day a week for 6 weeks (or more), especially in a school where
students need all the support they can get?