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Company Overview
Turkish Airlines (THY) is Turkey’s national carrier and Europe’s fourth largest airline. THY’s headquarters is in
Istanbul, Turkey and has been a member of the Star Alliance since 2006.
Turkish Airlines continues to grow and prosper. THY’s traffic increased 19.6% during 2012 to 39 million passengers.
In June 2013, Skytrax World Airline Awards selected Turkish Airlines as “Best Airline in Europe”. This is the third
year in a row THY retains this title.
THY currently has a fleet of 233 aircraft consisting of A-310 (cargo), A-319/320/321, B-737, B-737NG, A-330, A-340
and B-777 aircraft. THY continues to accept new aircraft to keep pace with its planned growth.
Turkish Airlines serves more than 231 destinations worldwide.

A-330-340 & B-777 NON-RATED First Officer Requirements

Minimum Frozen ATPL
Minimum 3000 flight hours on aircraft over 27 tonnes
Minimum 2,000 hours on applied aircraft from the following aircraft types:
B-767, B-747, B-787, A-300, A-310, A-380, MD11, Aero Spaceline Super Guppy 377 SGTF

Current First Class Medical Certificate (Meet the required health conditions of the Airlines Transportation
of the ICAO Annex-1 and JAR FCL 3 on Airline Transportation Pilot)
Within the last 2 years, not a break of more than 12 months as F/O on the applied aircraft.
ICAO English Language Proficiency Level 4 (Pilots must pass an English exam administered by THY)
Between the ages of 22-45 on the date of employment (If the total flight time is 4,500 + on aircraft over
27 tonnes, the age limitation is 50 on the date of employment)
Minimum High School Diploma or higher
No history of accidents, incidents or written disciplinary issues
No history of criminal record

1. Candidates must be accepted by Turkish after a successful interview.
2. Turkish Airlines will provide successful candidate with a Letter of Intent, assuring that once they get their
To Apply, Contact Mr. Wayland Johnson at:
+1.800.620.7130 / +1.540.737.4600

Paramount Aviation Resources Group, Inc.

800 Corporate Drive, Suite 301
Stafford, Virginia 22554 U.S.A.

11 Feb 2015

Medical Insurance: Provided for Pilot by THY Rotation: According to THY company policy Term: Contracts are permanent Annual Leave: Twenty (20) days paid leave after 1 year Twenty Six (26) days paid leave after 5 years Thirty (30) days paid leave after 15 years Permits: THY will pay for cost of Work Permit and Resident Permit Per Diem: Varies by destination Travel Benefits: Pilots will have 2 reduced tickets to go home every month. Training Center for Rating Training will be determined at the interview.737.Paramountarg. 9. 3. Contact 11 Feb 2015 wayland.94 .00/ Quarter TL 110.951. 5.540. 8. Virginia 22554 U. Suite 301 Stafford.type rated candidates.A. 4. Type rated course will be self.S.sponsored by the individual. www.800.Over 70 hours Contractual Provisions: Housing: THY will provide hotel accommodations and transportation for the first 45 days. 6. The TRTO (type rated training center’s) will be provided by THY by the respective department.4600 Paramount Aviation Resources Group. THY will need to be informed 3 weeks prior to the candidate finishing their type rating course in order to start the work permit process on time to avoid any . 10. Applicants will have the same terms and conditions as current Turkish Captains/First Officers.7130 / +1. The candidate is required to start employment and complete all preparation inside 6 months from the time they receive the Letter of Intent (LOI). Inc. After they fulfill their 1st year. Wayland Johnson at: +1. 800 Corporate Drive. 7.620.johnson@paramountarg. Non-Type rated pilots will sign the same contract as Turkish pilots sign and will have the same salary. rosters etc. they will start receiving ZED tickets plus 2 reduced tickets every month. Compensation: Salary: Bonus: Overtime: TL 11. benefits. To Apply.type rating they will be employed by the company.521/Monthly TL 5. There will not be an extra bond for the non.