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Shed a tear ‘cause I’m missing you.
I’m still alright to smile.
Girl, I think about you every day now.
Was a time when I wasn’t sure,
but you set my mind at ease.
There is no doubt
you’re in my heart now.
Said, woman, take it slow.
It’ll work itself out fine.
All we need is just a little patience.
Said, sugar, make it slow,
and we’ll come together fine.
All we need is just a little
Mm, yeah.

Sometimes I get so tense,
but I can’t speed up the time.
But you know, love,
there’s one more thing to consider.
Said, woman, take it slow,
and things will be just fine.
You and I’ll just use a little patience.
Said, sugar, take the time
‘cause the lights are shining bright.
You and I’ve got what it takes to make it.
We won’t fake it.
I’ll never break it
‘cause I can’t take it.

© 2014 Boris Teaches You English by Using Songs

I sit here on the stairs
‘cause I’d rather be alone.
If I can’t have you right now,
I’ll wait, dear.

) just trying to get it right. . yeah. (yeah.) It’s hard to see with so many around. . but.) (just a little patience.) Yeah.(Little patience. but I need you. . . baby. . . . . (yeah. I need you. (yeah. (is all you need. yeah.) Ooh. (just a little patience.) And the streets don’t change.) I’ve been walking the streets at night. (yeah. . the name. .) You know I don’t like being stuck in the crowd (Could use some patience. . (Need some patience.) Ooh.) Ooh. . . this time.) (some more patience. .) Aah.) (Need a little patience.. (All it takes is patience. .) (Mm yeah. yeah. I need you. (Gotta have some patience.) I ain’t got time for the game ‘cause I need you. mm yeah..

to get to become what/all it takes what/all is needed to make it to achieve it to fake it to pretend (it is real) can’t take it can’t endure it so many so many people (in this context) to get it right to do things well but the name except the name Idioms Take it slow Don’t rush to put/set somebody’s mind at ease to make somebody feel relaxed Informal Writing or Speaking n’/’n’ // = and Shed = I shed Was = There was ’cause // = because I’m // = I am wasn’t // = was not you’re // = you are it’ll // = it will . sweetheart I’d rather. .Phrasal Verbs to work out to work. . . to develop well or in a satisfactory way to speed up to accelerate. to quicken Vocabulary Said Hey. . (semi-auxiliary) I prefer to. Listen sugar (US) dear.

’d rather = . .Informal Writing or Speaking we’ll // = we will . In this song we can see that I. . .would rather. . it is a state verb. and We were omitted in several lines. There. . Example: I am missing you (not recomended) I miss you (better) Note 2 In conversation ellipsis (omission of elements that can be easily understood from the context) is very common. had rather can’t // = can not/cannot Need = We need Could = We could I’ll // = I will there’s // = there is I’ve got // = I have (got) won’t // = will not it’s // = it is don’t // = do not ain’t got / / = do not have (got) Gotta // = We have (got) to Note 1 When the verb to miss means to feel sad because you can no longer see somebody or do something that you like. . . (or colloquial/old-fashioned US). and in that case it is rarely used in continuous tenses.