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Vote Gerry Downing for Rep I am a supporter of the

Socialist Fight group and have

fought for the working class
on Thursday 25 February and its socialist future all my
political life. I have held many

positions in the trade unions
rothers and Sisters: I am standing for election as Rep in and Labour movement. I am a
Cricklewood because I am the only candidate who has bitter enemy of capitalism and
its TU and Labour bureaucratic
really fought for the drivers against pro-management
defenders. The Tories are the
union Reps and Convenors since 1991. I have been main enemy of the working
sacked twice by the Company and there have also been a few class. Our slogan is; Vote
serious misconduct charges. There are many in Cricklewood who Labour but prepare to fight!

will remember the campaign fought by Hash Jiwa and me in
will not attend and will fight for the union to
2000, Hash’s removal from the garage after he was elected as
ban the annual Company Conference in the
Chair and my sacking in early 2001 for taking an internal petition
Eastbourne Unite Hotel. Here most big London
to the union seeking his return which many of you signed.
Bus Companies treat their Managers, Convenors

and Shop Stewards to a weekend of good food and
he Branch has been run in a very haphazard fashion,
drink to discuss industrial relations and “respect”.
failing to meet monthly as is stipulated in the Rule
Book, failing to keep the drivers informed of what Our Officer (RIO) said that last year’s Conference was
affects them – some items on the notice board have the best ever and “a sight to behold”. I will buy my
been there for the last ten years it seems. It does not hold an own food, drink and hotel accommodation like the
AGM, as required in the rule book and by law. It accepted rest of the drivers. Those who take the Queen’s shil-
new schedules without consulting members and has not ling tend to become the Queen’s person.

even posted the candidates names for this election.
t was with great shock and anger that I heard the
I believe the Branch should meet outside the garage in
foul rumour that I had attempted to stop the Mus-
the Railway Club, it should get outside speakers on current
affairs, disputes, strikes and whatever else take the mem-
lim drivers using the prayer room in West Perivale
bers’ fancy. There should be a proper functioning Branch two years ago. This is a monstrous lie; the very op-
Committee. I believe the problems in this union go right to posite is the truth. Others questioned the use of the
the top. I will be supporting Jerry Hicks for Unite General prayer area, a furious row developed with several Mus-
Secretary later in the year because he comes from industry lim drivers who thought the union and managers were
and is not a bureaucrat, and is a supporter of the rank and attempting to take their prayer area from them. They
file. He would build a Militant union like the RMT. fought to defend it. A Muslin driver then alleged he was
If we go on like this we will have decades of conflict racially abused by the Rep who then resigned saying he
with growing numbers of the best militants leaving Unite for no longer felt able to represent Muslims.
the RMT, meaning we will never be able to get rid of the I was the only one from the union to defend their
management stooge Reps so common now. The London bus rights like I defended Hash Jiwa, I helped them to write
workers should be one of the best organised and strongest in down what had happened and send it to the HR Depart-
the country but Unite’s half-hearted, unserious attempts at
ment and the Union to ask for the matter to be sorted.
unity have come to nothing because Unite union leaders are
unwilling to fight for an end to competitive tendering and for
The outcome was that the Rep withdrew his resignation
public ownership of the buses lest this upset the big bosses. saying he never racially abused anyone, the driver who
alleged he was racially insulted asked to be transferred

ll drivers should be paid the rate for the job, but Unite and is now a Willesden driver and I was given a written
have agreed to new rates for new starters in Metroline warning because I believed the driver and called the Rep
and all over London in the last two years, as they did
a racist.
during privatization from 1993. This sows disunity,
pitting one section of workers against another. The great Cener- Not even my worst enemies thought of accusing
west strike in 2000 reversed this trend. The 13 different rates of me of racism at the time. This is an act of real despera-
pay then in Westbourne Park alone must never return. tion by those who are circulating these tales now be-
Drivers should respect picket lines, even if they do not cause the truth can so easily be established. You can ask
agree with the majority decision. I have never crossed a picket West Perivale drivers, particularly the Muslims; many of
line and never would; that is to betray your mates. the 210 drivers came from that garage.