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A Programme of Sadhana
by Swami Sivananda
You must have a definite programme of life. Ask an ordinary man, "what is your programme of
life?," he will tell you, "I want to retire as a Dewan in a state." Another will aspire to retire as an
Engineer in a state. They cannot think further. Why? Because they have not got an introspecting
or disciplined mind. He does not know how to spend his time. He does not know the benefits of
getting up at 4 O' clock, Brahma Muhurta. He will waste his energy in playing cards. He has
education and knowledge, but he does not know how to spend his time. So if he had trained
himself when he remained in the world he would have been able to spend time usefully. He will
be able to concentrate and devote himself to higher pursuits. If laziness stands in your way, you
will at once come to know from the books that Pranayama will help you. Do some Sirshasana.
Various other obstacles may come in through lack of a Guru by your side. It is only an earnest
Sadhaka who will experience these obstacles. Ordinary people will not come across such
obstacles. As soon as they practise Sadhana obstacles come up. You must avoid too much
conversation. You must adjust yourself nicely. All these things are necessary. Too much of work,
too much of talking-all these are obstacles and must be removed. A combined method seems to
be suitable to the majority of Sadhakas. Attack the enemy from within and without. Do
Pranayama and introspect, do Japa, study. By all these methods try to destroy the mental Vrittis.
In these ways you will be able to control the mind easily.
All these accessories are necessary. He who is interested in the well-being of the world, he who
has equal vision, he who has controlled his Indriyas, only that man can become a fit Arhat and
through him only Atmic light can shine. Only such a man can do real service, since he will be able
to realise that all are manifestations of the Lord.
Have you experienced anyone suffering from some disease? Could you remember if you had
experience of anyone suffering great pain from lumbago or continuous fever? What sort of feeling
was in you then? Just put yourself in the position of the sufferer and imagine the situation. You
must be able to feel with the person suffering. You must feel that the suffering body is your
body. You must distribute rice particles to those who are hungry. Why all these methods are
prescribed is that you must feel that you are one with all Universe. It is to make yourself feel
that way that all these are prescribed. A Rajasic man will feel himself proudly separate from
others. A Tamasic man will never feel at all for others. It is the duty of the aspirants-those who
are endowed with the blessings of the Lord to remove suffering, wherever it exists, as much as
possible. You can do your little bit even if it is charity of a pie. You can go to the hospital, try to
comfort patients and let them have some comforts. Then only you can feel that you are one with
the whole universe. How else can we do it, if we have no mercy? People are merciless and that is
the reason why they make no spiritual progress. You must cultivate the virtues of Maitri, Karuna
and Mudita. Leave away the negative qualities of jealousy, hatred and cultivate love.
Today the world needs your services. It needs men like Nachiketas. He was educated by Lord
Yama Himself. Nachiketas asked Lord Yama "Let me have knowledge of the soul." Lord Yama told
him "You will have thousands of cows, wife, children, all the riches of the world. You will be an
emperor and so on." But Nachiketas had no attraction for these. He wanted the ultimate Truth.
He said, "Teach me, O Lord, what is it which is beyond cause and effect, which exists in the past,
present and future. Let me have knowledge of the Supreme Being." We want men like

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May all be happy. Devotion is concentrated knowledge and service to the Lord. Atman or God alone can give this. Getting up at 4 O' clock is extremely important. Sing CHIDANANDA.. They should become part and parcel of your daily conduct. You will get inspired. Try to get up at 4 O' clock during Brahmamuhurta and meditate. What is wanted is steady and comfortable posture. The Devatas will be pleased. You will day by day gain strength. The mind will begin to wander away. Try to gather the dissipated rays of the mind. if we want Supreme Bliss and strength. But try to get it again and again to the picture of the Lord if you are meditating on His form. This habit should be firmly impressed in the mind even when one gets old. Start your prayers with a few Slokas and Sat Guru Strotras. Meditation is the seventh Anga in the Ashtanga Yoga. Even if a man abuses you." Keep up your Sadachara and cultivate virtues.. Inspiration will come to you as a flash. We should try our level best to attain the Goal. Do not lose your temper. Do not always run after money. Keep a spiritual diary and note down how many times you got angry. there is the path of knowledge. gradually increase the time by half an hour to two hours. Do not spend much time in brushing the teeth and such other things. with discrimination between the Real and the unreal. Try to picture to yourself "What have I to do today?" In the beginning sit for 15 minutes. Even if you are in the right tell him "Please excuse me. Keep away th of your pay every month towards charity. You can eradicate the evil effects by additional Malas of Japa and fasting.2 of 2 http://sivanandaonline. so that we can be established in meditation. 2/25/2015 5:40 PM . Try to cultivate your will-power by sticking to your resolves. Do not allow distractions to disturb you. Those who are old can use an easy-chair. CHIDANANDA. There is the path of devotion. But we should do the preliminaries. The world is in need of persons of the type of Nachiketas. try to be patient and try to talk to him. Try to imbibe from the inexhaustible spiritual wealth. Nachiketas. to attain this. Let it come to you by itself. Think well and grow. Let us therefore be firm. Devotion is in no way inferior to knowledge.