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Critical chain - Project management
Goldratt, Eliyahu M.
Newbold, Robert C.
Leach, Lawrence P.
Leach, Lawrence P.
Hutchin, Ted
Kendall & Rollins

Woeppel, Mark J
Leach, Larry P.


Techt, Uwe and Lorz, Holger
Techt, Uwe
Nokes, Major, Greenwood,
Murakami, Satoru
Newbold, Robert C.
Kishira, Yuji
Kishira, Yuji
Kishira, Yuji
Leach, Lawrence P.
Scherer, Andreas
Leader, Alan H. editor



Logistics solutions
Goldratt, Eliyahu M. and Jeff
Goldratt, Eliyahu M. and Jeff
Goldratt, Eliyahu M. and Jeff
Goldratt, Eliyahu M. and
Robert E. Fox
Goldratt, Eliyahu M.



Critical chain
Project management in the fast lane: Applying the theory of constraints
Critical chain project management
The critical chain project managers' fieldbook
Enterprise-focused management: Changing the face of project management
Advanced product portfolio management and the PMO: Multiplyig ROI at warp
Projects in less time: A synopsis of critical chain
Lean project management, eight principles for success: Combining critical chain
project management and lean tools to accelerate project results
Critical chain - Beschleunigen sie ihr projekt management (German)
Goldratt und die theory of constraints (German)
The definitive guide to project management: The fast track to getting the job done on
time and on budget
TOC CCPM: Project implementation in less time (Japanese)
The Billion Dollar Solution: Secrets of ProChain Project Management
Wa: Transformation management by harmony
Wa: Transformation management by harmony (Spanish)
Wa: Transformation management by harmony (Portuguese)
Lean Project Leadership
Be Fast or Be Gone: Racing the Clock with Critical Chain Project Management
Project Management the TOC Way

North River Press
St. Lucie Press
Artech House, Inc.
Quality Systems
Thomas Telford Pub.
J. Ross Publishing

The Goal: Excellence in Manufacturing

North River Press

The Goal: A Process of Ongoing Improvement, Revised Edition

North River Press

The Goal: A Process of Continuous Improvement, 2nd Edition

North River Press

The Race

North River Press

Production: The TOC way, Revised edition (Windows version)

North River Press

Pinnacle Strategies Pub.
Advanced Projects, Inc.
Haufe Verlag
Lulu Verlag
Prentice Hall Financial Times
Chukei Publishing
ProChain Press
North River Press
Rdiciones Piénsalo
Taylors Of Curitiba
ProChain Press
Goldratt Schools (Chinese
Golden Alliance, Taiwan)

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G. Talek Simplifying innovation: Doubling speed to market and new prodict profits with your Flywheel Effect Publishing existing resources We all fall down: Goldratt's theory of constraints for healthcare systems Focused operations management for health services organizations Dentistry with a Vision North River Press John Wiley & Sons Quintessence Publishing Co. and Constraints Management McGraw-Hill Publisher Unconstrained organizations: Managing sustainable change: Unlocking the potential Thomas Telford of people within orgns Great boss. and G. Six Sigma. Edwards 129 130 131 132 133 Edwards. and C. Pliskin. V. Glatter Glatter. and Gary S. Alan editor 124 125 126 127 Sales process Klapholz & Klarman Roff-Marsh. dead boss Stewart Philip Intl. Chauncey. Mount 121 Management of people Hutchin. B. N.116 117 118 119 120 Dalton. Wadhwa Inozu. Healthcare Wright & King Ronen. M.. Guerra. Woehr and Legat Klapholz & Klarman 128 TOC for Education Suerken. E. Kamataris. and K. Pass Kendall. K. Goldratt. R. J. Performance Improvement for Healthcare: Leading Change with Lean. and M. Kobalssky Wiess. Leader. Sirias. and C. D. C. R.Suerken Gonzalez.. and S. Gerald I. Michael A. (2 workbooks) (Hebrew) TOC for Education Israel TOC for Education Israel . Ted 122 123 Immelman. Leading people through change: Managing people Goldratt Schools Cash machine: Using theory of constraints for sales management Reengineering the sales process Delta T-selling: Unblock the power of our sales force! Release the Hostages: Using Goldratt's Theory of Constraints for Customer Support Management North River Press Ballistix Pty Ltd Neuer Wissenschaltlicher North River Press TOC--Thinking skills for children--The story of Yani's goal (computer software) Accelerated Learning Never ending story (workbook) (English) Success: An adventure (English) TOC for Education USA Self-published The rainbow in the cloud (Hebrew) TOC for Education Israel The way of achieving a target (Hebrew) A method of dealing with consequences-results of practical ideas & everyday decisions. Rodrriguez and Salazar Grienbert. G. Cal Suerken. K. Speechmark Decision Making and Conflict Resolution. Polish and Japanese TH?NK! Publishing TH?NK! Publishing TH?NK! Publishing TOC for Education TOC for Education 140 Surrken. K. Debi 143 Cal Halliburton. http://www. Spanish.php?cat=64 Many of the books are available on Amazon. . and M.. K. Roberts. Spanish.134 Solving day-to-day conflicts (3 workbooks) (Hebrew) TOC for Education Israel 135 136 137 138 139 Glatter. Wiess. N. Denise Combined edition of above three worksbooks available in Polish TOC for Education Story Telling For Better Behaviour: Using Traditional Tles to Explore Responsibility. Cal Halliburton. Some not in print are available on ebay. Suerken. K. Polish and Japanese TOC for Education 141 142 Suerken. The Why and How of Thinking in School Self-published †Books that are still in print are available through Goldratt Marketing Group. JapaneseCurriculum (workbook) available A TOC Critical Thinking Tool:Polish Cloudand To Analyze in English. Stop and think! With the evaporating cloud Making decisions: Stop and think series Skinny Book of TOC: The Theory of Constraints Thinking Processes for Schools A TOC Critical Thinking Tool: Logic Branch To Analyze Curriculum (workbook) available in English. Talek Halliburton.toc-goldratt. A TOC Critical Thinking Tool: Ambitious Target Tree To Analyze Curriculum (workbook) available in English.

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Boaz Pass. Buffer Management and Distribution DBR. Daniel P. Chad Ptak. Alex Klapholz. John McGraw-Hill Publisher 23 McGraw-Hill Publisher 2010 24 25 26 27 28 Daily Management with TOC Thinking Processes Including S & T Trees TOC for Education Theory of Constraints in Prisons Services Management Cohen. Raimond E. James R. McGraw-Hill Publisher McGraw-Hill Publisher Newbold. Mokshagundam (ShrMcGraw-Hill Publisher McGraw-Hill Publisher Schragenheim. John H. Debra Herman. AGI-Goldratt Institute McGraw-Hill Publisher McGraw-Hill Publisher 2010 2010 McGraw-Hill Publisher 2010 37 Using TOC in Complex Systems Covington. Eli McGraw-Hill Publisher Schragenheim. Boyd. Walsh. Julie McGraw-Hill Publisher 2010 McGraw-Hill Publisher 2010 33 Theory of Constraints in Complex Organizations Holt. Christina Ronen. Gary Wright. III James F. Rob McGraw-Hill Publisher AGI-Goldratt Institute 2010 McGraw-Hill Publisher 2010 Srikanth. Lynn H. Scientific. Efrat McGraw-Hill Publisher 2010 McGraw-Hill Publisher 2010 McGraw-Hill Publisher 2010 21 Less Is More. Oded Scheinkopf. Problems. H. Eliyahu M. Victoria J. Simeon McGraw-Hill Publisher McGraw-Hill Publisher McGraw-Hill Publisher McGraw-Hill Publisher McGraw-Hill Publisher 2010 2010 2010 2010 2010 29 30 Theory of Constraints in Professional. Edward Budd. Inc. Jef McGraw-Hill Publisher 2010 15 16 Continuous Improvement and Auditing Barnard. Walker. Davies. John Arthur Klarman. McGraw-Hill Publisher 2010 Strategy The Layers of Resistance . McGraw-Hill Publisher 2010 Holistic TOC Implementation Case Studies McGraw-Hill Publisher 2010 17 Traditional Strategy Models and Theory of Constraints Cooper. Applying the Flow Concepts to Sales Herman. Marjorie J. Alan Barnard. McGraw-Hill Publisher 2010 18 19 20 Theory of Constraints Strategy Kendall. Literature Review. Richard McGraw-Hill Publisher McGraw-Hill Publisher 2010 2010 31 32 Viable Vision for Health Care Systems Wadhwa. Eli McGraw-Hill Publisher Schragenheim. Maurice Goldratt. Kathy Cheng. John G.Chapter 1 2 3 Title Introduction to TOC---My Perspective The Problems with Project Management A Critical Chain Project Management Primer 4 5 6 Getting Durable Results with Critical Chain---A Field Report 7 A Review of Literature on Drum-Buffer-Rope. and Technical Services Customer Support Services According to TOC Ricketts. John McGraw-Hill Publisher 2010 38 Theory of Constraints for Personal Productivity/Dilemmas Cox. Jr. Six Sigma and the Theory of Constraints to Achieve Breakthrough Performance . Amir McGraw-Hill Publisher Smith. Buffer Management and VATI Flow Classification 8 9 10 11 12 Making Change Stick Project Management in a Lean World---Translating Lean Six Sigma (LSS) into the Project Environment From DBR to Simplified-DBR for Make-To-Order Managing Make-To-Stock and the Concept of Make-To-Availability Supply Chain Management Integrated Supply Chain Author Publisher McGraw-Hill Publisher McGraw-Hill Publisher Year 2010 2010 McGraw-Hill Publisher 2010 Realization Technologies. Rami McGraw-Hill Publisher 2010 22 Mafia Offers: Dealing with a Market Constraint 2010 The TOC Thinking Processes Lang.The Buy-in Process According to TOC TOC for Large-Scale Health Care Systems Combining Lean. Lisa J. and TOC Measures Budd. McGraw-Hill Publisher 2010 34 35 36 Applications of Strategy and Tactics Trees in Organizations Complex Environments Ferguson. Lisa Mabin. 2010 2010 2010 2010 2010 2010 13 Traditional Measures in Finance and Accounting. Charlene Spoede McGraw-Hill Publisher 2010 14 Resolving Measurement/Performance Dilemmas Smith. Jr. Schleier. Gerald Dettmer. Charlene Spoede Cerveny. William Goldratt-Ashlag. Janice Blackstone. Alan Immelman. Lisa A. Carol 2010 Goldratt. Suerken.