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Legal Techniques and Logic Atty. Michael Vernon Guerrero Datinguinoo, Ma. Kay Diwa, Leonardo B. II Manesca, Lyzanel R. Mojares, Mae Antonette L. Rapay, Carlo Law Student’s Issues Time Management 1. Problem: Insufficient time to study all the assignments on a daily basis. 1.1. Long Travel time Solution:Find time to study while travelling from one place to another and during heavy traffic. 1.2. Working Students Solution:Try to study after having lunch in the office. Start cutting down unnecessary habits such as smoking during breaks. 1.3. Exposure to television/computer/gadgets Solution:Start removing unnecessary gadgets within our reach before studying. Isolate ourselves from destructions through having a study table at home or a place away from the bed. 1.4. Cramming due to inefficient enrolled schedule per week Solution: Start to learn how to strategically plot schedules in a way that for subjects which needs more time and effort, sufficient focus and time can be properly exerted. Memorization 1. Problem: Solution: Poor Vocabulary Read, read, read! During break time/vacation, read newspapers, books and other good materials to widen vocabulary words. 2. Problem: Solution: Difficulty to remember provisions Try to hand write every provision for easier memorization. Encode provisions with bigger font size. Conceptualize familiar words/terms/acronyms for easier recall. 3. Problem: Solution: Failed to memorize all assigned provisions Memorize at least half of the assigned provisions. Read the remaining with understanding. 4. Problem: as it is Solution: Tend to conceptualize more on the provision rather than memorize it Come up with a method which both supports conceptualization and memorization at the same time (try to master mnemonics, maintain focus and understanding) Comprehension 1. Problem: Solution: Slow understanding of legal concept. Strive to have a second reading. 2. Problem: Solution: Aiming to grasp everything immediately. Try to filter and focus on the most important points. Go to a more quiet place for studying, relax then focus. Personality 1. Problem: Solution: Procrastination Have a mindset that there is no enough time to do everything. Always remember that time is gold. 2. Problem: Solution: Lack of will power Pray! Think of possible consequences of our not-yet-performed actions. Post everything that will motivate you on areas that you frequently see/visit. Reward yourself for every achievement. Always go back to basics and remember your purpose/goal. 3. Problem: Solution: esteem. Tend to feel hopeless and having second doubts Pray harder, ask for guidance. Reflect on what your real goal is. Maintain a positive attitude. Reward yourself for your hard work to enhance self-worth and self-