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Kp. Pasir Angin RT 03/04 Cileungsi
Bogor 16820



Dear :
Mr / Mrs
In HR Department

With Regards
I was informed that the companies that now manage the Mr / Mrs was in need of an
employee, on the information I volunteered to join the company as employees
My name Egi Saputra, I graduated from Vocational High School Muhammadiyah
Cileungsi in 2009, Department of Automotive Engineering, and I still went to college at
STTM Cileungsi Engineering Informatics Prodi S1.
I have a very good health condition
Have been familiar with the internet and working with computers, mainly operates
MS.OFFICE package (Word, Excel and Powerpoint) & Internet, I can speak a little English
and I can also work well in teams and individuals. I am very happy to learn, to progress
and develop
I hope the Mr / Mrs can take the time to open an interview, so I can explain in more
detail about my own potential
My gratitude and thanks for the attention

My Sincerely
Egi Saputra


Creatife and Responsible Have strong leader ship & Able to manage many people Ready to work in team and individual Can work under high pressure and Target orientation Enjoy working both indoors & outdors 3 .Dicipline and Positive attitud Dynamis . css).OFFICE PACKAGE ( MS.2006 Elementari School : MI (Madrasaha Ibtida’iyah) CILEUNGSI Period : 1998 . 29 Juli 1991 Citizenship : Indonesia Gender : Male Status : Single Address : Kp. MS POWER POINT ) & INTERNET Web Programming Language (html.Energetic . php.Personal Particulars Name : Egi Saputra Place and date of birth : Jakarta.2004 Skills MS.2009 : Automotive Engineering Junior High School : MTS(Madrasah Tsanawiyah) AL .FATAH CILEUNGSI Period : 2003 .WORD . Pasir Angin Rt 003/04 Cileungsi – Bogor 16820 Religion : Moslem Phone : 085718023131/089606764610 Email : egichoiceoriginal@gmail. Basic Auto Cad 2D and 3D (basic) Personal Strengths Hardworking .com Formal Education Vocational High School Departement : SMK MUHAMMADIYAH CILEUNGSI Period : 2006 . Desktop (vb). MS EXCEL .

Checking the finishing section is ready to begin production.Bogor : Assembling operator : . . Conducting a trial before starting the actual production.29 June 2012 ) Engaged In Addres Company Position Jobdes : Manufacturing OF Metal Stamping Products : Jln. .Create reports Production and report to the shift leader. Rawa Ilat ) Engaged In : Plastic Manufacturing Industry 3 .Working Experience (1) PT . DINITO JAYA SAKTI ( Period : 23 Agustusl 2013 . if running well or not.20 Agustusl 2013 ) Engaged In Addres Company Position Jobdes : Manufacturing OF Power and Telecommunication Cable : Jl. (3) PT. 16 Cileungsi – Bogor 16820 : Technician or machine operator Fiber Optic : .Preparing matrial supporters before the start of production. Raya Narogong km. .003/09 Dayeuh.View planing production. . (2) PT. VOKSEL ELECTRIC tbk ( Period : 24 Septemberi 2012 . .packing products to provide status on the label. .nsure that no product NG sent by checking the part that has been repeated in check. .Standard operating procedure of the requested quality. what kind of cable that will be in production.See info about planing production Doing so can be categorized Part Checks whether the product is OK or NG. KH Umar Kp.Checking Fiber material obtained from Coloring process before being taken to the production area if the quality is good or bad. Cileungsi . Control the engine. - Checking the condition of the engine whether it is in good condition or not. NANDYA KARYA PERKASA ( Period : 29 June 2009 .Create reports and reported to work shift leader. Taking into account the production target and prioritize the best time in order to obtain the expected target.

Addres Company : Jl. routing and proper quantity so that goods can be delivered on time and according to customer demand. Raya Narogong Km. . . .Plan for the provision of marketing materials based on forecasts by taking into account the condition of the stock by calculating the material requirements of production according to the ideal standard stock. My Sincelery Egi Saputra 3 . Herewith this CV I made by truly from my Background . . the existing stock in the warehouse or to be brought in so that the order entry process and production can run smoothly and balanced.Maintain a balance of work in the production line so that no machine is overloaded while other machines waiting for orders.Actively communicate with all relevant parties so as acquired information is accurate and up to date.Inform to the marketing if there is a problem in the production process which led to delay delivery.Carry out other work assigned leader or supervisor that is considered necessary and appropriate by the principal job. .Received an order from the Marketing and make production plan according the order request and samples of Marketing and monitor the process of the sample to be sent to the customer. 23 Blok C 6-7-8 Klapanunggal Cileungsi – Bogor 16820 Position : PPIC Staff and concurrent administration of production Jobdes : .Received an order from the Marketing and production plan in accordance orders received.Scheduling the production process at the time. And thank you for your attention. . .Monitor all inventory both for the production process. .