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large colour LCD. PowerTopoCE and SurvCE • Graphical Stakeout display results in real time on colour maps as you measure in the field • Increased Productivity swift and easy connectivity.THE EVOLUTION SERIES W-800 A Truly Integrated System Software Functions Software Functions COGO-function Road design Resection-function Stake-out with graphical assistance • Open Platform: allows you to run major software such as PowerTopo. 640x480 pixels with touch screen function Pentax’s exclusive Auto Focus system .NET.

DC6V Continuous Approx.The measurement range and accuracy of Reflector less are based on the condition that laser beam is emitted perpendicular to the white side of the Kodak Gray Card.5sec. .6%) 1. (1 mm) Track :Prism.3sec. When automatic correction is activated in Quick Mode.pentax.The maximum distance that can be shown on the display is 322m in the non-prism measurement mode. . 1 § 1040 Visit the W-800 series at: www.overcast.5m) Plate level (electronic) 30”/1div. (1 cm) *Quick mode Normal :Reflectorless 2..Printed in Belgium .4 sec.3kg 6. with back light and touch panel function 2 1 2 1 33 keys Class (IIIa)3R / Class(II) 2 (Selective) Class(II) 2 1. 380g Input voltage : AC100~240V (AC01) Output voltage : measure the distance exceeding 200m or to measure the distance to the object that is hard to heat.5m~3000m (4000m) *(2) 200m~4500m (5600m) *(2) 200m~4000m(5000m) *(2) 1. PENTAX Industrial Instruments Co. 8’/2mm IP54 -20°C ~ +50°C / -4°F ~122°F (Working range) Ni-MH (Rechargeable)(4300mAh) .com Your Official Pentax Dealer Japan Surveying Instruments Manufacturers’ Association Member symbol of the Japan Surveying Instruments Manufacturers’ Association representing the high quality surveying products. CLASS II LASER PRODUCT Laserclass II.: +81 3 3960 0502 Fax: +81 3 3960 0509 e-mail: international@piic. [Note] • The measurement range may vary by measurement conditions. (1mm) *Quick mode Selective 128MB 2GB (Max) *(6) Absolute Rotary Encoder 2”(0.pentax. Belgium Tel.NET 4.ZAS591360 .co.3kg 6.The measurement range may be influenced by the shape of the target and its environment. . conform FDA 21 CFR Ch.5m~1100m (1600m) *(1) 1.accuracy of distance measurement and time required to measure may be influenced by the shape. (1mm) Normal :Prism.0sec. 3 hrs (ETH+EDM).: +32 2 306 1111 Fax: +32 2 306 1199 e-mail: info_survey@pentaxtech-eu.400MHz Microsoft® Windows® CE .5m~600m (800m) *(3) ± (2+2ppmxD) mm ±(5+2ppmxD) mm *(4) ± (5+3ppmxD) mm *(4) N/A Normal :Prism.8 mm (instrument height 1.0m Auto-focus + Power Focus + Manual Phase differential Intel Xscale. conform FDA 21 CFR Ch.6 mgon) 3” 5” 2”(1.size of surface area and reflection rate of the target and its environment.1kg *(1). ± www.the EDM accuracy is ±(3 +10ppm x D)mm.95mW max. CLASS IIIa LASER PRODUCT Laserclass IIIa. Clock frequency OS Internal memory Interface Display * Designs and specifications are subject to change without notice.0 mgon) 3” 5” Triple Axis Dual Axis Triple Axis Dual Axis 2 speed 1 speed 2 speed 1 speed Available Visible Laser.which is effective only under Normal mode (1mm) shimmer and moderate wind.5~270m N/A 1. *(2). • Normal conditions:20km visibility with slight shimmer. 1 § 1040 DANGER LASER RADIATION . Ref. Ref. (1 mm) Normal :Prism. *(3) :Values in ( ) are distance measurement range in good condition *(4)Over 200 to 270m : ± (7+10ppmxD) mm *(5) Depending on application software.sheet 0. .sheet 2. Ref.DO NOT STARE INTO BEAM 620-690 nm/0.The measurement • Reflector less: . Ltd.pentaxsurveying. Reflector sheet Reflectorless Repeat meas Initial meas Application software Memor y Internal memory Memory Card Angle Method measurement Accuracy (ISO 17123-3) Compensator Tangent screw Calendar clock Plummet Plate level (electronic) Circular level Water resistant Ambient temperature Battery pack BP02 Operation time Weight Charger BC03 and AC Adapter AC01 Base Physical Instrument Dimension (including Battery) Weight W-823NX W-825NX W-835NX W-822EX W-823EX W-825EX W-835EX 30x 45mm (EDM45mm) 3” 1°30'(2.It takes time. Maeno-cho Itabashi-ku.DO NOT STARE INTO BEAM OR VIEW DIRECTLY WITH OPTICAL INSTRUMENT INTO SUNLIGHT 620-690 nm/4. 2. • EDM Measuring time varies according to distance to be measured and conditions of the environment. Color LCD. • Reflector sheet:PENTAX genuine reflector sheet (5cm x 5cm).The measurement range at TRACK mode is over 5m.longer than CAUTION LASER RADIATION . . 640x480 pixels *(5). International Marketing Department 2-36-9.functions with Prism and Reflector less Sheet.2 hrs of charging time Approx. . • Quick Mode. PENTAX Technologies Europe European Headquarters Weiveldlaan 3-5 B-1930 Zaventem. *(6) Memory card is not supplied with the instrument.SURVEY/29/09/08 Quantity EDM Key board Laser class Distance Measurement Range Accuracy Measuring time Reflectorless Mini Prism 1P 3P Reflective sheet Prism.sheet 2. .sheet 1.5m~3400m (4500m) *(2) 1. Tokyo 174-0063 Japan Tel.1kg 6.2sec.It is incorporated in all X series models and effective up to 500m. 8hrs (ETH) with Approx.7 inch.© PENTAX 2008 .Pentax W-800 Series Specifications Model Telescope W-822NX Magnification Optical aperture Resolving power Field of view Minimum focus Focus Data Processor CPU. • When Quick Mode is on. Ref.5V (BC03) Weight : 280g Detachable Shifting Detachable Shifting 197(W) x 347(H) x 217(L)mm 6.2 SDRAM = 64MB FLASH = 128MB (built-in) RS-232C USB (USB Mini-B Connector) CF TypeII Slot SD Slot 3.95mW max.the EDM accuracy using prism and reflector sheet is ±(3+2ppm x D) • Good conditions:40km visibility.