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August 2009 I Commentary on Homeland Security

A new focus
A look at the spending The incidents of 26/11-2009 have resulted in a new focus from the Indian

patterns reveals a government on homeland security, the result being a sharp increase in

significant opportunity capital procurement and a promise of quicker clearance of projects.

for players

26/11 has come to be a landmark for issues these new and deadly forms of asymmetric
related to Homeland Security. The event warfare. This commentary tries to address
brought into focus a significant need for the 5 key opportunity areas created from
strengthening India’s defences against the new focus on the segment.

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“A secure and safe environment is of utmost Focus Segment 1 – Coastal Patrol
importance in ensuring the development of any
society. From time to time, terrorist elements India has a coastline of 7,516.6 km. running
have tried to disrupt peace in various parts of along 9 States and 4 Union territori es.
our country through incidents of violence. Such A Coastal security scheme has been
incidents have led to loss of innocent lives and commenced, in consultation with the State
destruction of public and private property. Government of coastal States, for giving
Recognising the paramount need for a safe and focused attention to secure the coasts
secur e internal security environment, the against illegal cross border activities of
Government has been taking measures to check criminals and anti-national elements.
disruptive activities of the t errorist elements. In Under the scheme the following
November last year, the nation was jolted by the infrastructure has been approved:-
dastardly terrorist attacks in Mumbai, the o 73 coastal police stations,
financial capital of the country. The attacks not o 97 check posts,
only created heightened awareness among o 58 out posts
people against terrorism, but also underlined o 30 barracks
the urgent need for further strengthening of the The approved requisition of platforms stands
security apparatus in a r esult-oriented manner.” at 204 boats, 153 Jeeps, 312 motor cycles .
The supply of boats has started. The
State ment fro m the Indian Union Home Secretary post the
26/11 attacks
approved outlay is Rs. 400.00 crore for non-
recurring expenditure and Rs. 151.00 crore
for recurring expenditure for 5 years.
The delivery of 84 boats (5 Tonnes)each
costing Rs.105 lakh and 110 boats (12
Tonnes) each costing Rs.215 lakh at a total
cost of Rs.324.70 crore started from April,
2009. The delivery of the first batch of 24
boats (12 each of 12 tonnes and 5 tonnes)
commenced from May, 2009, followed by
the next batch of 60 Interceptor Boats from
October 1, 2009. The entire process of
procurement will be completed by
September, 2010
The states have been asked to carry out a
vulnerability/gap analysis in consultation
with the Coast Guard and submit their
proposals for additional requirements in
respect of police stations, check posts, out
posts, vehicles, boats etc. Based on these
proposals, a comprehensive proposal to be
named as Phase-II of the Coastal Security
Scheme is proposed to be formulated
Keeping in view the vulnerability of the
Maharashtra and Gujarat coasts to illegal
cross border activities, Joint Coastal
Patrolling has been introduced off the coasts
of Maharashtra and Gujarat. For this
purpose, assistance will be given to Coast
Guard to procure 15 interceptor boats

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suitable for patrolling of the close coastal Chennai, Trimulghery in Hyderabad and
waters and for setting up 3 Coast Guard Badu in Kolkata.
Stations (2 in Maharashtra and 1 in Gujarat). o Two Regional Centres of NSG at
The expenditure planned for these 15 boats Hyderabad and Kolkata on the lines of
is Rs. 281.23 Cr. the existing NSG force at Manesar,
Other programmes underway Haryana.
o Vessel tracking and monitoring o An amount of Rs.409.40 crore has been
systems for all major ports provided in the budget for NSG during
o Issue of identity cards to fishermen, the financial year 2009-10.
o Registration of all the boats, o This also includes an amount of
o Issuance of Identity (smart) cards to Rs.150.09 crore for establishing Regional
the residents of coastal villages and Hubs.
o Intensified patrolling on the seas o For the Mumbai Hub, the Government
of Maharashtra have provided 23 acres
of land in the city. At present, the Hub is
being operated from Police Training
Focus Segment 2 – Strengthening Central Police Centr e, Kalina, Santacruz. NSG has
Forces already taken possession of the land at
Marol, Thungvey, Mumbai and
Schemes for modernization of all the Central
construction work has been taken up. It
Police Forces namely – CRPF, BSF, ITBP,
is expected that the infrastructure
Sashastra Seema Bal, CISF, Assam Rifles and
would be ready by end-November 2009
Rashtriya Rifles are under implementation
and the Hub would start functioning
The Central Para Military Forces have been
from its own campus.
expanded by creation of 40 additional
o At Hyderabad, the NSG Hub will be set
battalions (20 each in SSB and ITBP) with a
up on 22 acres of area in Trimulghery. In
view to strengthen border security
addition to the Regional Hub, Hyderabad
will also have a full -fledged NSG
Additionally, in 2008-09 the creation of 29 Regional Centre very soon.
additional Battalions of the BSF has also
o In Chennai, 85 acres of land has been
been approved acquired from the State Government at
Approval has been provided for raising 10 Nedungundram in Kanchipuram District
Commando Battalions for Resolute Action for establishing the Hub.
(CoBRA), a specialized force to counter
Procurement of one 100-seater Large
extremism and militancy. The force will
Transport Aircraft and two 50-seater
conduct commando/guerilla type of short
Medium Transport Aircraft for Air Wing of
and quick operations on pin pointed BSF is underway.
Approval for procurement of 8 LCH Dhruv
Creation of NSG hubs approved
Helicopters from HAL has been provided. 4
o Four Regional hubs of NSG with a total of these helicopters are to be delivered in
strength of 1086 personnel have been
2009-10 and 4 in 2010-11
set up by the Government at Chennai,
Total outlay for mordernisation of Central
Hyderabad, Kolkata and Mumbai.
Para Military Forces stands at Rs. 4,185
o A Quick Reaction Team of NSG has also
crore. Under this scheme, the CPMFs are
been set up at the IGI Airport, Delhi for
being equipped with latest weapons,
quick deployment in case of an
surveillance and communication equipment,
emergent situation.
vehicles, body protection gear/equipments,
o The Hubs have been established at
Marol in Mumbai, Nedunkundram in

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Focus Segment 3 – Border Patrol Focus Segment 4 – Modernization of Police

The Government has undertaken erection

projects comprising The Ministry of Home Affairs has been
o Fencing with patrol roads, implementing a non-Plan Scheme for
o Floodlighting and construction of Border “Modernisation of Police Forces” since 1969-
Out Posts (BOPs) along the Indo-Pak and 70 towards capacity building of the State
Indo-Bangladesh borders Police Forces, especially for meeting the
Additional 509 Border Out Posts have been emerging challenges to internal security in
sanctioned on Indo-Pak (126 Nos) and Indo- the for m of terrorism, naxalism etc.
Bangladesh borders (383 Nos), which are Under the Scheme, assistance is provided to
expected to be started in this year. The the State Governments in the for m of grants -
outlay for the programme stands at Rs. 1832 in-aid towards
Cr. o Construction of secure police stations,
The Government has approved the o Construction of outposts,
construction of 13 Integrated Check o Construction of police lines,
Posts(ICPs) at identified entry points on o Purchase of vehicles,
India's border with Nepal, Bangladesh, o Purchase of security / surveillance /
Pakistan and Myanmar at an estimated cost communication equipments
of Rs.635.00 crore. o Purchase of modern weaponry,
The Government has approved construction o Purchase of forensic equipments,
of 27 Link roads of operational significance o Upgradation and creation of training
to ITBP, totaling 804 km. The outlay for the infrastructure,
programme stands at Rs. 1937 Cr. o Police housing,
Various types of hi-tech electronic o Computerization etc.
surveillance equipment like Night Vision Under the programme, Delhi Police has
Devices, Hand Held Thermal Imagers, Battle requisitioned for a new Transport
Field Surveillance Radars, Direction Finders, Management System with an expected
Unattended Ground Sensors, High Powered expenditure outlay of Rs. 200 Cr.
Telescope etc are being procured to act as Under the programme the following
force multipliers on the International requirements have been projected for all
Borders of India. police forces combined (for contracts
The current procurement stands at announced in the period January – August
o 398 Hand Held Thermal Imagers, 2009)
o 45 Battle Field Surveillance Radars, o Armaments : > Rs. 45 Cr. : Weapons,
o 12 Long Range Reconnaissance and Night vision sights, reflex sights.
Observation System (LORROS), o Personal protective gear : > Rs. 38 Cr. :
o 9 Spotter Scopes Including BP Vests, BP Patkas, Bomb
o 94 Passive Night Vision Binoculars suits
to be deployed on Indo-Pakistan, Indo- o Communication equipment : > Rs. 42 Cr.
Bangladesh, Indo-China and Indo-Myanmar Including VHF/UHF Sets, Handheld Radio
borders. transceivers, HF Manpacks, Junction
It is estimated that there would be boxes (all types)
additionally Rs. 1650 Cr. Of procurement of o Explosive and IED detection and control :
thermal imagers, surveillance radars, night > Rs. 12 Cr. Including explosive vapour
vision devices and mobile communication detectors, Minesweepers, Chemical
posts for the year 2009-10. analyser kits etc.

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o Surveillence, Electronic Intelligence, and
Electronic Warfare : > Rs. 68 Cr.
Including CCTVs, Jammers, X-Ray
Scanners, NVDs, Binoculars etc.
o Others including riot control devices,
bomb shields etc : > Rs. 11 Cr.

Focus Segment 5 – Special initiatives

Crime and Criminal Tr acking Networking

System : The Ministry of Home Affairs has
initiated a plan to install a comprehensive
integrated system for enhancing the
efficiency and effectiveness of policing at the
Police Station level through adoption of
principles of e-Governance, and creation of a
nationwide networked infrastructure for
evolution of IT-enabled state-of-the-art real
time tracking system around “investigation
of crime and detection of criminals”. An
outlay of Rs.2000 crores has been included in
the 11th Plan and the programme is being
launched in the current year (2008-09).

Large Event Protection – Commonwealth

Games: With a view towards creating a safe
environment for hosting the Commonwealth
games at Delhi in 2010, the government has
sanctioned an outlay exceeding Rs. 1800 Cr.
Bulk of this outlay will go towards creating
information networks comprising
Strategic Advisory Services
Religare Capital Markets Limited
communication grids, CCTVs, Large event
monitoring and Traffic Management systems
at Delhi. Various components under this
scheme are being requisitioned by the state
and central government.

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