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1. The KCSPCA killed my daughters dog!!

Hi. My name is Carol Torrey and I am writing you on behalf of my distraught daughter.
Last summer my daughter, Sydney, adopted a dog, Ellie, from our local SPCA. In
November Sydney went on a cross country vacation with some friends entrusting the care of
her dog to some other "friends". These people assured Sydney that it was okay to leave her
with them for 4-6 weeks so Sydney left Ellie and food for a month or better and her bedding,
leash, etc with these people. Sydney returned Dec 12 at 4a.m. (4 weeks later). That afternoon
Sydney went to pick up Ellie and was notified by the "friend" that they took Ellie to the
SPCA a week or two prior. They never even bothered to call to let Syd know that they were
going to do this. Sydney had been contacting them, checking on Ellie until they stopped
answering their phone and returning her messages.
We contacted the KCSPCA yesterday morning (Dec 13) and the front desk informed me that
they had no record of Ellie being dropped off with them and they have Ellie registered to
Sydney, then proceeded to transfer me to another department. In speaking with this rude
individual in the "animal rescue" department he informed Sydney the Ellie was left with
them on Nov 27th and euthanized on Dec 4th. This completely destroyed my daughter!!
Ellie was like her child!
Ellie was MICROCHIPPED. When I mentioned this to the man on the phone and asked
why no one called to tell us that they had Ellie he replied, "Its not our job to call you".
I need to know...Why did we even pay to have her microchipped in the first place if they
don't call the registered pet owner to find out how the pet came to be back in their
This morning I contacted the Dept of Ag and they told me that the KCSPCA is an
independent organization and to file a complaint with them.
1. The KCSPCA sent out an officer to our home yesterday to take a statement and
was than going to go to the "friends" house to get their story.
We did learn that they misrepresented themselves and there is a law,
Christophers law, that was established to help prosecute in cases like this.
Nothing will bring our Ellie back, but I am determined that she will not have
died in vain. I hope through sharing our story more people will realize the
seriousness of the situation nationwide and help to stop the killing and support
the "NO KILL SHELTERS" nation/world wide.
NOkill network