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The movement of Islam in Ethiopia

Now a days Islam is becoming the political, economical and social

force in Ethiopia. It is challenging the church and the government as
well. Islam is also growing in an alarming rate, i.e it is the fast growing
religion in the globe, in the continent Africa and Ethiopia.

The world population doubles in every 56 years, but Islam doubles in

every 25 years (In 1950 the Muslim population in Ethiopia was 25%,
but now Muslins claim that they are the majority, i.e more than 50%.
This percentage shows that the number of Muslims doubles four time
in the past 50 years. Out of this number only 0.08% of Muslims came
to Christ. This presents the challenge for the church and for all of us
to reach out the lost world.

Brothers and Sisters Islam is moving forward to control Africa,

especially Ethiopia. In the last 30 years many conferences were held
in various parts of the world to expand Islam to apply the Sharia law,
and to weaken Christianity. The special conference that brought
tremendous impact in the African continent is the “Islam in Africa
conference” held at Abuja in Nigeria in Nov. 1989. In this conference
the representative of Islamic scholars and leaders from 24 nations
participated. At the end of the conference the participants came up
with key strategies to win Africa for Islam and unity al the Muslims
with out geographical boundaries.

All the strategies are being implemented in Ethiopia, especially after

the fall of the Dergue regime. The religious freedom gave Islam a fertile
ground to expand its influence in each individual’s life and other
religious groups. I think it is good to mention some of the strategies of
the “Islam in Africa conference in order to see where Islam is aiming to
1. It says “To ensure only Muslims are elected to all political posts
of member nations’. This point shows that Islam do not believe
in democracy and free election.

2. I says “To eradicate in all its forms and ramifications all non-
Muslim religions in member nations (such religions shall
include Christianity, Ahmadiyya and other tribal modes of
worship un acceptable to Muslim). In this declaration the word
Christianity is underlined, you know why, the main target of
Islam is to eradicate Christianity from the continent.” The
Jimma masscar is the reflection of this strategy.

3. It says “To ensure the ultimate replacement of all western forms

of legal and judicial systems with the sharia in all member
nations before then next “Islam in Africa conference.” Now the
Ethiopian Muslims are moving forward to implement the Sharia
law all over the country.

4. It says “To support the establishment and the application of

sharia to all Muslims.” Surprisingly, the Sharia courts were
opened both in Muslim dominated and Christian dominated
areas of the country. This will lead the ultimate Islamizaiton of

5. It says “To ensure the appointment of only Muslims into

strategic national and international posts of member nations.”

There are other strategies that are being implemented in the country
in order to change Ethiopia to Muslim nation and a member of Arab
Legue. To achieve this goal the implementation of the strategies are
heavily finance by Muslim nations. Millions of dollars are invested to
build mosques, quran and Academic schools, for training and for
development works.

After the implementation of the Abuja declaration here in Ethiopia, the

situation drastically changed.
In the post 15 years large number of mosques were built all over the
country. Now the number of mosques is estimated to be more than
30,000. Many quran and academic schools were built next to mosque
buildings especially in city settings. The type of schools range from
kindergarten to colleges. This program started in Addis Ababa an
expands through the country. Examples of these are Iqra academy,
Awaliya school and college and etc.

In addition Muslims are taking the key political posts. Due to this fact
many Christians in Muslim areas are being persecuted, assassinated,
the church were burnt, and believers are living with fear and
oppression economically, the Muslims are controlling the import and
export sectors. Besides this the Arab companies are investing in the
country for the sake of fulfilling their hidden religious Agenda.
Fundamentalism is another treat for the church.

There was virtually no literature and cassette production by Muslims

in Ethiopia before 1990. Since that time they have opened printing
presses and started to print and distribute historical, theological,
ethical and polemical materials (material that opposes christianity) in
Arabic, Amharic, Oromipha and other local languages. To speed up
and broaden their distribution, they sell the cassettes and literatures
at very low prices.

Furthermore, Various development programs are also being

implemented in Muslim dominated areas, such as Borena, Afar, and

In all these challenges and difficulties, God is doing amazing things in

Muslim evangelism. Before 10 years, it was very rear to get Muslim
converts in the churches. Now things are changing. Even it there are
various challenges, God opened the hearts of Muslims to respond to
the gospel message. In the last 10 years more than 20,000 Muslims
come to Christ. Evangelical Churches and various ministries started
to present the gospel in a contexualized way. Church planting
movement is already started in Muslim dominated areas. Salvation
gate ministry is also contributing a lot to reach the Muslim
community. Brothers and Sisters, this is the time of harvest. God
opened doors to reach Muslims. We have to use this chance to bring
glory to God and Save the lost. Since there is plenty of harvest, these
who are working at the field, they need man power, finance and
prayer. Please let us work together to save the lost.