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Using Keystone


This guide introduces the features of the Pearson Longman Keystone
program and explores how Keystone accelerates academic vocabulary
acquisition, develops transferable language skills, and provides an
easy-to-use road map to academic success and language proficiency.

What is the

Pearson English Learning System is a comprehensive and integrated
solution that addresses the needs of English language learners (ELLs).
The U.S. Department of Education has reported that by 2025, one out
of every four students will be designated as an ELL. In addition, more
than 85% of ELLs struggle to achieve academic proficiency by high
school. Because ELLs are so diverse in their language needs, you need
a comprehensive ELL system that links instruction, assessment, and
professional development.
This guide explores how the Pearson English Learning System
highlights key features and language development, using Keystone
materials. Keystone integrates language development by focusing
on proficiency growth and grade-level content in Grades 6–12.
This guide also shows you the necessary tools to monitor academic
progress using valuable assessments on real ELL normative data using
AIMSweb® and Stanford English Language Proficiency Test2 (SELP2).
Integrated into Keystone are additional instructional supports such as
SIOP® in Practice and A+RISE®. SIOP® in Practice is a framework for
teaching both academic content and language skills in ways that are
proven to be more effective for ELLs. A+RISE® presents standardsaligned strategies to help all students achieve academic success.
These supports work together to allow you to target instruction to
the needs of ELLs as part of a comprehensive ELL system.


Keystone is a rigorous reading program that accelerates students’
academic achievement. The program uses scaffolded, sustained
instruction and language development strategies for middle and high
school students—levels A, B, and C for middle school and levels D, E,
and F for high school. Keys to Learning and Building Bridges provide
additional supports to building language.

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The Read for Fluency strategies help students develop the ability to read a text quickly and accurately with expression and understanding. writing. step-by-step format. All rights reserved. listening. A balance of literature and informational text provides the perfect blend of high-interest reading with a high incidence of academic vocabulary. Keys to Learning and Building Bridges are additional supports to building language. they demonstrate their understanding of the content and develop transferable academic skills. The retelling activity called “In Your Own Words” reinforces academic language structures while helping students employ key vocabulary as they summarize the reading. The Big Question serves as a framework for language. 2 . and provide opportunities for students to demonstrate understanding. Students have opportunities to learn and practice language skills that focus on building academic language. and activities for comprehension. and writing. ensuring that students know when and how to apply the strategies to their reading. Program Features Academic Language Acquisition Program features include academic language acquisition. In addition. reinforce expressive language skills. This leads to deeper levels of understanding by reading. reading strategies. grammar. Preparing to Read begins with building background. or its affiliates. Each reading in the unit asks students to consider different aspects of the Big Question. vocabulary building. Each reading concludes with a series of scaffolded activities that build on prior learning. embedded resources. These projects are designed to provide evidence of student understanding at the conclusion of a unit. instructional support. Use the unit projects as built-in differentiated instruction. and concept development. vocabulary acquisition.Each of the six thematic units begins with a Big Question at every level. You explicitly teach them in a comprehensible. Keystone increases academic language usage in the classroom. and speaking. Copyright © 2012 Pearson. As students discuss the Big Question throughout the unit. and support in ancillaries. Inc.

Each skill is reinforced with plenty of practice. The modeled writing activities that support each reading give students guided practice in key skills for every writing domain. All rights reserved.” students make text-to-text comparisons in a scaffolded activity that links to the Big Question and provides students a chance to use oral communication as a vehicle for demonstrating comprehension. and speaking skills. Each unit culminates in a Put It All Together section. Each unit focuses on a particular mode of writing and gives students multiple opportunities to build skills in each mode. Grammar concepts are explicitly taught with each reading through extensive use of modeling. Inc. The writing workshop is the culminating writing activity of the unit.Reader’s Theater literary selections conclude with a fun Reader’s Theater activity where students re-enact scenes from the reading to reinforce comprehension. listening. These two connected learning activities provide an opportunity for students to demonstrate their mastery of the skills covered in the unit and to apply them in formal academic speaking and writing. or its affiliates. 3 . In “Link the Readings. Copyright © 2012 Pearson. featuring a listening and speaking workshop and writing workshop.

Each unit has a content and language objective and supports the instructional framework of SIOP®. as the lesson content is arranged with the Smithsonian American Art Museum.The lessons offer visual literacy with a unique glimpse into the American experience as seen through the eyes of artists from all walks of life. Copyright © 2012 Pearson. 4 . All rights reserved. Standards at the bottom of every page identify which reading and content area standards you should teach at any point within the lesson. step-by-step teaching suggestions that guide you through each part of the lesson. Teaching Resources are summarized on the planner and listed at point-of-use to help make lesson planning simple and easy. or its affiliates. Inc. Instructional Support The Teacher’s Edition features clear.

You also have access to an eText version of the Teacher’s Edition which is available on iPad. the Accelerate Language Development and Linguistic Note boxes can assist you in highlighting potential trouble spots in language development for certain learners and provide built-in remediation and additional language-building activities. A+Rise®. For instance. you will find boxes such as the Learning Strategy box that will provide metacognitive activities for students. Because the needs of ELLs are so diverse. Inc. There are arrays of assessments you can use to monitor student progress. making every component of the Pearson English Learning System transparent. Embedded Resources Keystone resources support you with planning and instruction. or its affiliates. The Phonics and Word Analysis Kit is a resource that you can use to help students build foundational phonics and phonemic awareness skills. 5 .This well-organized instruction helps you structure daily lessons. All rights reserved. SELP2. You will find point-of-use suggestions for SIOP®. The Readers are adapted from popular tales and stories and use controlled vocabulary that is appropriate for lower-proficiency readers. and AIMS2® in every lesson below the student pages on a blue background in the Teacher’s Edition. CD-ROM. and online. Leveled Support boxes provide specific teaching strategies to help you tailor instruction to individual learners’ needs and provide for Culturally Responsive Instruction (CRI). Copyright © 2012 Pearson.

or its affiliates. Cambodian. transparencies. Support in Ancillaries In the Teacher’s Resource Book. Review This guide introduced the features of the Pearson Longman Keystone program and explored how Keystone accelerates academic vocabulary acquisition. and provides an easy-to-use road map to academic success and language proficiency. and reading summaries in English. including Vocabulary. Reading Strategies. graphic organizers. develops transferable language skills. and Writing. Hmong. Reading Comprehension. The Student Workbook provides additional practice and extension activities for each skill taught in the student edition. workbook pages. Response to Literature. You will also find Home Letters written in English and Spanish for each unit. Here. your one-stop lesson planner includes useful resources to support students reach academic success. Chinese. and Vietnamese.Assessment resources include Exam View® Test Generator and Success Tracker. Grammar. You will find daily lesson plans. Spanish. Copyright © 2012 Pearson. you will find customizable formative and summative online tests that allow you to provide students with instant feedback. All rights reserved. The Reader’s Companion promotes active reading skills by reprinting the readings from the student edition. Inc. 6 .