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C : B11LQ /Sec.1.4.3 Inspection And Test Plan (ITP) Procedure

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3/08 DATE : 13/04/10 REV................ NO : EJ/SSB/B11LQ/1...QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM DOCUMENT QUALITY DETAIL PROCEDURE DOC... SARAWAK C : B11LQ /Sec.. (SIGNATURE) ............ NO : 0 REVISION PURPOSE OF ISSUE DATE ISSUE ISSUED BY A B 0 Issued for review Re-issued for approval Issued for Construction 31/03/2008 06/06/2008 07/06/2008 Hook-up and Commissioning Hook-Up and Commissioning Hook-Up and Commissioning AGREED BY SSB AUTHORISED REPRESENTATIVE ... (DATE) NOTE : Please return approved copy to : BROOKE DOCKYARD ENGINEERING & WORKS CORPORATION HOOK-UP AND COMMISSIONING DEPARTMENT ENGINEERING DIVISION SEJINGKAT.................. JALAN BAKO 93050 KUCHING........4.........3 Inspection And Test Plan (ITP) Procedure Page 2 OF 10 .......................1........4.......

0 DEFINITION 5 OF 10 6.0 RESPONSIBILITIES 5 OF 10 5.2 Guideline 4 OF 10 4.0 ATTACHMENTS 10 OF 10 PERFORMANCE MEASUREMENT 10 OF 10 10.3 Identify & Mobilize the Required Resources 7.4.1 Identify the Inspection & Testing (IT) Requirement 7.0 RECORDS 9 OF 10 9.0 REFERENCE 3.0 PROCEDURE DETAILS 7.0 C : B11LQ /Sec.1 Procedure 3.0 PURPOSE 4 OF 10 2.B11 LIVING QUARTERS MODULE AND HELIDECK TABLE OF CONTENTS SECTION DESCRIPTION PAGE 1.1.3 Inspection And Test Plan (ITP) Procedure Page 3 OF 10 .0 SCOPE 4 OF 10 3.0 PROCEDURE FLOWCHART 6 OF 10 7.4 Implement the IT Plan 7 OF 10 8.2 Develop IT Checklist and Plan 7.

2. 2.3 Inspection And Test Plan (ITP) Procedure on on on on on on on on on on Radiography Testing Hydrostatic Testing MPI Testing Ultra. 5.2-8 Q. 8.P. and commissioning phases of the project are in conformance to the quality requirements. that activities for the construction materials. storage.Sonic Testing Visual Inspection Mechanical Equipment Testing Electrical Equipment Testing DCS Testing Alarm & Shutdown System Testing Fire & Gas Detection System Testing Page 4 OF 10 . Guideline Guideline Guideline Guideline Guideline Guideline Guideline Guideline Guideline Guideline Q.P.P. and that essential controls during the fabrication. construction. 3.2-10 C : B11LQ /Sec.G. 3.2 Procedure Procedure Procedure Procedure Procedure Q.1.G.07-0 Q.2-3 Q. packing & delivery Preliminary Project planing. each individual project.0 SCOPES This procedure applies to the entire duration of the contract.01-0 - Corrective Action Control of Monitoring & Measuring Devices Control of Non-Conforming Materials/ Works Material handling. 6.1.P.05-0 Q.08-0 .2-6 Q. 3.G.4. 4. 2.G. 3.‘ Workpack’ Preparation - Guidelines Guidelines Guidelines Guidelines Guidelines Guidelines Guidelines Guidelines Guidelines Guidelines Guidelines: 1. 5.E. and subcontractors or suppliers hired to supply services to perform the inspection & testing works.2-2 Q.0 PURPOSE This procedure defines the necessary measures to ensure that adequate inspection & test plans is in place.G.03-0 Q.2-1 Q.2-9 Q. 7.2-5 Q.G.P. 4.1 Procedures: 1. 10.0 REFERENCE 3.G.G.2-7 Q. installation.G.G. 9. equipment and services are monitored.2-4 Q.

0 RESPONSIBILITIES 1. quality procedures. Commissioning Engineer 5. QC/QA Engineer To implement the Company quality system .4. ITP . QA/QC Inspector 4.1. direction and management of the project 2. testing or gauging 2 Test Determination of one or more characteristics according to procedure C : B11LQ /Sec. Head of Project (HOP) / Project Manager To be responsible for overall control. maintain quality records. DEFINITIONS 1 Inspection Conformity evaluation by observation and judgement accompanied as appropriate by measurement. and compile project final documentation 4.4. and identify non-conformity and determine corrective action To implement the ITP .3 Inspection And Test Plan (ITP) Procedure Page 5 OF 10 . Quality Management Representative (QMR) To oversee the controls and implementation of ITP and records 3. monitoring adherence to project procedures.0 To implement the ITP as part of the commissioning and hand-over activities.

6. Develop IT checklist & plans for the project QA/QC Engineer & HRD 1. Identify IT requirements during Workpack development QA/QC Engineer & Commissioning Engineer (CE) 1.1. Record and evaluate results 2.0 PROCEDURE FLOWCHART The detail procedure in section 7 must read referring to this Flowchart START RESPONSIBILITY IDENTIFY INSPECTION & TEST (IT) REQUIREMENTS ACTION Head of project (HOP) QA/QC Engineer & Commissioning Engineer (CE) 1. Review & approve report final DEVELOP IT CHECKLIST & PLAN IDENTIFY & MOBILIZE RESOURCES IMPLEMENT IT PLAN EVALUATE ITP RECORDS OK RE-DO NO YES APPROVE IT RECORDS FIND REVIEW & APPROVE IT REPORTS END C : B11LQ /Sec. Rectify any NCR ASAP QA/QC Inspector/ Commissioning Engineer 1.3 Inspection And Test Plan (ITP) Procedure Page 6 OF 10 . Approve record & reports HOD & Client Rep. 1.4. Identify &mobilize the resources QA/QC Inspector/ Commissioning Engineer 1.

Destructive Test (NDT) works such as the Radiography Testing (RT) and MPI testing.0 PROCEDURE DETAILS 7. Discipline Engineers (QA/QC. The resources include manpower.3. tools and equipment such as the monitoring & measuring devices. C : B11LQ /Sec. and identify the inspection. E & I and Mechanical) who are assigned to the project for the Workpack preparation and subsequent execution phases need to review the work scopes. Identify & mobilize the required resources 7. witness point and frequency.3 Develop IT checklist and plan 7. drawings. the extent of inspection. handled and transported under acceptable operational condition.4.1. 7.2 QA/QC Engineer to consolidate the planning for all the IT and commissioning activities in the project IT plan together with procedures that describe the quality objectives. All monitoring & measuring devices that are vulnerable to damages must be properly protected. 7.2 Head of Operations and Site Logistics Supports Team coordinate mobilisation of all the resources for IT and commissioning works to project site as per the project execution schedule.2 7.2.1 Identify the inspection & testing (IT) requirements All the inspections and testing required in the project must be identified during the preliminary quality planning or "Workpack" preparation phase and the IT requirements varies from project to project.7.3. and out sources services from a third party Inspection Company for all the Non.1 QA/QC Engineer to identify the necessary resources required to execute all the IT and commissioning activities.2.3 Inspection And Test Plan (ITP) Procedure Page 7 OF 10 .1 Discipline Engineers to develop the acceptance criteria and checklist as per client’s desired format for all the IT and commissioning requirements. 7. and the acceptance criteria including the method for disposition of non-conforming materials/ works. testing and commissioning requirements.

7.1. verification of quantity records.1 The In-process IT shall be documented and performed to prevent non-conformities. visual.2 7. performance test among other tasks in accordance with documented procedures and guidelines describes in the IT plan. 7.2 Users of all IT equipment will be responsible to check the certification or verify the calibration prior to using them for the IT works.4. 7.3 Receiving Inspection There shall be no random IT allowed. In the event of confirmed nonconformity.3 In urgent cases.2 The inspection must be documented and performed in conformance with the IT plan and must not be limited to physical defects.4. In-process IT 7.4.4. doubtful materials received may be permitted for use in the construction provided that proper documents and identifications are performed.2. this will permit immediate recall and replacement of the materials and re-works if necessary.4. 7.2.3 Inspection And Test Plan (ITP) Procedure Page 8 OF 10 .7.1 All incoming materials must be inspected jointly by Suppliers. 7. NDT.4. quantity count.4. QC Inspector and Material Coordinator (MC) to ensure conformity to the required specification before being incorporated into the process or use in the construction or installation at project site. constructions and commissioning phases whenever in-house it is applicable will be determined by QA/QC Engineer/ QC Inspector and Commissioning Engineer as appropriate.2.4 Implement the IT Plan.4. Reworks in the earlier and subsequent manufacturing/ prefabrication process. C : B11LQ /Sec. handling and proper disposition of non-conforming materials.1 Characteristic of IT The QA/QC Engineer Inspector shall perform periodically the IT activities at appropriate stages to permit inspection such as dimension. storage.

4. and repeat relevant IT activities until the results are satisfactory and acceptable by all interested parties.4.4.0 *Client’s term also known as the ‘ Final Documentation’ RECORDS Records of Inspection & Testing Log shall be maintained by QMR for a period of 3 years C : B11LQ /Sec. works & services performed 7. Approval of IT Records 7. The accepted IT records shall form part of the acceptance criteria of subsystem and system hand-over in phases until the final hand-over to the Asset holder of the whole facilities upon completion of the project.4.1 QA/QC Engineer to ensure a complete complication of the IT records and summary reports to be submitted to Head of Project (HOP) for his review and approval 7.2 HOP to submit the approved IT report to the client’s Focal point for their further review and final approval. evaluated and reviewed in accordance with the IT plan to ensure that all the quality requirement are complied satisfactorily prior to acceptance of products. All the IT performed shall be recorded. Evaluate IT Record 7.4 7.5.2 7.1.2 Any non-conformity products must be promptly rectified either by repairing the defects or re-doing the whole works.4. P/N: 8.6 A consolidated report summarizing all products with acceptance and non-conformity IT records shall be submitted in phases to the Client’s Representative and Asset Holder for approval.4. Final review and approval of IT records and Reports* 7.4.3 Inspection And Test Plan (ITP) Procedure Page 9 OF 10 .5.1 7.4.

9. Painting.1.0 ATTACHMENTS: Attachment 1 : Attachment 2 : Attachment 3 : Attachment 4 : Attachment 5 : Attachment Attachment Attachment Attachment Attachment Attachment : : : : : : 6 7 8 9 10 11 Attachment 12 : Attachment 13 : Attachment 14 : ITP for Mechanical. Wrapping & Insulation Work ITP for Mechanical. Piping & Pipeline Work of Mechanical Equipment Installation ITP for Mechanical. Piping & Pipeline Work of Pipe Laying Work ITP for Instrument & Electrical Work of Above Ground Cable Laying Work ITP for Instrument & Electrical Work of Underground Cable Laying Work ITP for Instrument & Electrical Work of Termination of Cable ITP for Instrument & Electrical Work of Equipment Installation ITP for Instrument & Electrical Work of Loop Check & Precommissioning Work ITP for Instrument & Electrical Work of Calibration Work ITP for Instrument & Electrical Work of Impulse Line and Air Tubing Work ITP for Duplex Welding 10. Reoccurrence of Non-Conformities after corrective action taken -END- C : B11LQ /Sec.4.0 PERFORMANCE MEASUREMENT 1. Zero rejection of all inspected & tested work scope 2. Procedure Qualification and Welder Qualification ITP for Mechanical. Piping & Pipeline Work of Blasting. Piping & Pipeline Work of Material Receiving.3 Inspection And Test Plan (ITP) Procedure Page 10 OF 10 . Storage & Issuing Work ITP for Welding Procedure Specification. Piping & Pipeline Work of Piping Fabrication & Installation Work ITP for Mechanical.